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  1. Maybe a permanent deal to be done if Kipre sold soon or in January and we can fund it from our cut of that. Would not surprise me if that was the case.
  2. Game was cancelled according to Rangers. Believe it or not, a delay in CoVid results meant it was called off.
  3. A Rangers pal based in Wales watched all their away games last season using a VPN as an "Overseas " subscriber to Rangers TV , including at the grounds you mention. Only their Europa League games were not shown as BT had the rights. So they might block Motherwell TV but they allow access to the OF. Maybe it's about the cost and those clubs charge too much to justify Motherwell TV showing it.
  4. OF fans overseas have Rangers and Celtic TV. So I would think that is a limited market for Livi. And if the game is live on Sky in the UK then PPV will not be allowed here. So no meaningful market anywhere for Livi involving Celtic or Rangers. Don't know about Celtic, but Rangers fans overseas can pay Rangers TV £7.99 to watch individual games if they don't take out a full subscription. And here as well if they use a VPN..... or £9,99 for a Now Sports day pass. No way will they pay £20. As per usual it is the fans of us diddy clubs that are being fleeced. I hope fans of all clubs refuse to pay the £20.
  5. I would think all OF away games will be on Sky. That's usually what happens anyway. So no PPV will be allowed. Livi are just ripping off fans of teams such as Motherwell. Same as they have done every game since being promoted. Given no concessions, seems wrong that many folk would pay more to watch the game online than they did when attending last year.
  6. Season Ticket holders also get to see 19 home games at Fir Park when fans allowed in . So you could end up with 38 games. 19 Streamed and 19 Live next season. As you say it is not a bad deal.
  7. I meant Livi are charging £20 for their home games. We are charging £12 for ours. Livi cashing in as usual.
  8. PPV Streaming now allowed on a game to game basis. Told we are charging £12 and Livi £20. some things never change. League Matches home and away fans.
  9. I thought each club was responsible for their own tests. So the Lab used is down to Motherwell. .....or St Mirren in that positive/negative nonsense. Some Clubs have even bought their own test equipment rather than relying on outside firms. . I’m not so sure Doncaster is guilty this time.
  10. Very much so as far as Motherwell are concerned. All our results were back...if later than expected...prior to later kick off. So delaying the game was a wise move. Sensible given no spectators hanging around waiting. Unlike Hibs and County who postponed a game because no results received in time, Rangers are accused of pushing ahead with a game against Dundee Utd without test results for many players having been received. Totally against agreed procedures. Perhaps not a bad thing that procedures are being reinforced at this time rather than have cancellations/delays when the season kicks off for real. Downside is that tests have been upped to twice per week which has cost implications. It's up to each Club to arrange their own testing and to ensure results are received in time.
  11. Has anybody heard anything from the Club or the Provider about the streaming issues last night? Would have thought they might have at least tried to reassure those that had issues. I know I’m not the only one who was able to sign in as expected, but was then disconnected as soon as the stream went live. Thereafter the sign in link was dead. Eventually after about 20 minutes of E-mailing back and forth I was sent a “for my use only” one off link to Premier Sports which worked fine. The issue was certainly at their end as I regularly stream sport without issue and today I can sign in on the official link as was the case up to kick off. . Hopefully the problem has been identified and future viewing will be fine. Otherwise this is going to prove a right frustration.
  12. Yep. Crashed just before 8pm. Not good
  13. Now unable to sign in. Was fine yesterday and all today. Teething issues it seems as new advice to contact the help line put up 15 minutes ago.
  14. Next to your name - season ticket number( on top right) you should have a drop down menu. From that go to Account Settings and a Password link appears. You can change it from there. At least that's how it worked for me.... A fellow novice.
  15. How could he sign before today anyway if the transfer window just opened? Not out of contract so I thought we had to wait. I thought the same about O’Hara right enough.
  16. I think the one off SPFL Broadcasting rules for this season do allow streaming to non season ticket holders but only with Sky approval. The SPFL recently updated their entire rules and regulations, to reflect last season‘s ending and the one hopefully about to kick off. The finer details are currently being discussed with Sky and the Clubs. For instance, does the game clash with another game being broadcast on Sky or is the actual game itself being broadcast? In those circumstances Sky are reluctant to allow non season ticket viewing as it might hurt their viewing figures. As an example I don’t think away fans will be able to view our game at County, except on the Sky platform. In my opinion that is fair given they are paying for the right to broadcast games. As a means of generating income it would be fantastic if streaming could be sold on a match to match basis, both to home and always fans. But a deal still has to be worked out. I think it will happen though. Surely common sense could apply. How about Sky receive a small percentage of any non season ticket streaming sold within the UK that clashes with their live broadcasts? I am sure Mr Doncaster will have matters in hand.
  17. Or when we are 2nd and it’s all his fault we are not top.
  18. So by that token did David Turnbull show a lack of ambition by choosing Celtic over Norwich? After all Celtic play in the same League as Motherwell and Turnbull was not guaranteed a start every week. A stepping stone to greater things was mentioned as a strong reason for choosing Celtic. More likelihood of development and a chance to learn from better players. I have a feeling he opted for Celtic to be closer to home more than anything else. But that’s only a thought and not based on anything definite. I’m not saying Hastie has shown anything like the consistency or talent of Turnbull, but by moving to Rangers he immediately increased his chances of winning silverware, increased his chances of playing against top European sides, increased his chances of a call up to the full Scotland side, got to work with a coaching team possessing a wealth of International and European experience , got to train and play with top International players, and got a hefty wage rise as well. Just like the situation Turnbull would have benefited from. It has not yet worked out as well as Jake had hoped but all is not lost. He may well be a better player than when he left us, both in a football sense and mentally. Time will tell. If he does well for us, who is to say he will not get another look in at Ibrox? Whatever, I’m sure that given his time over again, he would make the same decision. Commitment wise he was with us for 11 years, despite approaches from other Clubs during that time. Just like Turnbull and Jamie Semple. Unlike a good few other youngsters who opted to leave ....Leeds and Rangers being two beneficiaries. And Hastie chose to return to us despite interest from elsewhere. As for there being the same anger if he had gone to a Hearts or Aberdeen, I don’t recall there being such bitterness or talk of lack of ambition when Curtis Main departed for Aberdeen. And it could be argued Main contributed more in his time with us than Hastie did. And that he owed us for rescuing his career. Players get to the end of their Contracts and sometimes better offers come along from elsewhere. Players have decisions to make and we have to respect that the decision is theirs’ to make. Injury and the denial of the opportunity of progression and security might only be one game away. And if Rangers want to Loan us Greg Docherty and Jamie Murphy as well.......
  19. I'm not so sure it's Jake Hastie getting to the end of his contract and accepting a life changing offer from a bigger Club that continues to upset a minority. Or his outing as a fan of that Club or even celebrating joining them. I suspect it's the fact that the Club in question is Rangers that is the real issue. Otherwise why were these same folk not having a go at Darren Randolph, Michael Higdon, John Sutton, Mark Gillespie, (Chris Long?) and, going further back, Paul Lambert and Rab McKinnon? When they walked out we received £350/400k less than we got for Hastie. In other words, nothing. There are others. And , if youth is a factor, how come McKinstry is hailed as a shining example of how good our youth development is when he elects to move to a bigger Club for £225k rather than staying with us to develop his footballing career? Also, how come we celebrate our goalkeeper joining "his club"? I suspect the answer is that not one of the players I listed left us to join either Rangers or Celtic. Paul Slane anyone? Footballers of all ages have decisions to make throughout their career. Some will get it right, some less so. Credit to Hastie for having the ambition and belief to give Rangers a go at such a young age. Even more credit for having the desire to come back to us on Loan when he had other, less demanding options north and south of the border. And credit to our Management team for bringing him back despite the objections of a few fans and the supposed upset caused by the manner of his original departure. Robinson clearly thinks Hastie can help us and I for one look forward to seeing him prove the doubters wrong.
  20. Lots of folk on here earlier bemoaning the lack of decent wingers available, and At the same time highlighting that as an area we need to strengthen as a matter of urgency. Now one might be available and some of those folk are questioning whether he should be given a chance. Hastie was sensational when he was brought into our side and was hugely responsible for rescuing our season. So sensational that he got a a financially life changing offer, which no young footballer in their right mind could turn down. Even if it has not worked out as he hoped, he will still have the same natural qualities he always had and a downturn in his playing time might just have given him the extra determination to get back to his earlier level of performance. Robinson clearly thinks Hastie will improve our squad otherwise he would not consider bringing him back. And he must also think attitude is not an issue. A hungry young player looking to get back on track and prove his doubters wrong. Exactly what we thrive on. I firmly believe it is a punt worth taking as long as the terms from Rangers are not ridiculous.......wage contribution, playing time requirement, release clauses. It is annoying that League rules would prevent him playing against his parent Club but that still leaves over 30 games in which he can contribute. Like any other signing...permanent or loan....it is a leap of faith. But is it any greater a risk than signing a relative unknown on a two year permanent contract? And if he does well Rangers possibly sell him on and we get a nice wee bonus. It could well be a great bit of business for both clubs and the player.
  21. Fantastic stuff. Keep strong and we look forward to reading your words of sanity on here for years to come. Man of steel right enough.
  22. Maybe a wee bit of good news for a change. Thought I would check online to see if any update regards Stephen. Not from someone in the know or family, so emphasise qualified update, but I found a bit in some Far East news release covering Vietnam and surrounding area. From 5 days ago and only a brief comment. “Scottish pilot Stephen Cameron has astounded local doctors and has made great progress. Still in Vietnam but thankfully on way to recovery and did not need a lung transplant. A long way to go but improving and signs are positive.“ Great news if accurate and It seemed a legit report. SCMP Asia Desk. ..scmp.com. Fingers crossed we see him back on here soon. https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3088235/vietnam-british-pilot-stephen-cameron-making-miraculous

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