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  1. repost! Anybody fancy a beer in Inverness the night to watch the game? Need an excuse to sneak out from the inlaws. send me a Message
  2. I'll be watching this in a boozer in inverness, if any of the 'well fans up there fancy a pint? Let me know via pm
  3. Flying back from Oz today, so this'll be my first game in a year and a half. I hate Aberdeen. 3 points for the 'Well with a plucky backs to the wall 1-0 victory with wee McDonald getting the goal I can only hope
  4. Yeah, that 1984 book is banned onboard too! haha - kidding Its all to do with bandwith. Obviously we don't have a network cable that we plug into the wall for internet, so everything goes through a satellite that costs a fortune. More data we use, more money it cost some poor oil millionaire in Texas, so they restrict a lot of websites. 200 odd people onboard, all trying to stream YouTube funnies sends the bean counters into overdrive.
  5. haha - all the above. Plus I'd be run off the boat. Which would probably result in a change of employment. Which would result in the cancelation of my visa. Which would result in having to move back to Scotland. Which would result in me having to move back to Aberdeen and listen to their shite patter about being world beaters, and the like. A chain reaction that no-man should have to suffer
  6. Hey guys - cheers for the info. I do know a few ways to get about it, but if I get caught by-passing the system, i'll get properly reemed. MFCTV wasnt blocked, so there was no issue with streaming audio and videos from a site that isn't blocked. (some numpty somewhere is probably getting paid a fortune for making these rules up!) Yip - can download files, so NSFW uploads would be appreciated. haha - yeah it is a bit prison like sometimes. On a heavy lift vessel out in West Australia. Plus side to being on a boat rather than a rig, is that boat heads into port occasionally, and then can access blocked sites via my own mobile phone signal. Cheers
  7. Not ideal for me, due to "streaming via youtube" rules when offshore, but suppose you cant keep everyone happy I had no issue paying 4.49 a month for live commentary and viewing matchday highlights abroad without the need for dodgy backdoor proxy servers etc. MFCTV was worth the fee, and I had very little issues with the service in the 2 years I've been subscribed. I'll miss it. Hope this free-to-air service works out for the better for the club but hope they also remember the small minority of exiled supporters who rely on services like MFCTV to keep in touch with the club and its going ons. Twitter and Facebook is also banned where I am, so if someone could keep me updated with any more updates on the matter via social media, I'd be grateful Cheers
  8. yeah - there's a few ways around about it - but potential reeming from important people onboard for by-passing system. More just a whinge that they can upload video content to a free website before uploading it to their own pay-to-view website Cheers anyways bud
  9. Yeah - but the boat I'm on has youtube blocked so I cant watch it youtube - free - Europa highlights and interviews MFCTV - annual subscription - no Europa coverage
  10. Anyone heard anything? Is this the reason that there has been nothing updated on MFCTV since Jun 16th? I haven't been able to get any highlights, interviews etc from Europa games. Well worth the subscription fee.......
  11. Any live audio streams? Anyone know if MFCTV covering it? Got 40 mins to make a decision to either go to bed, or stay up till 3am to listen to it and fuck my off-shift sleep
  12. I woke up with a sore head too Jamie. Different reasons tho #poorjamie

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