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  1. I went for McGinley when I heard he was playing left back it gave me genuine fear of a drubbing after seeing him pre season and first couple of games tbf he never put a foot wrong and I ate my words happily
  2. Quick google tells you no https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Motherwell_F.C._players
  3. Dunne signed for St Mirren weeks ago
  4. If Ross County lose or draw tonight we are 10 points ahead with 9 left to play for Here’s hoping
  5. Just announced on Sky Sports ticker too
  6. Tried it on Smart TV playstation 4 laptop on Chrome Firefox and IE oh and iPhone 11
  7. Can hardly see anything cause stream so poor Maybe a good thing from what I’ve seen we are SHITE
  8. The very young Bois in the Cooper stand "Well bairns" Sang hearts out through game and were more entertaining
  9. There was loads of them in Cooper too I don't think they should be allowed in ANY stand where the hone team fans are
  10. Hi all I just spoke to a pal the works at Livi. The Livingston FC website is down but you can access tickets online via the Motherwell F C website. Link below if it helps. They are also e tickets for Section L https://livingstonfc.tickethour.co.uk/privateSales.html?deepLink=90&hash=XnuBh0mSFPJmUDU1LGORzp-0RLx1262 Tickets also available from 1pm at office if needed

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