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  1. The very young Bois in the Cooper stand "Well bairns" Sang hearts out through game and were more entertaining
  2. There was loads of them in Cooper too I don't think they should be allowed in ANY stand where the hone team fans are
  3. Hi all I just spoke to a pal the works at Livi. The Livingston FC website is down but you can access tickets online via the Motherwell F C website. Link below if it helps. They are also e tickets for Section L https://livingstonfc.tickethour.co.uk/privateSales.html?deepLink=90&hash=XnuBh0mSFPJmUDU1LGORzp-0RLx1262 Tickets also available from 1pm at office if needed
  4. Best either in the centre itself or trying the one at side of the ground. There is one at top called Lime Kiln but they will only serve you a pint if you order food
  5. Anyone else see the copper from Scots Squad at game?
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  7. Anyone but them ffs Board just sold us down river. Just like multiple others in the past I really can't believe it
  8. Its definetley 3 5 2 Carson Aldred Hartley Dunne Cadden Rose Turnbull Campbel TSinclair Main Bowman
  9. I've nothing against the thrill of ducking to avoid a ball. But it's bloody different when a player mis kicks a shot or it deflects off a players boot compared to a player blatantly smacking the Ball into the crowd for no reason except he's an arsehole.
  10. Well that to me was a great game. 3-0 up and cruising. Then nervous as he'll as they came into it. Could have finished 6 all with all the chances. Moult is phenomenal. Not just as goal scorer but his tracking back and fighting for everything. Camden was superb again also. One thing though that really boiled my blood was that arsehole Imrie. 2nd half he booted the Ball into the crowd at East stand. Clearly meant it when all that it needed was a tap. He almost hit a guy sitting with his daughter on his lap. Shocking behaviour. We all hate him but to do that when kids are in that area shows how much of an arsehole he is. Scum plain and simple.
  11. We're going to hump this lot 4-1 after that wee shite Imrie puts them 1 up. It's my wee boys birthday today so that will be the perfect present (his words). CMON THE WELL
  12. Am i the only one who thought Mcdonald was rank rotten today? He spent most of match throwing himself to the deck looking for a foul, snowed no desire, started arguing with someone in the east stand. Cadden was outstanding today

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