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  1. This is the worst possible time for us to sell IMO. You'd have to imagine we'll struggle to get anywhere near the £2-3m being talked about last summer while he's coming off the back of a year out and the entire football industry and transfer market is in an unprecedented state of disarray- two factors that you'd hope won't be as big an issue in January. It'd be quite nice to actually see him play as well.
  2. Bold of you to assume there's not people on here who hate Rangers more than they like their families.
  3. Moult or Kipre? Or is it someone still at FP right now? I fucking love ON40Y cryptic bingo.
  4. Not that it makes a difference but isn't it confirmed he's a Celtic fan?
  5. given I made it up I'm either some sort of Nostradamus or I've got Rangers' fanbase on strings.
  6. Hearing it's Turnbull to Rangers for a million plus Hastie on loan.
  7. Hastie was much better than both.
  8. Aye I've been really impressed with Watt so far. I'd imagine the chances of us ever actually seeing it are slim but a front two of him and Long with a fully fit Turnbull behind them sounds very fucking promising.
  9. Yassin

    Iain Vigurs

    I hope Ian (Baraclough) was joking.
  10. Yassin

    Iain Vigurs

    For half a season, a true Motherwell great. What was your favourite #Vigz moment? His beautiful cross field pass at Tynecastle that nobody bothered to film? His late winner in Inverness that helped secure 2nd? His Zidane-esque volley on his return that all sensible Well fans reluctantly applauded? His handsome Highland smile? Feel free to share more!
  11. I genuinely- in a completely un-snidey way- love Steelboy's willingness to come out to bat for the most controversial position in every single argument on this website
  12. Can't believe the grief I got at the weekend for my claret and amber Swastika flag either. It's an ancient Hindu symbol of good luck ffs.

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