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  1. Good to see that the point of defeating Fascism was so we could force people to wear bits of paper 100 years later.
  2. Move on. We don't have to go to Glasgow for near enough 5 months now.
  3. It works out at about £50k a year which sounds in the right ballpark to me?
  4. I'm very intrigued by this Busta- Les beef. Charity boxing match for the Well Society? Edit- although I am actually quite concerned he orders a hit on you.
  5. Aye Carroll's hopefully solved left back for the next few seasons at least but a right back has to be the priority in January or Summer.
  6. Aye probably. There is a lot of dross at the bottom end of that league though, I could see him sticking around as 5th choice.
  7. I think the most respectful way to remember the war dead is to bring them up unprompted as a stick to beat hypothetical Celtic fans with.
  8. Hibs sacking Heckingbottom might have some interesting butterfly effects on us. I don't think Hibs will be in for Robinson because their weird delusions of grandeur wouldn't tolerate his style of play. They'll probably be shopping in the exact same market as Hearts though, and I reckon they'll both feel a bit of pressure from the fans to get the better candidate. I get the impression Hearts fans aren't overly enamored with Robinson already but if Hibs manage to appoint a name I could see Budge and co pushing the boat out a bit more for someone with pedigree.
  9. Didn't realise Alex Neil had Preston top of the Championship. Moult's been injured since August but would be interesting to see him in the Premiership if they make it.
  10. Thought Gillespie had his best game for a while, possibly this season.
  11. Are we not allowed to predict losses now?
  12. Good goal against Dundee United though tbf

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