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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing Chapman get another chance
  2. Still not buying that people would rather go to Rugby Park or Paisley on New Year's Day than Accies.
  3. On our end maybe- even then probably only then folk of a certain generation- I don't think Hearts fans give a fuck about us particularly. It's nice to feel a bit of requited hatred at Accies.
  4. Nah I agree with you. I know it's not a "real derby" etc but folk are lying to themselves if they don't feel a bit more needle and sense of occasion at New Douglas Park than they do away to Killie or Ross County.
  5. St Johnstone have just won two major trophies seven years apart while maintaining most of the core of the squad throughout and a good few players playing in both finals. I don't think football nowadays is necessarily as short termist as people are making out.
  6. This is true but he's a vastly superior player to Kenny McLean for me.
  7. Tbh all I'm really desperate to see from the rest of this season is Killie going down and St Mirren missing out on top 6.
  8. If this happens I'm getting permabanned from Pie and Bovril before the end of the day.
  9. Yeah I understand folk not wanting to get ahead of themselves but I'm amazed there's debate over the job he's done so far. Both results and performance wise he's massively exceeded reasonable expectations for me. He's probably got a few genuine reasons to be aggrieved about decisions against us or other weird bits of misfortune otherwise we could potentially have been preparing for a shootout for Top Six in a couple of weeks.
  10. I will say though, a season where we end up in a league with Accies, Airdrie, St Mirren, Morton and Partick would be fucking incredible.
  11. I've never seen us outside the top flight but here's my two cents anyway. It feels like there's not really much in-between. In the best case scenario we go down, scud the rest of the league, get some decent away days and come straight back up and it's like we've never been away. Would I occasionally take that over another season of bottom 6 humdrum? Absolutely. The alternative is an absolute hellscape though. Losing any remotely promising players to the likes of Killie or St Johnstone, getting pumped out the cups by the same teams and spending a decade at least in the Championship/League One? Get that to absolute fuck.
  12. St Johnstone- 1-1 D St Mirren- 2-0 W Hibs - 2-0 L Livingston- 1-1 D Killie 1-0 L
  13. Aye Rangers have got an absolute bargain with Hastie so they have
  14. Would be very funny if we won 4-0
  15. Got their money's worth this year at least.

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