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  1. Is this contingent on the season being called two months early due to another global pandemic, literally hours before we were due to play the team immediately below us?
  2. Some mate you are.
  3. Three cup finalists to start with
  4. Is Alexander married to Mrs Polworth too?
  5. Nobody ever says Italy
  6. I feel like I'm reading the lyrics to a Fall song.
  7. When Lafferty is in the Scottish top flight he scores goals (mainly at Fir Park). That's basically the end of discussion for me, if he's affordable and keen it's a no brainer to get him in. We already have a young sellable asset upfront as well in Shields, it's not like we'd be filling every position with 34 year olds on one term deals.
  8. Literal guesswork but I'd be surprised if it's not something like 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. Dundee United 6. Killie 7. St Johnstone 8. Motherwell 9. Ross County 10. St Mirren 11. Livingston 12. Hamilton
  9. This one was decent
  10. O'Donnell should have sprinted the length of the pitch to cup his ears to the empty South stand.
  11. You'd have more luck deciphering the Zodiac Killer's letters than some of OTF's scoops
  12. I missed the game and had no desire to watch the highlights based on reports but I'm looking forward to them solely for this now
  13. Aye but I think don't think Accies going down means they'll be replaced with a mythical 1970s Airdrie

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