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  1. You obviously can't judge folk off YouTube videos but in the comp that was going round a few days ago Smith looked a bit more mobile than some of the other lumps we've had up top recently. Despite his height he scored a decent variety of goals that I wouldn't expect someone like White or Blyth to even attempt.
  2. Yeah. I think we should have got the points because it would have been very funny and also we really fucking need them but I'm struggling much argument beyond that point. I can understand the anger at how the SPFL eventually reached this conclusion after 3 months but the actual outcome... fair enough.
  3. You obviously know more than me but are you saying Burrows is lying or being deliberately cryptic?
  4. I don't know the surrounding geography very well but there's a few lovely bridges you see out the window on the Edinburgh to Motherwell train
  5. Genuine question, why would you prefer Hughes over Wright? They've achieved similar things but Wright's got a much more consistent track record imo.
  6. Not that I don't like Brophy but I don't think it really makes sense for either party to be signing players for next season while we don't have a manager.
  7. I think people are weirdly harsh on Ainsworth even if the sentiments are generally positive. He had one electric season and 3 where he sort of regressed to the mean as a mid table Scottish Premiership winger but was still capable of winning games singlehandedly.
  8. There's a Grobbelaar/Mugabi joke in there somewhere
  9. If we let Stephen Robinson sign defenders and Ian Baraclough sign strikers we'd win the league
  10. Going to start telling my dentist that his maw's a mattress.
  11. That's what I get for taking Steelboy at face value
  12. I didn't want Robinson out just yet but changing the thread title/deleting it all together is proper snide behaviour.

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