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  1. We won 3-0 at Pittodrie 6 days ago
  2. Scotland's Europe's establishment club.
  3. Fuck sake, I actually laughed at this.
  4. At least he can count on SFWA Young Player of the Year David Turnbull, Scotland international Chris Cadden, English Premiership target James Scott, financially set for life Jake Hastie and Motherwell's best player Allan Campbell for support.
  5. Yassin

    Allan Campbell

    I think he has a pretty similar profile to Moult. Great top six Scottish premiership player, level in England is decent League One starter or Championship squad player.
  6. O'Hara and Watt, both straight down the middle, pretty unstoppable.
  7. Just as well we're going to scud St Johnstone and Coleraine then isn't it?
  8. Aye I think I've literally just imagined that Sorry.
  9. Always a good sign when the highlights start in the 50th minute
  10. Callum Lang has hit double figures in both his full seasons as a footballer.
  11. No way we could afford Messi, nor would he want to come. Ridiculous shout tbh.
  12. If Rangers lose a winger they'll replace him by signing a central midfielder and losing another winger?
  13. when did we go 12 games without a win?

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