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  1. I genuinely can't wrap my head around folk not rating Slattery. You can see from his technical ability why he was so highly rated in the Southampton/England setups but he doesn't seem to have came up with any pretensions either and does more than his fair share of the unglamorous stuff. I think he's been an upgrade on Allan Campbell.
  2. Rogic and Scott will be lethal together
  3. The board/Burrows have made some pretty questionable decisions in the last few months. Voting to shutdown the league while we were one of its form teams at Christmas (we didn't win again until April) and shafting our own fans to help Rangers at 4 days notice being two big ones.
  4. Yassin

    Harry Smith

    I thought he looked alright before he got injured. Not a world beater obviously but useful enough in a big fucking lump way.
  5. If your response to a 92nd minute away equaliser from 2 down to secure Top Six in the sun is that you want to go to less games I'm not sure you can be reasoned with.
  6. Until last week Woolery had been pivotal in pretty much every point we picked up this year. Against St Mirren, Aberdeen and Rangers he came off the bench and either scored or assisted/set up the chance for our equaliser.
  7. Yeah I remember you making similar points at the time and a lot of people (including me) disagreeing but it's a view I'm starting to come around to. Based on the last few years evidence it does seem like Robinson did well salvaging the McGhee season and building the 17/18 team but didn't really have any idea where to go afterwards and somewhat lucked out in Campbell, Turnbull, Hastie and Scott appearing at the right time. To be fair he did do a decent job integrating all 4 but his track record since 2019 does suggest its not going to be repeated. 2-0 St Mirren today then.
  8. St Johnstone could be 6 behind us by this time tomorrow with another game against us to come. Mad to say we couldn't get dragged into this. I don't think it will happen but as long as this form goes on we have to consider the possibility.
  9. Robinson has been basically losing most weeks for two years now, starting with our 2020 slump and continuing into his Morecambe and St Mirren spells. I liked him as manager for us and its easy to get nostalgic given our current form but it seems like he's still making a lot of the same mistakes he always has.
  10. So no Kelly, Donnelly or Van Veen.
  11. It seems like the standard of goalkeeper available to clubs like us has improved massively, to the point that most teams in the league are relatively happy with their #1s. I'd obviously still rather not lose Kelly, but over the last decade (or slightly longer) we've had Ruddy, Randolph, Carson, Gillespie and now Kelly. Definitely feels like an upgrade on the 2000s squads anyway.
  12. Yassin


    Dundee have just hired him.
  13. Yassin


    Think he's a vegan tbf
  14. Sounds like there's a common denominator.
  15. Yeah it probably wouldn't be my preferred option either. I'm still baffled at how little Slattery and Tierney have played during this run.

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