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  1. Every forum needs a combination of cloggers (Yodo) and mercurial,once in a generation posters like myself.
  2. Who the fuck is even keeping track of that? That's worse than Celtic bleating about Turnbull being a record transfer and neglecting to mention it was only a record for us.
  3. What size shoes does he wear? Who's he voting for in the election?
  4. I feel like half of this forum are genuinely unaware of the concept of a creative midfielder. I'll accept that some of our recent examples- Bigi etc- haven't been good enough but folk seem totally bewildered at the idea of a guy who's primary job isn't running about kicking people.
  5. Apparently he failed a drugs test during his Celtic medical and Motherwell and Celtic came up with the operation story to explain his 8 month absence. The SFA see him as a future Scotland asset so agreed to go along with it and not make the ban public.
  6. I'm pretty sure we got second opinion ffs People seem to think the conversation has went immediately from "Cheers for the heads up Celtic" to "Unlucky Davey boy, we're taking Celtic at their word so you're going under the knife in five minutes. See you in February!".
  7. I heard he does backflips when he scores.
  8. Yassin

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Aye born in Belfast to Scottish parents and raised over here I believe.
  9. Sammon opens the scoring for Falkirk. Tommy Coyne jr equalises for Linlithgow.
  10. Yassin

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Northern Irish too which seems to give us a headstart in signing players.
  11. He's made bad career choices and has maybe found his level but the guy is clearly an absolute baller.
  12. I'd have Allan over Polworth but Mallan is a poor man's Ross Forbes and Vela is a nothing player.
  13. They're going to have to appoint someone soon or go into a mental December still fucking about looking for someone.
  14. Dunno man, last time was pretty enjoyable.
  15. I'm not convinced that Hibs' "bounce" wasn't as much to do with St Johnstone chucking it than anything Hibs did. I'd probably take a point though just to keep things ticking over.
  16. Good to see that the point of defeating Fascism was so we could force people to wear bits of paper 100 years later.
  17. Move on. We don't have to go to Glasgow for near enough 5 months now.
  18. It works out at about £50k a year which sounds in the right ballpark to me?
  19. I'm very intrigued by this Busta- Les beef. Charity boxing match for the Well Society? Edit- although I am actually quite concerned he orders a hit on you.
  20. Aye Carroll's hopefully solved left back for the next few seasons at least but a right back has to be the priority in January or Summer.

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