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  1. Glad you enjoyed your stay, all the Motherwell I encountered were great people and I heard no bad stories about ye, only good. Sligo is classed as a border county and thus is in the region with the worst economy in Ireland, house prices are among the cheapest I think maybe 5 or 6th least expensive of 26 counties in ROI.. other west coast towns further south are regarded as more desirable but there is none of them football towns.
  2. Funny thing we were playing a similar predictable shite brand of football for a lot of this season, everybody in the league had us sussed.
  3. We were full time when yeer kids beat us in the Irn Bru.
  4. Yeer manager obviously done zero work other than watching the Bala home game and the UCD game on Sunday, we have serious issues but ye it seems have more.
  5. Ye will prolly get 350 tickets if it is Sligo. (just noticed that I joined here 13 years ago exactly today and this my first post)

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