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  1. I believe it was Cadden who was caught ball watching. Robinson was going ballistic at him.
  2. Some good performances throughout the team against a very poor Accies team, Campbell for me was excellent, his tackling and work rate allowed the likes of Tanner and Clfti the time and space to play. Campbell for me is going to have a fantastic career if he continues to progress at his current level.
  3. I always felt he was a decent young keeper but got an easier time than other keepers wed had because he wasnt Twardzic or Long. He made a few howlers during his season with us. I certainly wouldnt swap Carson for him.
  4. I agree Joe Wark was the best left back I can remember watching in a Motherwell strip he maybe wasnt the quickest but he timed his tackles so well not many got past him and the old firm bias was what put paid to any chance of a Scotland call up.
  5. MacLean came on today and played the best through ball of the game and Bowman should have done a lot more with the opportunity. I maybe wrong but it was one of the very few passes played through centrally everything else seemed to be played wide hoping on a cross into the box.
  6. I thought he may have got some game time with the Under 20's is he still injured?
  7. Tom Hateley has left Dundee by mutual consent, it hasn't worked out for him there. I still think he was a better right back than he ever will be a midfielder.
  8. If true about Grimshaw, I would expect him to play right wing back but also offers a degree of versatility in being able to play in midfield also.
  9. According to Andy Devlin at The Sun, Blackburn Rovers are expected to go back in with a better offer today. No new interest in Moult or Cadden so they are content that they will be staying.
  10. Cadden looks far better in the marauding wing back role.
  11. BBC Sportsound's coverage after the game was shocking it would have rivalled Radio Clyde's old firm biased reporting.
  12. I imagine Walker didn't want to look lazy against his future employer but also didn't want to do anything that would upset them either. On tomorrow's game, I fully expect Carson and Mchugh to come back into the team. If we play 3 at the back I would rather have Cadden playing right wing back than Tait. Personally I think wing back is Caddens best position and also Tait is constantly found out for lack of pace. Up front we need to go with a front 2 my preference would be Moult and Bowman.
  13. I'm sure I saw him on Saturday standing with the mascots at the tunnel.
  14. I agree about the 1st half we were awful and Ross County weren't much better we tried our best to give them easy possession. The difference from the start of the second half was remarkable straight from kick off we got into their faves pressing and harrowing, Campbell and especially Bowman really made a difference We dominated the 2nd half from that point when it was still 11v11. So I don't agree with you that it was them who bossed it.

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