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  1. If the Charlton v Preston game I watched is anything to go by there is a lot of dross at the top of the Championship.
  2. Don,t know about MOM but I was impressed with our new no5 for always playing the ball out from the back. Counted only one misplaced pass.
  3. Definitely need a Gorrin level player in midfield. Donnelly is not the answer. I recall seeing him for the first time against Darlington last year at RB and posting to the effect that defensively he might be better than Tait but his distribution was poor. Nothing i have seen so for has changed my opinion.
  4. Sure I saw somewhere. Carson not allowed to fly apparently.
  5. Goly in the first half had four accies players surrounding him and made fools of them with his foot work. i agree with the comments about Gorrin. but have to go with Turnbull. I recall only one mistake all all afternoon. boy covers all of the park making himself available, never seems to panic when in possession or making a pass. Maturity way beyond his years.
  6. Crap! Yes there is no risks in contracting A ie one boy. Where does the risk start offering contract to young boys ? 15 or 20 of them maybe ? You would be the first to complain when a boy we gave a contract to failed to make the grade.
  7. Whether for the first time or for the umpteeth time that was a red card , not only that but the goal was deserved punishment too. Wine at dinner and bias has had no effect on my opinion.
  8. Yes I know the usual dross such as Yogi will be quoted. Neither can I name a replacement but then again I am not in the football business. What we need is a manager with a Stevie Clarke background ie managed at a reasonably high level although maybe not successfully, been assistant coach at some top clubs picking up experience and knowledge. Surely the Club or their contacts are aware of "names". Or am I being naive.
  9. I would like this on record. After many years on this site I can say for the first time I agree with Steelboy
  10. Can't speak for spiderpig, and i might be in the minority but my confidence is not dented because Sammon is unavailable.
  11. Agree with most of that. Not impressed by Sammon signing and thirty minutes or so neither added or lessened that opinion. Thought Cadden and Frear were given more freedom to play their best attributes and popped up every where including defending when required. Tait I thought had a great first half, not so much second and perhaps Cadden absence was a factor. He reads a game well and makes himself available for a pass.
  12. Never saw much evidence of queues but will say that I had bought a ticket for the POD primarily to get registered and thought "print at home" was available, handy for me being 35 miles away. Also it appeared that cash and tickets were being taken at the same turnstile contrary to what i believed was to be the case. Stub was removed from ticket. scanned by hand machine and initialled so I guess it wasn't any quicker which should have been one of the objectives. Early days tho.
  13. I chose the collect option in this instance, pick up office before ko Tuesdays match. Being an hours drive from Fir Park hoped to have print option.

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