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  1. I couldn't go to the '91 semi-final reply so I was following it via the historic medium of teletext score updates - you know, when the letters "UPD" would appear on the screen when the page updated. We were (of course) 3-2 up when the dreaded letters appeared, but just too early for it to be full time. The willpower it took to press the button on the remote to reveal what I feared would be a last-minute equaliser was almost more than I could muster. The relief on seeing the 4-2 score line revealed was only equalled by the full time whistle in the final itself.
  2. "File all of that under inconsequential rubbish!" LOL
  3. Thought McGinley and Woolery played really well, but for me it was Slattery's day.
  4. I would imagine they've used a bleeding-edge quantum computer to analyse the outcomes across all possible multiverses simultaneously, before confirming that there is no universe anywhere that sees St Mirren finish above us two seasons running.
  5. One more goal and we're top 6. Let the happy-clapping begin.
  6. We are now bottom as it stands. Let the pant-wetting commence.
  7. I always forget about you proper ex-pats! Leigh Griffiths: Celtic striker sent home from training camp over online messages The Celtic thread on Pie & Bovril is currently coming along nicely...
  8. I made a note to come back to this post when the aforementioned head inevitably unscrewed, I just didn't think it would happen so soon.
  9. Although given the breaking KVV news, I doubt anyone much cares, one way or the other.
  10. No sign of Donnelly or Grimshaw either.
  11. Please God, let him score the winner!

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