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  1. I suspect my only chance of a happy ending today is if I buy the wife a really big bunch of flowers.
  2. Do you have a link to that pig video by any chance?
  3. Aye, Les might be a prick, but he's OUR prick. (For the avoidance of doubt, I don't know Les from Adam. He may very well NOT be a prick at all.)
  4. For comparison, across their entire professional careers to date, Carson has saved 13 out of 48 (27%), while Gillespie has saved 11 out of 46 (24%). Samson saved 9 out of 35 (25%). Hard to get a fag paper between them on those stats alone. Fraser Forster is often lauded by the fawning Scottish press as a master of the penalty save - to be fair, he's saved 13 out of 34 (38%).
  5. According to transfermarkt, while playing for Motherwell in all competitions, Carson has faced ten penalties and saved none of them, while Gillespie has saved four out of eleven. That's a reasonably impressive 36%. On a cautionary note, however, Craig Samson saved two out of five, a 40% success rate. Lies, damned lies, and statistics...
  6. We've reverse-jinxed him, Excellent!
  7. I take your points, chaps, especially the Craig Moore one, and would merely point out that the comment was made before Cole spectacularly missed an open goal from about a yard out.
  8. Apropos of nothing, that punt that no premiership outfit was prepared to take on Shankland is looking increasingly like it might have been the wrong call.
  9. Those Hielan' Laddies, accustomed as they are to the grim, dreich north, won't be able to cope with that! 7-0 Motherwell.
  10. As I type, Hartley has eight actual votes. Yours isn't one of them.
  11. I almost went with Seedorf, if only to see Yodo's head explode, but in the end Polworth edged it for me.
  12. Electric Blues

    Vs Hibs

    Good to see Hartley fighting his way back into contention. It can't be easy being benched for so long as the club captain, but he dealt with it with remarkably good grace and I'm delighted to see him stepping back up. Hopefully Chilli D is made of similar stuff.
  13. Electric Blues

    Vs Hibs

    He may be talking bollocks, but Jonathan Sutherland of the BBC seems to disagree...
  14. At least we've got one defender now who's well used to playing on plastic!

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