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  1. Devante and Bevis already look to be splitting the vote, and understandably and justifiably so, but for me Tony Watt was immense for us again today.
  2. Are those goal kick routines giving anyone else the fear, or is it just me?
  3. Remember the "strengthening 12-18" pish from not so very long ago? I really liked Robinson, and I certainly wouldn't lay all of the blame for all of our current woes at his door, but the more I look at the position we're in, the gladder I become that he resigned.
  4. Can he play left back? We should bring in Miss Marple to ply up front too, she's got more chance of getting into double figures than Chris Long.
  5. If the appeal fails they should dock St Mirren 3 points for their temerity, and unsuspend their fine for good measure.
  6. And to think people slagged off the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup.
  7. Played six, won six. Sum boi.
  8. At least that would be twenty seconds well spent.
  9. I'm not saying I still wake up in a cold sweat to this day, but I'm faintly surprised that I don't. That match was my first real exposure to 'Well fan PTSD.
  10. I quite agree, and ignoring the Old Firm (and god knows I try to) we've scored ten without reply in the last two months which is hugely encouraging. My point, if indeed I even had one, was that what we ourselves do matters more than whether other teams ship a barrow load. That said, Kilmarnock have conceded just four goals against the Old Firm in three games now, and even took a point off Celtic along the way, and I'd be an even happier camper if I thought we had a decent chance of doing the same next week.
  11. No such luck. With hindsight, a better approach would have been for us to not concede five to that same Rangers in the first place,
  12. Brings back hitherto-repressed memories of the Malpas teams.
  13. At least Hamilton got more than three hours notice.

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