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  1. Please God, let him score the winner!
  2. Auntie + baws = uncle.
  3. Electric Blues


    I didn't know Andy personally but I feel like I did, a tribute in itself, and I've got a tear in my eye just reading through this thread. RIP Andy, always the "Man of the Match".
  4. Surely if anybody is already immune it has to be you?!?
  5. Screw the "best of the rest" league and the split skewing the data, read the "Last 6" stats and weep.
  6. Thought Foley made a big impact today, and I hope he gets the chance prove it wasn't a one off in the next couple of games. I went for Cole in the end, though, for the couple of class touches that ultimately made the difference.
  7. I'd be willing to lose in that last round of fixtures to see County push Saints into tenth..
  8. Yep, and will be the runaway winner, but I've gone for Chris Long for the set up and for the smile.
  9. Sheila was a lot easier on the eye than Wilson, though.
  10. I'd prefer to swap Accies for any team less likely to take maximum points off us next season No reason why they can't both go down, though.
  11. We could have THREE full teams. Admittedly, some will be better than others.
  12. Dundee Utd getting absolutely smashed - 5-1 now. Bodes well for the next game?
  13. One of my fondest memories of ye olden dayes was the Davie Hay promotion season, when we were unbeaten at home and spanking teams by 6 and 7 what felt like every other week. It was glorious, but I'd trade all that in a heartbeat for not having been relegated in the first place. That really is an awful, awful feeling.

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