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  1. All hopes now pinned on an injury time winner for Ross County - preferably a Watt OG.
  2. St Johnstone are on a decent run just now, with the (supposedly) easier post-split fixtures to come, and even if they don't overhaul St Mirren you'd still fancy them to beat Arbroath, or ICT, or whoever. If St Mirren fall into 11th, though, I wouldn't bet any of my own money on them staying up.
  3. Maybe that's why Alexander kept playing him, when all us armchair critics were screaming that he was shite, because if he can get back to his old self he's a huge asset. Same with Ojala and his apparent disappearing pace, I hope. On which note, I've seen glaciers that moved faster than Tom Aldred, but like Ojala he had the nous to usually be in the right place at the right time to start with.
  4. Aye. Horses for courses, though there are pros & cons to both. On topic, sadly, I can't see beyond an easy Celtic win by 3 or 4, at which point they'll hopefully stop trying.
  5. FFS, no wonder the übermenschen on Pie & Bovril look down disdainfully on "SOL" sometimes.
  6. That's what I said before the game on Tuesday Still, fingers crossed, eh?
  7. Dundee Utd behind to St Mirren (Watt on the bench.)
  8. It's as much about how many places we might fall, as how many places Utd might rise. It would almost be worth plummeting from 4th to 10th if it meant they had to pay us £800k, doubled up to £1.6M to compensate us for missing out on a brief European adventure. Luckily, that particular risky-but-tempting option will never actually be on the table, because knowing our luck we'd overshoot 10th and end up relegated while trying to cash in
  9. I'd be delighted with a Tony Watt hat trick in a 3-1 victory while negotiations with Dundee Utd were still ongoing, with each goal adding another £100k to our price for his early exit.
  10. What, and risk falling off the edge of the flat Earth in the dark? Not a chance. On a (much) more serious note, 'Well 3-1 Livi. I feel Bevis's name may be on one of our 3.
  11. It would only have been brief anyway, until they pumped us by 6 or 7 next weekend. I can't see them being so profligate two weeks running, especially against whatever our fourth choice defence turns out to be,
  12. It's arguable whether the "after" picture is an improvement on the "before", but the weather certainly hasn't got any better. Can't help you with the Maddock question, though, sorry.
  13. I don't remember ever being so genuinely torn between two players, with 7 or 8 others running both a close third. My heart says Woolery, but my head has gone for Tony Watt (again) not just for the classiest of match-winning goals, but for his non-stop effort and work rate. Here he is in the 89th minute, nutmegging for fun, splashing about in puddles, and outwitting three defenders to win a throw and retain possession.
  14. It's actually strangely heartening to see that Tony Watt hasn't registered a single vote this week, despite playing his heart out and engaging in some weapons grade shit-housing when required. How good must everyone else have been?

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