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  1. "Those who feel "unable or unwilling" to accept the cut, will be offered the chance to leave the club." The first domino?
  2. Because then we might not be third, and being third as it stands just might come in useful in certain future league scenarios.
  3. You are of course entirely entitled to your opinion, just like every other poster. In that vein then, and just for what it’s worth, my opinion is that you should fuck off.
  4. A cracker from Lukas Jutkiewicz tonight for Birmingham, not too dissimilar to this little number. (Any excuse! )
  5. I hope this is some sort of cunning rope-a-dope tactic. No shots on target in the first half is not unprecedented this season, but I'm fairly sure that no shots at all would be a new development.
  6. That plastic shit-tip would not be my first choice of park on which to relaunch the newly-bionic Mr Turnbull.
  7. BBC News: sports banter can exclude women and lead to laddish behaviour such as chat about sexual conquests...
  8. Gillespie would have saved it anyway.
  9. The Dons fans over on the P&B match thread don't sound confident at all. There's a real battle of negativity going on there. In related news, MJC predicts a 3-0 home win. Sorry, did I say "news"...?
  10. Be an awful shame if they went straight back down again, eh?
  11. Rather than wait for nature to take its course we need to get 6-0 up at some point, and then win a penalty. This Saturday might be a possibility, I hope.
  12. My first impression was that it was going in already, and I still think it might have. However, in the moment Chris Long doesn't have a protractor and an action replay, and I agree he did exactly what you'd want him to do. On balance it's far better to have a hungry striker on hand for these opportunities than stood buffing their fingernails on the edge of the 18-yard box.
  13. Has that SquirrelShagger chappy not been on yet? It's unlike him to miss a Kilmarnock thread.

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