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  1. Electric Blues

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Northen Irishman, signed on loan in 2011, currently still playing at Nantwich Town. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Jones_(footballer,_born_1976)
  2. Electric Blues

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Oh, er, eh, I thought he said "choux"...
  3. Electric Blues

    2018'19 Game 20: Kilmarnock (H) Wednesday 26th December 2018

    To rub salt into the wound, want to bet we lose now to a goal in the 15th minute of injury time?
  4. Electric Blues

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Orient were my local team in the early eighties, in the old Division 3. Even then, the quality was nothing to write home about, although my fondest memories of those times include a 4-2 victory over Millwall in some Mickey Mouse cup or other, and what to this day I still rank as the best burgers served at any ground I've ever been to anywhere in the world.
  5. Electric Blues

    2018’19 Game 13: Aberdeen (H) Saturday 24th November 2018

    The more I watch that goal the happier I get, not just with the goal itself but for what it says about Johnson's current and future confidence. He could - and almost certainly should - have passed, taking the easy option for a striker struggling for game time and without a goal for a while. The fact that he obviously made up his mind what he was going to do early on, and then had the belief and the ability to execute it is surely exactly what anyone wants in a striker.
  6. Electric Blues

    Aberdeen Man of the Match

    Voted for Grimshaw, although I really wish I could vote for Johnson too. I feel sorry for Turnbull who hasn't got a single vote so far, having set the bar far too high for himself with his previous netbuster. Hopefully he'll make up for it next time out with a sublime 40-yard lob to complete his hat trick.
  7. Electric Blues

    International Call Ups

    It makes the found footage from the Blair Witch Project look professional.
  8. Electric Blues

    Rangers Man of the Match

    I can confidently predict it's not going to be Carl McHugh.
  9. Electric Blues

    2018’19 Game 12: Rangers (A) Sunday 11th November 2018

    Thing is, Robinson did what the majority on here wanted (eventually) by switching to a 4-4-2, giving Turnbull a start, and then sticking with it for this game. He'd be getting pelters if he'd gone 3-5-2 and lost 1-0.
  10. Electric Blues

    2018’19 Game 12: Rangers (A) Sunday 11th November 2018

    Remember when the 3-5-2 was first a thing, and everyone thought it was the cat's pyjamas? I suspect the real trick is to have more than one system that we're comfortable with, coupled with the nous to select the right one for the right occasion, and change it mid-stream if needed.
  11. Electric Blues

    Cup Final

    Live on Alba - got to be better than Chelsea v Palace.
  12. Electric Blues

    Dundee Man of the Match

    Absolutely delighted to see Grimshaw and Cadden right up there as contenders, but I went for Turnbull for the overall performance, not just the goal. That said, he'd have a good case for MOTM if that had actually been his only touch of he game, what a belter! It was very reminiscent of Colin O'Neill's wonder strike, albeit into the opposite corner. In both cases, I suspect the ball would have made it into low earth orbit if the net hadn't been there, they showed no signs of ever dipping.
  13. Electric Blues

    2018’19 Game 11: Dundee (H) Saturday 3rd November 2018

    Tech Support Forum for this pish!
  14. You show one fud, though, and then everyone wants in on the act - much like "Readers' Wives" back in the seventies.

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