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  1. The Dons fans over on the P&B match thread don't sound confident at all. There's a real battle of negativity going on there. In related news, MJC predicts a 3-0 home win. Sorry, did I say "news"...?
  2. Be an awful shame if they went straight back down again, eh?
  3. Rather than wait for nature to take its course we need to get 6-0 up at some point, and then win a penalty. This Saturday might be a possibility, I hope.
  4. My first impression was that it was going in already, and I still think it might have. However, in the moment Chris Long doesn't have a protractor and an action replay, and I agree he did exactly what you'd want him to do. On balance it's far better to have a hungry striker on hand for these opportunities than stood buffing their fingernails on the edge of the 18-yard box.
  5. Has that SquirrelShagger chappy not been on yet? It's unlike him to miss a Kilmarnock thread.
  6. If only I'd lazily typed "& Killie" instead of "and Kilmarnock".
  7. On a slightly tangential note, today was my first visit to Fir Park for a while. How long has the stadium announcer been coming out with that “the mighty” pish? It was jarring enough the first time, and by the tenth I was ready to go full postal.
  8. Score first, go behind, game over. Again.
  9. Much as I hate to sound negative, we haven't taken a single point from a losing position so far this season.
  10. I suspect my only chance of a happy ending today is if I buy the wife a really big bunch of flowers.
  11. Do you have a link to that pig video by any chance?
  12. Aye, Les might be a prick, but he's OUR prick. (For the avoidance of doubt, I don't know Les from Adam. He may very well NOT be a prick at all.)

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