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  1. Just watched a re-run of the McHugh booking on Morelos. Think our gaffer needs to go to spec savers if he thinks that was a fair challenge. Yellow all day long and its embarrassing for anyone to say otherwise.
  2. quote from our Manager. Stop defending something that was blatant. ""I thought it was a penalty and the letter of the law suggests that he needs to be sent off." McHugh after the booking was lucky to be on the park after committing another foul before giving the penalty away. He should have been taken off. As it was only a matter of time.
  3. I dread to think what Celtic will do in our double header next month. I dont mind dropping points against Celtic, unlike games against Rangers and the others teams that are 6 pointers. But it could serious knock our confidence, especially if we have outfield players that think they are goalkeepers.
  4. he makes his body as big as possible to block a shot. Just like a goalkeeper would do. its a booking all day long. HE IS A STUPID ****
  5. dont mind loosing to Celtic, but must win at home to Aberdeen. A draw would be so so.
  6. exactly dont mind loosing 7 to celtic or aberdeen, but not to that lot. however I hate anyone trying to humour us. Michael Stewart must be the worst pundit ever.
  7. not his fault, mchugh is a hot head anf thinks he is a goal keeper
  8. mchugh for goalkeeper. the flapper know how to block a shot.
  9. orinoco thats embarassing. it was 100% percent a penalty. And if an outfield players pretends to be a goalkeeper with his arms outstretched to make himself as big as possible to block a shot then yes it indeed is a card. McHugh is not the goalkeeper.
  10. In the last 2 years these results happen When we lost 7 to Celtic, I thought well ok Celtic are a good team. And like most prefer them to the other ugly sister. When we lost 7 to Aberdeen I could accept it as Aberdeen were on top of their game. But today. It should have been 10 to Rangers. And we made them look good. Only 1 team should have been tired today. As were the champions at Livi from europe. At the end my entire row had left. I was there taking it from all sides. Thank you Carl. Even left my Bois flag behind.
  11. iF McHigh was doig an impression of a goalkeeper and was a goalkeeper then no pen no card. However he is not a bloody goalkeeeper. He cant go to ground with his arms spread in attempt to block a shot. Its a card all day long. Sportscene are just doing what sportscene does. Causing a debate when there is not 1.
  12. Sportscene saying it was not a red or penalty. STOP humouring us. It was a terrible day a the office. McHugh was lucky he was not sent off with challenge in between his yellows. Silly boy and must learn.
  13. mchugh could have been off for his challenge in between 1st yellow and deliberate hand ball. Pathetic. Now I can take a beating like that from Aberdeen or Celtic, but not from them. Gutted. Was looking for the collection bucket at full time to get my money back.

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