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  1. Leanne

    Baraclough Out

    should be given time to sort, knee jerk reactions of fans hurting is not the answer.
  2. Leanne

    Baraclough Out

    its amazing how the players dont face criticism just the manager.
  3. well lets just say a promotion may be made out side of the actual team if results go against us
  4. I stated he knows the criteria set, it was not an opinion. Also at least 12 players will move on in the summer
  5. Barra knows the score, we go down then close the door behind you.
  6. We were in my view worth a draw against the 2nd best team in Scotland. Cant declare this as a fact but will raise an eyebrow to anyone that disagrees. Get behind the team! Plenty of points to be won, If your wanting glory year in year out head west!
  7. Dont you have eyes? Do you listen and take things as gospel? Because this person says it it must be true! How pathetic! The lad played well, we played well! The only fault was that we had two mistakes that should have been avoided. The signing of McDonald is a master stroke and I have faith we wont be in the play off position. As for Ross will beat Accies, well gentlemen guess who we play next week and guess who is the form team! Get behind the lads great performance, shame errors cost us. We were playing the 2nd best team in Scotland! We made them look AVERAGE!
  8. Get a grip, best we have played at Aberdeen in a long time, Basically barra has put a bit of metal in the side and were beaten by two individual mistakes. We were never outclassed by a team that sitting 2ND may I add. Yes 2nd! The lad played well tonight but some just want a scapegoat!
  9. considering all in all, another great result. Battled to the end. Climbed of the foot of the table. Well done. Looked like it got more difficult once they went down to 10, If they had not Im sure it would have been another 3 points.
  10. At NDP yes, I would have them beating us there too.
  11. Ross County = 5 points Partick Thistle (H) 3 Hamilton (A) 0 Kilmarnock (H) 1 Dundee Utd (A) 0 St Johnstone (H) 1 St Mirren (A) 0 St Mirren = 3 points Kilmarnock (A) 0 St Johnstone (A) 0 Celtic (H) 0 Motherwell (A) 0 Ross County (H) 3 Motherwell = 11 points Kilmarnock (H) 3 Aberdeen (A) 0 Hamilton (H) 3 Kilmarnock (A) 1 St Mirren (H) 3 Partick Thistle (A) 1 hamilton have deteriorated badly, kilmarnock and st mirren at home are 6 points if we perform like we did and can see at least 2 points from thistle / kilmarnock away. although we usually take something from aberdeen I think it may come to early for Ian to take anything from.
  12. well done barra, staff and players. Superb!
  13. well said sir, we need more of this mentality, now is not the time for divisions.

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