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  1. Anybody know if this is PATG? Can't seem to find out anywhere...
  2. Is it possible to get tickets just before kick off tomorrow? There's no way it'd be a sell out
  3. good to see Bara finally has the balls to drop McDonald. Is Hammell injured? not even on the bench
  4. Never been to New Douglas Park, what's the parking like?
  5. Steelman94

    Well Bois

    The bois are fantastic for the club providing a great atmosphere, hope them and their drum are back in force soon enough
  6. Bizarre signing, makes the signing of Clarkson effectively a waste of wages that could have went to a RB or CM
  7. That was the worst game I've seen in years, for me wee Dom was the only player that looked half decent
  8. Anyone know about parking? Apparently there is parking at the ground but I've never been
  9. I can see Chalmers for Hammell, Clarkson for Mcdonald, Thomas for Johnson
  10. Managed to get two tickets at 12, still seems to be plenty
  11. Been wondering the same thing, Inverness was pay at the gate so maybe the same?
  12. Just back from the game. We were very impressive and dominated for large spells. Johnson, Ainsworth and Fletcher all stood out but overall most played well. One thing that did stand out was law and his lack of a final ball, also we failed to win many aerial battles either attacking or defending corners. On the whole it was a good game and looking forward to what the season holds
  13. Have any prices been announced for tomorrow? And are we in the main stand?

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