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  1. Positives- a wee wake up call, when we’re not 100% up for it, the consequences are clear. Big Ced and Tait are crucial to our game plan, their absence was instrumental. we retain the ball better with creativity in the middle of the park. Bigi showed that. negatives- im not going there at all, it was what it was ,
  2. Curtis for me. Fairly thankless shift but grafted away throughout on a shit surface that was so heavily watered that it was a guaranteed shitfest.
  3. Nice to tick off visiting another ground. shame it was all perspiration and precious little inspiration. The haggis pie was the highlight of the day. All very subdued, but another clean sheet I suppose. disappointed see such a lumpy surface getting watered to extremes, presumably to reduce it to a shitfest, tsk tsk County- poor show
  4. Main , by a whisker for me. Couldve been Tait, Campbell or Carson. Main is physical, mobile, holds the ball up well under pressure and brings others into play. An absolutely monster shift today
  5. We were very limp dreaming about a Semi? needed to be harder stand up, so to speak
  6. Dunne Absolutely strolled it Better and better every week Thought Main was good too. Great to see Bowman back and looking to make an impression, great positivity and touch. On the down side, Frear ran out of either gas or bottle at key points late in the game, hopefully the former.
  7. I think Rose does his best shift when hes got legs round about him, a lot of the stuff he does is the grunt work. Plenty of games where hes been the anchor for good performances.
  8. Or even just go completely tonto and lamp two players and a ref, and get a four game ban and one suspended. I reckon Hartley should be entitled to at least one free swing at wee Imrie , fair is fair....
  9. Ffs hope its only a 6 month dealAt 63, at least hes got a bus pass in him
  10. Your honourThe aggressor(Hartley) will invariably receive the harshest punishment, it has always been that way. As for the ensuing meleé, I think microanalysis of every action is not worth pursuing. When in a hole, stop digging. A Weegies definition of handbags may be a touch less delicate than others. I see much the same on the bus to my work most days
  11. Hartley was red carded for acting like a petulant four year old, dressed as a professional footballer. Utterly inexcusable, he could cost us the chance to proceed to the next round of the Cup. The ensuing handbags amounted to nothing. Dallas didnt run 20 yards and have a go at someone , Hartley did. Fighting talk? Anyone else up for the next round of Defend the Indefensible?
  12. At least his aim is true And He doesnt want to go to Chelsea
  13. Hartley was impeded by an inability to stand up or behave like an actual footballer yesterday. Trying harder to deck it than challenge for the ball. He went down in my estimations yesterday. Old heid, head gone
  14. And Hartley made a total cnt of the second And Tanners feeble attempt at a tackle at the start of the third was a tired excuse for a challenge. Nobody covered themselves in glory
  15. Embarrassing Carson- nothing much to do, poor getting beaten twice from tight angles Tait- playing with an injury, poor delivery throughout Hammell- poor at their third, but a decent shift Kipré- solid and committed, Hartley- poor from him, post match red completely unacceptable. A lack of class, Robinson almost pardons him. Embarrassing and his suspension will damage us. Fine him and sign another centre half, NO ONE is indispensable. Campbell- his injury cost us hugely. Bossing the game til then. Bigiramana- no cohesive linking or passing. Caught on the ball repeatedly late on Rose- lumbering and ineffective today Tanner- good goal. Missed chances and was absolutely blowing out his arse late on. Doesnt do enough work in opposition box Bowman- confidence has gone, constantly running to corners, no driving into the box Newell- grafted but too far from the box. Knackered then subbed Grimshaw- a shadow of the guy we had on loan before Fisher- did nothing, not sharp McLean- looked positive, too little too late Not our finest hour Sorry, Phil We let you down , today of all days

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