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    Scottish Fitba

    Thats me gone. Im 16 I spend my own money going to games, travelling to away games and we get treated like this. It'll be the rugby for me as I'm keen on both and try to juggle both and at least that sport in Scotland has some integrity!
  2. I think that merging all the different organisations is a must. Running costs would be hugely reduced as already mentioned as you are looking after one large organization instead of lots of small organisations. You can just look at when scottish rugby merged to form the SRU they know look after everything to do with the game and organize leagues from under 14 til over age level. Although the leagues in Scotland in rugby aren't professional so it is impossible to compare exactly it has showed it is much more successful and we know seem to be reaping the benifits in Rugby as the Scottish national team recently reached as high as 6th in the world. Is this the way to go I think so but it needs all the leaders of the different organisations to face up to the fact they are 20 years out of date so that change can be implemented.
  3. For sticking 3 fingers up his arse.
  4. well4eva


    Well if both shirts stay at the same price thats £236 the club would'nt of got. Hats of to you for listening to the fans!
  5. Or maybe just down to Hugh Dallas being an incompetent fanny. Maybe this is what we need for a complete overhaul of are national body but then again this is the sfa...
  6. Aggregette i think i saw that and was like wtf we've scored...
  7. I cant listen anymore at 9 30 ill come back on see the score make a comment then see
  8. Title say's it all really want to at least hear the game so if anyone knows if its on bbc scotland online or whatever could you please mention it. Sorry if this has been said before
  9. I'm not going but good job for getting a cheaper more affordable option together Im sure there will be more well fans there because of it just out of intrest have you filled every seat in the bus and im guessing its 52 seats?
  10. Casagolda turned and had a shot where was the cheer!
  11. Blackmans tricks quality him and humphrey

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