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  1. From a Sheffield Utd fan: "Jamie Murphy sold, £2 million plus add-ons to Brighton. He's great on his day, easily one of the best players in the league, but is so inconsistent and gets bullied out of games. I'm gutted he's gone as it's not a good time to lose one of your better players, but it's also a good fee. However, it won't be if we waste the money/don't spend any of it." He was too lightweight. Regardless, he was a fantastic player, but getting a move to Brighton doesn't change any of his attributes.
  2. Lasley pulling out of taking the boy down for a free kick before McDonald bringing him down in the box, and letting Gomis (Gomis FFS) breeze by him for the second. Been a good servant, but it's time to take a backseat.
  3. Oh I see, it was a joke. It's very hard to tell with so many spastics floating around on here, I do apologise.
  4. So they only get their act together once you complain about it publicly? This all seems about as organised as I expected them to be. Really shooting themselves in the foot by not having a solid structure in place before grabbing everyone's cash.
  5. Haud on. Is this true? They don't even have internet or phone lines? The people who are trying to organise a buy out of a football club?
  6. Me too. Would be great fun to have a season in the Championship.
  7. No idea who he is. Is Hackett a brand or a description?
  8. This cunt hasn't seen a fanny since he fell out his maw's.
  9. Twardzik looked fucking woeful. Punching away shots that he should be catching, sliding in and completely missing the ball, leaving his centre half to clear off the line. It genuinely frightens me when someone takes a shot from 25 yards. Even down the middle he fuckin' misses them, like the lad hitting the bar the other day.
  10. The fuck happened here? This board has fuck all to do with the club, get it fuckin' posted, lad.
  11. The winner is the closest to a design they already have in production.

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