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  1. fair enough, but thats why I said it wasnt impossible but still unlikely
  2. Id need to disagree i thought we played well when we won 2-0. Streets ahead of the dross we seem to get every week now.
  3. not impossible but extremely unlikely cos we are pish.
  4. Likewise I really hate the "we are not Barcelona " pish .... as if we are expecting to be anything like Barcelona. If St Mirren and St Johnstone can win two cups in my lifetime why can't Motherwell.-
  5. cant say I'm disappointed that half of them didn't want to be with us , hope that that has grown to three quarters. Cant wait to see the back of most of them.
  6. I never saw Alexander say that , if he did you've got to wonder what went wrong with Robinson.
  7. i say that every week and they manage to prove that viewpoint wrong. We are an utter shambles.
  8. Never in a million years , our team in 1991 was a good team. This lot are fucking pitiful.
  9. Subtle difference we had a good team them. This shower are utter fucking garbage.
  10. Am I the only one that would like Accies to stay up. Fuck that trek to Dingwall, get Ross County tae fuck.
  11. Lamies far too casual for my liking . Even on Saturday he nearly gifted St Mirren a goal with a slack pass back. Id rather be shot of him. Hes generally a bombscare just waiting to happen , he has improved since his early season form but still too casual and likely to cost goals.
  12. It is indeed but I hope to god there is a big clear out we have so much absolute pish on our books.
  13. so GA is not playing him just outta badness
  14. of course he would , so what benefit is their to him for her open her gob and let her belly rumble. Does he seriously think it helps his position. If he is not in GAs plans he will know and will be gone in 2 months anyway seems an utterly pointless case of his misses embarrassing herself and him.
  15. Yeah I always think the missus sticking their neb in is rather embarrassing for the player or should be. He big enough and ugly enough to fight his own battles surely?

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