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  1. its a free hit a them, just get stuck in , that said I expect out usual insipid result against Rangers to continue. Plus officialdom owes them a penalty after the Aberdeen game and they can't allow them to fall to far behind Celtic at this stage
  2. our set pieces from corners are woeful ... if the taker puts one arm up it means this will be pish, if he puts two arms up it means it will be over hit pish.
  3. Thats not really the point I've been making but as I said earlier Im starting to bore myself with this now so will leave it as it is
  4. never mind though next time we go there we aren't expected to win.....
  5. i would agree but i still stand by my view defeat is easier take with the Scottish Footballing mindset. Anyway plenty will disagree with me im actually boring myself now so offer no more comment on the subject
  6. i dont really buy into the learning curve from one game to another , no two games are the same the amount of different variables from each game are enormous. If that learning was as effective as people think Scotland wouldn't be looking at 20 years of failure on he international stage. i remember two season back we blew 7 or 8 games out of 12 the last 3 or 4 minutes ... if wed learned anything that shouldnt happen
  7. im perfectly chilled thanks my observations as you will see in my posts are not restricted to Motherwell
  8. I don't think for one minute Robinson or the players set out to get beat but there is no question in my mind they subconsciously realise defeat is expected and people will give them plaudits as long as they don't get pumped, so its OK. That mindset is endemic in Scottish Football so if you never really expect to win you rarely will. You hear many fans of all teams write the OF games off saying these games don't matter cos we are not expected to get anything out of them.
  9. Im well aware of Celtics budget its the mentality of Scots that irks me , we revel in making defeat palatable. Defeat should be unpalatable and painful in competitive sports thats how winners become winners. I fully accept resources will have an impact but so does mindset and expectation. . Maybe if defeat wasnt so readily made palatable the mindset might change and just maybe we might see Scotland and Scottish teams improve their standing. Frankly once we lose I couldn't give a flying fuck about all the positives it has absolutely no bearing on the next game. Same as the bollocks that we learn from defeat, if Scottish teams and players learned from defeat we'd have one of the most well educated prepared players on the planet. If we lost or are unlucky or brave I couldnt give a flying fuck, we move on and try not to bask in defeat. Never mind how many corners we got , how many throw in we had. Fuck me Craig Brown once said his team had won the game in corners. That entire mindset sets my teeth jangling. Look at Iceland Scotland could play for a 1000 years and never achieve what a country of 300,000 did at a major tournament, that's not down to resource. Though I accept the premise resources will always be a factor but so is an accepting get you excuses in early losers mentality.
  10. i wish the Scottish mentality was there are NO positives in defeat, our game might not be so piss poor from top to bottom if we didnt so readily console ourselves in continual defeat
  11. no offence buddy but so what when you give away two goals to a poor performing Celtic team. It means nothing and achieved nothing. No one will look back on this game and say remember the amount of possession and long throws we had.
  12. afraid it amount to a whole load of nothing
  13. and whats the difference losing well and losing badly ... absolutely bugger all ... but they'll be queuing up to take positives from the defeat, its the Scottish mentality we are comfortable losers from the top of the game to the juniors
  14. then someone would interupt your dream
  15. and thats why there is negativity its as predictable as rain 2-0. Celtic far from impressive and we cant lay a punch on them.. as was correctly said at 1-0......... game done.

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