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  1. imagine if someone told you today that Motherwell would not beat Rangers in the league by 2038 you'd actually think theres no way that could happen. but thats what has just happened , utterly pathetic.
  2. we havent raised our game against rangers for 18 years.
  3. Its not even just the Rangers game its the utter bollocks being spouted that we've just been unlucky in many games. Other than a couple of games I think we have looked mediocre at best and powder puff all over the park. Lammie is dreadful.
  4. exactly not a single league win in 18 years is pathetic.
  5. of course budgets make a difference but not to have registered a single league win against them in 18 years is utterly disgraceful. 47 games without a win, no other club in the top division will have anything like that kind of record against Rangers
  6. Exactly we made sure we won every second ball instead of waiting for it to happen. Been a while since we've been faultless over 90 mins
  7. Way over the top 9 points is turned around in 3 games and there are 32 to go. We also have to face some of them 4 times.
  8. We need 9 points from the next 5 games to put us at worst on even keel. Anything less and we certainly are in a relegation dogfight.
  9. Exactly i hear all this talk about our strikers cant score, they get fcuk all decent ball. Robinson bemoaned strikers not taking advantage of great delivery from Turnbull. Turnbull played well but his corners were just as bad as everyone elses. 18 corners and lucky if two weren't pish. Ill judge our strikers once i see any of them getting decent service
  10. Hes not likely to see any of it it might fund another wage but anyone we bring in won't cost £300,000 never mind £3 million..
  11. No worries , like it always does life goes on after our favourites leave. David Turnbull has acted perfectly and as a club we owe him an awful lot cause he secures us financially for a season or two. Id guess every Motherwell fans knows that and will act appropriately. Compare him to Hastie and its a world of a difference.
  12. If he signs for Celtic my interest in him ends. Why would I rejoice in him bringing glory to another Scottish club. For me he will just be another ex Motherwell player. One who I'll never bad mouth or criticise because he played right by us but what he achieves for Celtic is of no interest whatsoever to me.
  13. we'd be out anyway we couldnt beat Accies, Ross County or Livingston with him in the team.
  14. I get the impression longs attitude stinks , he comes across as a moody petulant type who thinks hes doing us a favour being with us and like you don't rate him. Robinson is running out of reasons.. Was all the players fault now its all his. Hes struggling to come up with reasons.

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