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  1. If you take 3 OF games at Fir park average of 7000 a game (21,000) then an average of 500 away fans for the other 16 home games (thats conservate ) that's over £700,000 out of the club coffers thats hardly minimal effect.
  2. Alan Burrows is too forward thinking for those traditionalist dinosaurs. Fresh Ideas and thinking is something Scottish football needs but will never get.
  3. Time will tell if hes better but for me there isnt enough conclusive evidence to categorically say he is.
  4. The threat didn't last long he signed an extended contract with Millwall on 29/06/2020 lol
  5. "Hes better than what we have " ??? is he really... hes showed bugger all since his purple patch with us. Even some very ordinary players can hit a purple patch. For me the Jurys is out on him.
  6. Hes not as good as the desperation among fans for him to resign suggest. Hes replaceable that said if he re signed its not a bad deal
  7. Exactly the Jury is very much out on Hastie , He played 17 games for us .. arrived in a bang and showed bugger all since. That doesnt mean he wont do a job but equally theres a chance hes a nowt but pedestrian who hit a purple patch. Time will tell
  8. I just cant understand the mentality that thinks its acceptable to let rip with noise and fuck everyone else around you until 1 / 2 / 3 am People know when they are noisy. I have a young neighbour and he occasionally knocks the door and says he is having a party and if the noise gets too much just to knock the door. The fact he makes that simple gesture and he doesn't party every weekend I wouldn't knock his door even when it has on occasion got a bit loud. Everyone is entitled to a blow out now and then and if they remain considerate to others and its not regular most folk will live with it
  9. Alan Burrows said at the time of the transfer it had the potential to be the clubs biggest ever transfer fee.The word potential almost definitely confirms it wasnt
  10. That I presume is a blow to Motherwells finances,. Im sure Alan Burrows said Kipres transfer had the potential with add ons to be the biggest transfer fee in Motherwells history. i wonder how much they still owed us?
  11. Totally agree. I would have been interested to see if Barraclough could have turned it around but a shambolic display at Cappielow in the cup left the board no alternative but Im not so sure he wouldnt have made it. He had no fear of Rangers in those play off games, god help us had we had the usual old firm grovellers like Terry Butcher and Mark McGhee who spent the lead up to every old firm game salivating how wonderful the opposition were and we should basically just be happy to be on the same pitch as them.
  12. if he goes Keith Lasley will be the next manager
  13. After this lockdown my image will need two seats ....
  14. I would contend he was watching the news and papers very closely saw he could be out on a limb and scrambled to get a deal hed already refused. He could have had that deal right up to Covid struck and he chose not to take it. He gambled and it backfired. Really liked Richard but really disappointed how he tried to make the club look underhand when in reality it was him trying to manipulate the situation and Motherwell rightly stood their ground. He was very careful in his press statement to omit that the contract he'd submitted was one he'd already refused. Even worse was to suggest he left on a point of principle. There was fuck all principled about his actions. He tried to take advantage of the club when he saw Covid could leave him on his arse and the club knew their business. Hes history now we move on.
  15. Yeah from what I can see Tait is using 20/20 hindsight then trying to infer the club were wrong. He decided once he saw what Covid was doing to accept an offer he had refused and then objects that the club did exactly as he'd done - assessed the impacts of Covid - but at least in the clubs reassessment they said it would be revisited once fans are allowed back in. I think Taits comments do appear disappointing. As I've said before the devil is always in the detail.

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