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  1. Bayern Munich or Ross County no much difference LOL
  2. Im struggling to think the last team to get humped 3-1 by 10 men. However im sure someone will rhyme off hundreds. I cant remember the last time we had 10 men and beat a team 3-1. Struggling to actually think last time we had 10 men and won however again Im sure someone will rhyme of plenty occasions.
  3. he should know that is Motherwell for you they've been doing it for the 40 years I've watched them. Any time it looks easier to win we find a way to shoot ourselves in the foot. They struggle with expectation and the minute you think we can do something it invariably blows up in our face
  4. why would fresh legs in the middle of the park have helped all they did was hoof it long and miss the midfield all night. Back to same mind numbing shite that we watched up to November with the exception we didnt grind out a result.
  5. be interesting to see if Alan Burrows appears on twitter fulsome in his praise of TW and wishing him well...
  6. Why do clubs always say for an undisclosed fee these days. When they are up against it they are never slow to tell the fans how much debt there is.
  7. im more suggesting TW scores the winning penalty ..lol
  8. I hope we don't face Dundee Utd in a Scottish Cup Penalty shoot out , you just know what would happen.
  9. Good best for all concerned. Still can quite fathom what value there is for Dundee Utd to pay probably in the region of £750,000 over 3 years to win exactly the same as us. Especially for a club with hefty debt and being bailed out by fans pretty regularly.
  10. I very much doubt any of the clubs looking are basing their assessment on one game.
  11. alot will also depend how much the opposing teams have managed to strengthen or not too
  12. on the back of 9/10 games, great if you can get it.
  13. Hope so we need to end the TW drama and move him on now.

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