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  1. Would also help if we could stop putting the ball in the net for the opposition most weeks.
  2. Relegation looks a very distinct possibility , despite all the positive noises about St Mirren game and blaming Madden we were utter pish the second half and weve watched that script all season. Teams round about us picking up points while we still throw them away every week
  3. Bottom of the spfl playing utter pish, why would a player of pedigree and experience want to come to us. Rooney is the market we are in.
  4. Every player is potential money, doesn't mean they realise it. I'd bring more to the team with one leg than Seedorf. For me the money O'Donnel would cost £ for £ doesn't justify it. You think he does that's fine doesn't make you right and me wrong and vice versa.
  5. really couldnt care less if O'Donnell signs or not, have been completely underwhelmed by his efforts for us.
  6. we have a few who play every week who I think "wish he wasnt at Fir Park".
  7. Exactly I listen to this "St Johnstones style" of play pish and all I've ever seen them do during Wrights tenure is invariably take the pish outta us. isd
  8. Alexander based on what exactly. His track record is pish
  9. Alexandersacked by every club hes ever managed .. not for me.
  10. Graeme Alexander Fleetwood 3 yrs - sacked Scunthorpe 2 yrs - sacked Salford City 2 yrs - sacked Tommy Wright Limavady - moved to bigger Ballymena - resigned Lisburn Distillery - moved to bigger St Johnstone 7 yrs won cup left club stable. Why the clamour for GA
  11. We are nothing like St Johnstone. He couldn't sign a single player at Perth without one going out. The chief executive at St johnstone made his working life impossible. According to the Sun tonight we've approached him and hes interested.
  12. I totally disagree with this St Johnstones play under him would make your eyes bleed, Christ almighty does no one watch the way we play. Wright at least masterminded a Trophy win we can master mind getting past the first rounds. St Johnstone quite often played us off the park under him. Hes worth a punt in my eyes. He knows the Scottish game inside out.

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