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  1. LOL aye fair enough I never said he was pish merely its ridiculous for fans to make sweeping statements about him and it is. The managers and coaching staff at Motherwell have signed John Hendry, Eliphas Shivute , Shaun McSkimming, Bob Malcom , holding the roles does not confer wisdom.
  2. No your point is quite clear and ridiculous you think he's a smashing player based on what you've seen on the internet compared to what we have when you will probably like the rest of us know the square root of bugger all of the standard in which he was competing.
  3. Fair enough if who youve seen Messi and Ronaldo play against are a good comparison for who you've seen Sondre play against who am to question that kinda analysis... great player he is on a par with Messi and Ronaldo
  4. Really you've never seen either of them play , you must be only football fan on the planet who hasnt.
  5. how can you when youve never seen him play he could be worse.
  6. I see the usual "great signing " comments on twitter. Seriously how do guys come out with that bollocks we will only know if he's a great signing once he plays.
  7. as long as he doesnt play like one
  8. well time will tell how often over a season that tactic pays off for us. I'm delighted we won but to shut up shop against a mediocre team like Livingston especially when we actually had them on the back foot I find utterly baffling , Against the bigger and better teams I could maybe understand but going into that ultra defensive formation at the very point in the game when we had started to dominate for me is poor. The result was always going to be more important than the performance no matter how it panned out.
  9. Crawford doesnt have what it takes, he will play very little part in what Motherwell do or do not become during the period of his remaining contract.
  10. We are a hard team to watch and to automatically switch to outright defence when we actually had them in bother was criminal, Livi are hardly worth that approach. Criminal tactics but its GA stock in trade and why Salford punted him. He got away with it today. Had Livi scored in the last minute there would have been a social media melt down.
  11. I read on Twitter someone saying the game weill be on a Turkish Sports Channel for those with the necessary app to get it. Does anyone know which Turkish channel its on.
  12. exactly if we go on the assumption someone might be pish we'd never sign anyone.

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