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  1. This has got to be the dullest close season on record. Every day goes by not a thing in the papers about us. I sincerely hope there plenty happening in private cos if you relied on the media / press youd think wed gone outta business LOL
  2. Davie Cooper wasnt good enough for Rangers, Bobby Russell wasnt good enough for Rangers and Tommy Coyne wasnt good enough for Celtic. They were hardly disasters for us.
  3. The original point was that Aberdeen and Hibs will better than last year so if they finish above 9th and10th they've been better than last year. If you take that £100 bet you are mad but no for me to tell folk what to do.
  4. Paul McGinn wouldnt need to be particularly good to improve our pish defence. I cant believe folk are already rubbishing the guy when we basically watched utter pish last year and had the unenviable honour of the 3rd worst defensive record in the league. Would probably have been the worst had we not had Kelly.
  5. Not for someone who thinks Aberdeen and Hibs won't be better next year. That was the entire point I can't for a minute believe they will be any worse than they were last year. If others are so confident they will be it's up to them to take the bet. An improvement is anything better than they did last year. That's all I said at the outset that they will be better than last year.
  6. That wasn't the assumption the assumption was that neither would improve on their last year's finish. If you want to bet me Hibs won't finish above 9th or Aberdeen above 10th I'll happily wager you £100.
  7. Based on the fact that Aberdeen and Hibs end up in those positions once in a blue moon. Their resources generally ensure they wont. They can buy better players than most so most seasons they will not occupy 9th and 10th spot. However if you wish to wager me £100 Aberdeen and Hibs will be lower than 8th next season I'll bite your hand off for that bet.
  8. yeah but if 3 individual clubs improve and we stand still it can affect us. Who could actually go backwards from the shite of last season.
  9. Its not true in your eyes its true in mine. Time will tell who is right
  10. Couldnt agree more I wouldnt give those two a game in a Championship side. Ojala and Solholm look to absolute duffers too.
  11. Aberdeen and Hibs will never be as bad again and I think Kilmarnock will be better than Dundee were so yes I do.
  12. We only managed to finish 5th because the rest of the league were utterly pitiful and even worse than us . Never if my life have I seen week after week results go our way even when we fucked up week after week. That won't happen again. Aberdeen and Hibs will not be as bad next year. Kilmarnock will not stand still. The standard of our play last season was eye bleedingly bad. We had the 3rd worst defensive record in the league. I think we need 5 or 6 . If Spittal turns our to be the deal that obviously becomes 4/5
  13. im not convinced about McGuire he reminds me too much of Stuart Carswell. Cornelius is young and has much to go yet. Id be really worried if we were to rely on those two to make us a mid table force. We need 5 or 6 players better than what we currently have.
  14. If we were interested would show GA also likes "Standard Robinson Signings"
  15. Well we weren't he's signed for St Mirren. Playing a couple of games in Europe is not the attraction some fans think. What's put in their Bank account is.

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