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  1. With those running the club or you ?
  2. I actually thought I would be the only one, I know the vast majority won’t due to the way he left but in his case it’s simply him being him, a pretty simple dafty. Probably never going to happen, we may have a manager who would not touch him with a barge pole, but he’s got an ability we rarely manage in find in new signings and hey maybe this time he may finally learn enough is enough with the moving around.
  3. Bring him back, still more technical ability then just about anyone else in the squad, we can manage the madness.
  4. Am I missing something here ?
  5. This season like last will be the old firm running away with it, Hearts an easy third, and everyone else a level of poor with anyone capable of beating anyone. With all the talk of Aberdeen, Hibs, Dundee United being stronger has anyone seen it yet ? Any team with even a touch of ability will make top six it’s going to be that bad again, little real quality.
  6. We all know some supporters tend to over react at times, players are wonderful one week and the worst players in the world next week. I think in my time we are possibly on the third set of worst players in the history of Motherwell. No different to the seasonal predictions that we’re doomed, relegation certainties. To be fair it’s the same at most clubs, a lot of nonsense spouted by a small percentage who don’t have a clue.
  7. Pretty accurate for me other than not needing another midfield squad player, I would rather give youth a chance. This is not the worst squad of players on the whole, I actually think Alexander signed better players than Robinson did in his last season. Tierney, Slattery,Goss, Kelly,Van Veen, McGinn, O’Donnell are all of the standard needed One or two of the others also showed what they can offer under Hammel, I don’t see any reason why they can improve over time. Add in three or four targeted additions and we will be mid table or better yet again. We won’t be down the bottom.
  8. Sounded a little more like not signed in time
  9. I would say more the lack of quality outside of the old firm and it’s getting worse as has been highlighted recently. The challenge for our new manager is no different than that of the last two, how does he attract better quality players to the club. Wrexham, a club at none league level have just signed a goalkeeper paying 6 grand a week in wages.
  10. Of course the important thing now is regardless of peoples opinion he gets 100% support in what going to be a difficult period. I think we all realise it’s a risky appointment, but it could end up a master stroke.
  11. My post was a reply to a comment about a potential manager with a bit of history.
  12. These are my worries, it could go badly wrong. Let’s hope that’s not the case.
  13. He will of course have my support, hopefully the fan base are patient and give him time. I’m not looking forward to any backlash if we go on a poor run.
  14. Personally I’m of the belief everyone can learn from their mistakes, otherwise what’s the point.
  15. Does it have to be a name that everyone knows though ?
  16. For me not one of the same names that get bandied around time and again, we’re already seeing the negative comments towards most of them. But it’s not my, or anyones else’s job on here to make the next appointment, frankly we’re not qualified to make that decision. The only contribution I will be making is to support whoever it is and have a bit of patience.
  17. I’m pretty much the same, at this point I’m reading nothing to get too excited about.
  18. Some of the fans have wanted him gone for a long time, he took some amount of abuse even when he was playing week in week out.
  19. Very much so and in truth if that had been a player who had been in form and critical to our success then questions could be asked. But as you point out above that was not the reality of where we were performance wise. I’m personally not that bothered that Alexander has left, maybe it did need that change, he had his faults and the football was awful. I’m just not a fan of kicking someone when they are down.
  20. Wow, ok you have your view and I have mine. No need for a post like that between two adults so I will leave it at that.
  21. Honestly I don’t get all the drama re O’Donnell. Just about every man and his dog stated he was awful and should not be playing in the first team, he was dropped. Suddenly that was now the wrong thing and he should have been playing week in week out because we were struggling. I though he was part of the problem. Again it’s simply a player dropped because he was not playing well enough who had a bit of a strop about it. If he called a meeting of the players behind Alexander’s back than frankly he was out of order, that’s not something a player of his status should be doing. Storm in a teacup.
  22. Personally I think a new manager comes first, it’s shown time and time again that the right man can make a huge difference with the same group of players.

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