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  1. Mick McCarthy would be a brilliant appointment for a club like Motherwell. He’s neither fashionable nor sexy but he’s got a successful record of (relative) achievement with limited resources. It’s no coincidence that Ipswich dropped out the Championship almost immediately after he left
  2. Another sad story and not the last EFL team to go into administration or worse. As a potential creditor, I expect that will be little likelihood of getting a sell on fee for the big man.
  3. Why did we have 2 different kits in season 78/79?
  4. Aren’t the fir trees to symbolise fir park? I honestly wasn’t aware of a fir tree forest. Where was it? I get the point about the craig but again isn’t that symbolic of us being the steelmen? That surely couldn’t be lost in any new logo, steel was invented in Motherwell after all.
  5. Gadgey


    If looking at attributing blame, I’d wager Tait’s agent will be most culpable. Like all things, something is only worth what someone is prepared to pay. In this instance, Tait’s agent valued his worth higher than the club did on two occasions. In Tait and his agent’s defence, they probably would have expected to reach a negotiated middle ground but of course, everything changed. To genuinely advise Tait to send off a signed copy of the pre COVID contract and expect that it would be honoured is naive. I’d wager he/she knew they were chancing their arm and I’m amazed our Dicky feels sufficiently aggrieved that he’d bump his gums on air.
  6. I still like our badge but probably only because it’s all I’ve ever know and have seen no alternative. So, to pose a typical close season type of question, if we were to change it, what within our current badge is dated and should be scrapped and what would folk like to see?
  7. Gadgey

    Scale Model Fir Park

    Loving this!!! I would love to have the talent and patience to do something like this. Can’t wait to see the finished product. It would be nice if the club get wind of it and give you and the mini theatre of dreams a splash on the OS
  8. Gadgey

    91 CUP FINAL

    First time I’ve watched the game in full since approx 92 and if I’m honest, there was a great deal less football played than I remember. In fact, both teams were pretty poor. What was pleasing was showing my son just how many home grown players were in that squad. John O’Neill’s half time substitution made a huge difference for them and I hadn’t realised that he been formerly Fir Park Boys Club. Even then we were turning out quality youth. Ive always had a strong sense of injustice over the Clark assault on Maxwell but it is nothing on the flying 2 footed tackle Nijholt did to give away the free kick that caused the ball to come in. I also didn’t realise at the time just how much the players were moved around. McCart starting at RB with Griff at RM was completely erased from the memory banks.
  9. Morally, the whole Cadden affair is just wrong. Karl Robinson’s comments indicate genuine surprise that Cadden is actually going to go to America. What I find a little entertaining though is his reference to Cadden being “a top championship right back”. He’s played almost every game this season in Robinson’s much loved 4231 formation and received lots of praise as a RB but I should imagine there’s plenty experts on here who thought Stephen Robinson was ruining the boys career as a RWB would disagree with him LOL https://therealefl.co.uk/2020/01/03/oxford-united-boss-blasts-departing-23-year-old/ Oxford United manager Karl Robinson has blasted Chris Cadden after he left the Kassam and returned to parent club Colombus Crew, as reported by the Oxford Mail. Cadden’s move to Oxford caused a huge amount of controversy as he’d been pursued by the U’s, but eventually opted to move to the MLS instead. When he then pitched up on loan with Robinson’s side, his former employers Motherwell were incensed. He has since made 21 appearances for the League One side, but is now set to return to the States to start his career with Colombus, a move Robinson has blasted. “At 23 and going to play in MLS, I don’t get it,” said Robinson. “Bow (Charlton boss Lee Bowyer) got criticised for Joe Aribo going to Glasgow Rangers, but I think this is ten times worse. Chris Cadden is a top Championship right back and will grow with this club. You don’t know where his end game is, he’s still really young.” He then claimed his attitude was only because he ‘cares’ for his former loan star. “Maybe I’m being harsh, but it’s only because I care for the boy,” he added. Cadden began his career with Motherwell and played 139 games for them before his controversial move. He’s also represented Scotland at Under 21 level, as well as boasting three caps for the senior side.
  10. Just as he’s forced his way into the team and scoring, Louis Moult secures another start and gets subbed on 26 mins for an injury. Hopefully nothing too bad....he’s had nae luck at Preston
  11. It’s been reported from the most reliable ITK Charlton journalist that Moult is keen on a move to the valley but PNE are holding out until they get a replacement. My boy is wetting his drawers asking every 10 minutes “Has Louis signed yet.? Has Louis signed? Has Louis signed yet?”
  12. Gadgey

    retro kits

    Scott McDonald didn’t. If I recall correctly, he cut the collar out of his
  13. Gadgey

    retro kits

    A couple of questions for those in the know. The first is straight forward. I hadn’t realised that we had a kit that went 1978 to Jan 79. Why did it change mid season? The second is a bit long winded, a little more controversial but genuine none the less. Indulge me. My first Well game was 1984 so have seldom seen the hoop. In fact, I can recall more non band/hoop shirts than hoops. A quick look on historical kits shows the hoop being in use continuously from 1928 and to 1969 and only used once again since (Hummel 1994-96). So, of our 133 years of existence, the hoop has been in use for less than a third of this time. The white shorts have featured more in the past 50 years than the hoop. Why is the absence of the hoop considered to be a break from tradition?
  14. It’s the “best of both worlds” justification that sticks in the craw because he’ll know all too well how much this will impact on the club financially. Oxford are clearly at it as it wasn’t all that long ago that they were staving off administration due to the ongoing battle over the stadium and alleged owed revenues with the previous owner. poor show all round

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