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  1. This was the first shirt my parents ever got me as a 6 year olds Christmas present. All these years on, I have an original adult size Patrick one and I absolutely love it. whilst this new one isn’t quite as nice, it’s still a cracker. Badge is in the wrong place, waaay too many macron logos and Amber shorts would’ve been better but a great kit that is bang on the trend of making modern versions of old classics.
  2. I would love that … if only to see the purists having kittens
  3. Still going with this one? To be fair to Baraclough, his signing record wasn’t too shabby. Yes, there’s the Tony Strakers and Wes Fletcher’s of this world but there were also the Louis Moult, George Long, Conor Ripley and Big Marv’s amongst others who have all gone on to be a success at either Fir Park or in League 1 and Championship.
  4. A man who has made a career out of the game. You are a greater authority because……
  5. LOL and England are going to win the Euros
  6. I would agree with that …. though probably a smaller budget now
  7. Spin spin spin Not really what was said but crack on with telling yourself and everyone else that your correct.
  8. Are you saying then that the SPL is a better standard than league 1?
  9. “Played at our level” LOL Van Veen played for Alexander in League 1 Woolery has played League 1 and 2 What exactly is “our level” if it is not comparably somewhere between those 2 divisions?
  10. Yes, in the main, it is. However, many seem less concerned by us signing a player from the youth academy of a championship club whilst the national league south is a far cry more competitive and often a better standard than academy football. Amaluzor has accrued a high number of competitive matches at a highly competitive and pressured level. Getting into the national league is not easy and is more costly than people think. National league North and South have therefore been recognised as a breeding ground for lower league talent for some time. An example of this is former Maidstone player and now Wimbledon captain Joe Piggott. He has consistently been banging them in at league 1 for a few years. GA will no doubt raided the north league before.
  11. Got to be honest, I don’t think Justin Amaluzor would even get close to our radar in a non covid world. However, he’s definitely got ability. Im a youth coach at Maidstone Utd and the club have been hit really hard by the inability to receive gate receipts. League fixtures were cancelled and the whole first team squad were put on furlough. Justin was one of the higher earners at the club (on more than you’d think) and he along with all other first team players has had a very long time to carpet bag his wares around the football circuit. There are so many other players at that level in the same boat, he’ll not only be relieved to just be working in football next season, but super hungry to make a go of a big move like this. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/sport/amp/stones-furlough-entire-first-team-squad-242444/
  12. Gadgey


    I didn’t know Andy personally but I was hoping one day I would. out the blue one day he messaged and offered me a rare Scotland kit, just on something I’d said in one of the threads. Three days later I had it on. He wanted no money but we discussed the potential of him coming to The Valley with me whilst on one of his bi-annual trips to south London. Covid and other things got in the way but I was still looking forward to meeting him face to face. gutted….top bloke, gone way too soon and huge condolences to his wife and family.
  13. Absolutely love it. The nicest for a good few years

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