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  1. Gadgey

    Agent Fees

    I don’t know if I’m honest. Instinctively, I’d say yes but significantly ignorant to the process to be persuaded otherwise by someone in the know. Given that the majority of lower league transfers are frees, I would guess that the agent fee would be representative of the contract and player value?
  2. Gadgey

    Agent Fees

    This is an interesting barometer of the economic divide between Scottish clubs. What is intriguing also is when you then compare it to agent expenditure in English league 2 and how most Scottish non OF clubs are dwarfed by their spending power. Northampton £92,125 MK Dons £80,263 Mansfield £77,932 Cheltenham £61,253 Port Vale £60,027 Oldham Athletic £55,551 Notts County £55,130 Cambridge United £48,930 Lincoln City £44,434 Forest Green £40,431 Colchester United £38,642 Stevenage £38,460 Grimbsby Town £38,104 Crawley £32,160 Newport County £31,952 Yeovil £27,931 Carlisle United £27,431 Tranmere Rovers £26,112 Swindon £18,000 Exeter City £14,490 Morecambe £13,486 Crewe Alexandra £10,638 Bury £6,075 Macclesfield Town £1,000
  3. Gadgey

    retro kits

    Yeh that’s the one !!!! Fond memories of this kit and whilst it wasn’t a stellar era, there were some good players who wore it like Jonny G, big softie and ahem....Paul Kinnaird.
  4. Gadgey

    retro kits

    Rochdale wore their away for their visit to the valley yesterday and it was reminiscent of the ‘Well matchwinner kit from the late 80’s. swap the blue for the claret, white for amber........
  5. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    It’s been his work rate that’s stopped him from being turned on by Exeter fans. He was a replacement for the prolific Jayden Stockley and they’ve really missed those goals in the second half of the season. They love his “good honest pro” attributes. Hopefully, Ryan can keep the goals coming just a little longer and sneak the Grecians to their third consecutive play off final.
  6. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Having just dropped into the relegation zone with only 2 games to go, Plymouth had better be hoping for that post manager bounce. It was only this time last year that Adams was being hailed the messiah for taking them to a baw hair from the playoffs.
  7. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    They did appeal it but it was rejected like pretty much every other appeal that goes to the FA regulatory commission. One game ban
  8. Gadgey

    'well Sign Wishaw Wonderkid

    Without doing a stat check, I think Stevie Kirk was the only midfielder who springs to mind to have scored more than 10 and he wasn’t really a CM. The boy is phenomenal!!!
  9. Gadgey

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Fair do’s and my bad. Yeh, it might just come back and bite the boy on the bum. Maybe he does want to stay, 10 years is a long time and ‘Well is all he knows but the allure of big money and a bigger club is overwhelming. Fingers crossed he sees the mutual value in the deal offered by the club as 13 games does not make a star.
  10. Gadgey

    2019-20 Rebuild

    No media training? It was his use of media that has propelled Burrows to the hierarchy of the club in the first instance. In fact, I consider his ability to be media savvy whilst not sounding too corporate to be refreshing. I would wager that the clubs policy on youth development signings is not dissimilar to the majority of grow your own clubs like us. We all now know the policy on contract offers for youth and his examples of past errors were bang on the money. To use Rangers or indeed Celtic as a benchmark of fan acceptance isn’t a credible one. They both have somewhat distorted views on the world. As a barometer, I have a season ticket for Charlton who have an almost identical policy to Motherwell in terms of youth development. Manager Lee Bowyer has been saying almost exactly the same thing about home grown and out of contract midfielder Jo Aribo and the fans love him for his candour and in this instance the way he (as Burrows has done) exposed the agent and put a public arm around the player. https://www.newsshopper.co.uk/sport/17534332.charltons-bowyer-sets-record-straight-on-aribo-arsenal-talks/
  11. Gadgey

    retro kits

    Joe Jordan fae Cleland who pioneered the 2 missing front teeth look on a world stage and Frank McGarvey who.....probably would’ve looked better if he was missing 2 front teeth.
  12. Gadgey

    retro kits

    I have wondered about this in this past. There are clearly licensing laws otherwise full detail retro shirts would be readily available. There must be some kind of loophole though. One of my boys summer holiday highlights during our annual trip to Turkey is getting all of the up to date shirts of all the top teams. The shirts are of a good standard and available in most clothing stores in full display of the authorities.
  13. Gadgey

    retro kits

    I can see why he’s being inundated, the quality of product is better than much of the competition. I haven’t seen the 78 shirt on their website. Do you have a link?
  14. Gadgey

    retro kits

    Hey UBH, did you get any joy with Aztec on the white Umbro shirt? Also, if you’re still in contact with them, any chance you can chat them up for the ‘82 (home and away) and ‘86 Scotland shirts?
  15. Gadgey

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Without getting into the length of contract debate again, it is still heartening that we now have a number of young exciting players coming through and being given opportunity to prove themselves. The frustration around the lack of youth development has been a recurring theme on here for some time. Hopefully the rather meaningless end to the season will give increased opportunity for those knocking at the door

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