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  1. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Just as he’s forced his way into the team and scoring, Louis Moult secures another start and gets subbed on 26 mins for an injury. Hopefully nothing too bad....he’s had nae luck at Preston
  2. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    It’s been reported from the most reliable ITK Charlton journalist that Moult is keen on a move to the valley but PNE are holding out until they get a replacement. My boy is wetting his drawers asking every 10 minutes “Has Louis signed yet.? Has Louis signed? Has Louis signed yet?”
  3. Gadgey

    retro kits

    Scott McDonald didn’t. If I recall correctly, he cut the collar out of his
  4. Gadgey

    retro kits

    A couple of questions for those in the know. The first is straight forward. I hadn’t realised that we had a kit that went 1978 to Jan 79. Why did it change mid season? The second is a bit long winded, a little more controversial but genuine none the less. Indulge me. My first Well game was 1984 so have seldom seen the hoop. In fact, I can recall more non band/hoop shirts than hoops. A quick look on historical kits shows the hoop being in use continuously from 1928 and to 1969 and only used once again since (Hummel 1994-96). So, of our 133 years of existence, the hoop has been in use for less than a third of this time. The white shorts have featured more in the past 50 years than the hoop. Why is the absence of the hoop considered to be a break from tradition?
  5. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Absolutely agree
  6. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    It’s the “best of both worlds” justification that sticks in the craw because he’ll know all too well how much this will impact on the club financially. Oxford are clearly at it as it wasn’t all that long ago that they were staving off administration due to the ongoing battle over the stadium and alleged owed revenues with the previous owner. poor show all round
  7. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Chris Cadden can go f**k himself !!! Chris Cadden explains controversial Motherwell exit for Oxford via Columbus Crew Well could miss out on compensation after the Scotland international moved to the MLS before being immediately shipped out to Oxford, who had wanted to sign him from the Fir Park club. By Fraser Wilson 11:38, 24 JUL 2019 Former Motherwell midfielder Chris Cadden says his controversial transfer to Oxford United, via a loan from from Columbus Crew, as getting the "best of both worlds". The Scotland international moved to the MLS, but was immediately shipped out to Oxford, who had wanted to sign him from the Fir Park club. The route to the League One club meant they got their man without having to pay the cross-border compensation fee that Motherwell would have been due for developing the player through their academy. Well believe they are owed about £200,000 from the American club – they could have expected £320,000 if he had gone direct to Oxford - and Stephen Robinson 's side are preparing to lodge a bid for compensation. Cadden made his debut for Oxford as he played 70 minutes in a 1-1 friendly draw against Fulham on Tuesday. And afterwards, he insisted he was happy with the move. He told the Oxford Mail : "I thought hard about it. America is a great opportunity for me and it will be good to see a different country, because I’ve never played outside Scotland. "But Oxford gave me a chance to play in England, which I wanted to grab with both hands. It’s a real honour for me to play for this club. "I guess it’s the best of both worlds."
  8. Gadgey

    Agent Fees

    I don’t know if I’m honest. Instinctively, I’d say yes but significantly ignorant to the process to be persuaded otherwise by someone in the know. Given that the majority of lower league transfers are frees, I would guess that the agent fee would be representative of the contract and player value?
  9. Gadgey

    Agent Fees

    This is an interesting barometer of the economic divide between Scottish clubs. What is intriguing also is when you then compare it to agent expenditure in English league 2 and how most Scottish non OF clubs are dwarfed by their spending power. Northampton £92,125 MK Dons £80,263 Mansfield £77,932 Cheltenham £61,253 Port Vale £60,027 Oldham Athletic £55,551 Notts County £55,130 Cambridge United £48,930 Lincoln City £44,434 Forest Green £40,431 Colchester United £38,642 Stevenage £38,460 Grimbsby Town £38,104 Crawley £32,160 Newport County £31,952 Yeovil £27,931 Carlisle United £27,431 Tranmere Rovers £26,112 Swindon £18,000 Exeter City £14,490 Morecambe £13,486 Crewe Alexandra £10,638 Bury £6,075 Macclesfield Town £1,000
  10. Gadgey

    retro kits

    Yeh that’s the one !!!! Fond memories of this kit and whilst it wasn’t a stellar era, there were some good players who wore it like Jonny G, big softie and ahem....Paul Kinnaird.
  11. Gadgey

    retro kits

    Rochdale wore their away for their visit to the valley yesterday and it was reminiscent of the ‘Well matchwinner kit from the late 80’s. swap the blue for the claret, white for amber........
  12. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    It’s been his work rate that’s stopped him from being turned on by Exeter fans. He was a replacement for the prolific Jayden Stockley and they’ve really missed those goals in the second half of the season. They love his “good honest pro” attributes. Hopefully, Ryan can keep the goals coming just a little longer and sneak the Grecians to their third consecutive play off final.
  13. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Having just dropped into the relegation zone with only 2 games to go, Plymouth had better be hoping for that post manager bounce. It was only this time last year that Adams was being hailed the messiah for taking them to a baw hair from the playoffs.
  14. Gadgey

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    They did appeal it but it was rejected like pretty much every other appeal that goes to the FA regulatory commission. One game ban
  15. Gadgey

    'well Sign Wishaw Wonderkid

    Without doing a stat check, I think Stevie Kirk was the only midfielder who springs to mind to have scored more than 10 and he wasn’t really a CM. The boy is phenomenal!!!

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