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  1. Whether we are safe now or not, Robinson still has to go at the end of the season for me. We need a fresh approach with a Manager that wants to play football on the deck, and has the initiative and guile to have a plan A, B, C and more if need be. Don't get me wrong I was a big fan of Robinson when he was a coach and at the start of his Mangerial career with us, but this season in particular has shown No improvements whatsoever, infact I personally think we have dropped our standards regards playing football to hoofball. That coinciding with gambles on the transfer front with the likes of Main, Bowman and Sammon that have backfired badly. We need a or at least two proven Goalscorers, ones that proven themselves or at least shown the potential over the course of a season or more. Main and Bowman when he was here were great as target men and great at playing in a Goalscorer or other players but that is all they are and were, as for Sammon he was some ludicrous Panic buy. And as a result of all this we have badly dropped our standards throughout the whole team imho. Onwards and upwards and the blooding of more fresh young youngsters like Turnball Hastie and Campbell. Roll on the end of the season, a new start, out with the old boys act and start afresh.
  2. Nothing against Robinson as a person but I definitely think he has had his time at our club. Too many times we have been found wanting on the basic attributes of the game. There seems to be No Organisation on the pitch whatsover, defensively we are a shambles apart from a saving grace atm in Gillespie. Our Midfield is Non-existent No ball winners and No awareness throughout the whole team to play fluent football, as for strikers we'd have more success with Bryant & May. County Yesterday weren't just up for it, they were a football team who can pass and move effortlessly and with player awareness that we should have.. I can't say who I would like in to replace Robinson all I know it needs to be a really experienced hand that can motivate and make a team play fluent football at speed. Our club needs a complete overhaul of Players and Management staff and rid of this old boys act which is doing us no favours for our future. I just hope we can survive this season to have time to put this all in place.
  3. Gillespie for two great saves before County scored theiris first.
  4. According to Sky Sports Big Mixu agrees United job. So he's definitely ruled out.

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