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  1. I think one area where we've badly been short this season is experience, a level of professionalism and character to guide players through a game and perhaps resolve any internal issues (similar to the roles that Hartley and Tait played). Perhaps Foley could play a part in that and set professional standards next year for any new players we have coming in, even if he isn't a regular starter he could be invaluable in such a role.
  2. Agreed. I said last season the model and the way it works had made us far too individualistic. Chris Long in particular is a prime example of this. We are no longer sold as a club that a player can have a collective achievement with over a period of time. We are now merely a stepping stone and that strategy has come home to roost.
  3. What worried me most today is that the players just didn't seem to even care about what they were doing, and had zero professional pride. We now have a perfect storm of players who just won't cut it at this level, and complete shitebags who do not care one jot about the future of this football club. Pathetic.
  4. Stream is performing far too well for my liking. If we continue to play like this I'd prefer it if the stream quality got worse.
  5. Usually before a draw they split teams into groups like this, but in groups of 10 or so teams. Normally happens an hour or so before the draw.
  6. I think the draw is at 11am tomorrow for the prelim round then our round. Also here's a list of the teams we could get.
  7. Went up to get my ticket today and only restricted view seats were left so we must be taking a half decent support.
  8. Robinson owes an individual apology to each and every single fan who suffered Parkhead after that, now there's no excuse for what he did on Wednesday night.
  9. Can someone tell Yodo that shites meant to come out of his arse, not his mouth?
  10. Not even Robert Burns could have wrote something so poetic.
  11. Glad to see normality has been restored for us in the cups. Get through the groups with a couple of scares along the way, a tight win in the next stage against a premiership side, spank Aberdeen 3-0 at some point and just have a good time of it overall.
  12. Yeah I was thinking that was an option as well if they pulled out to focus on the other teams they sponsor or something?
  13. I see Mcewan fraser still sponsor Dundees new kit, which makes me wonder if the decision to have a new sponsor was down to them pulling out, or bet Park just out bidding them. Would be quite interesting to know.
  14. I was unaware of the level of financial support this particular deal has brought in, credit to the club in that case but I'm just not a fan of this type of company in general.
  15. A real stark contrast between this and our previous sponsors. McEwan Fraser are a respected high profile law company with a certain standing in society and a long history of sponsoring shirts. The new one is just another dodgy, unproven betting company that we shouldn't give the time of day to, and the best we should have offered them is the back of the shirt, or short sponsor at best. Personally, I was really pleased when we announced McEwan Fraser because of the above reasons, and the standard of sponsor we had, but this has just lowered us back to the days of Jaxx and Cash converters again. Disappointed to say the least.

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