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  1. It’s in literally every single clinical trial they’ve done for the vaccine
  2. Two very interesting comments by Alexander on Campbell and Gallacher. Speaks volumes about both players attitudes that we’ve done everything we can to keep Campbell but he’s not even spoken with Gallacher
  3. Nah it’s not, what’s sad is you trying to belittle what is clearly a racist comment by saying POC use it all the time just to get a reaction. Maybe you should to what they’re saying? Or just crawl back under your little rock
  4. Maybe since you’ve got no experience as to what it’s like to live in a country that is institutionally set up to make you fail and to oppress you at every opportunity, you keep quiet on this one yeah?
  5. At the end of the day if the player in question felt it was racist we need to accept it was, even Ross has done that
  6. It’s racist because he’s never saying it if he’s a white guy. He’s perpetrating a racial stereotype that black players doctor documents to make them younger.
  7. Maybe the claret seats were on sale
  8. I don’t understand why everyone is being so negative, when was the last time we scored 6 goals in a game?
  9. I’d much rather Alexander handed out contracts than listen to the opinion of a grown man calling him Jobby Crawford, grow tf up ffs
  10. Thought it was some terrible way of announcing the rose signing
  11. https://twitter.com/ryanmurrant/status/874537727764471809 Interesting tweet from Ryan Murrant
  12. Stevens

    Pre Season?

    When McGhee was running through the list of players that weren't there today but would be in the team he never mentioned Law, he must be done with him
  13. I totally agree with this, Moult will also put in more of a shift and score way more goals that Erwin ever will. I would also rather take a gamble on Moore or Mackin should Moult or McDonald get injured. Why would we help him out to get better and then maybe move a at from Leeds when we wont gain financially from it?
  14. We're bracing ourselves for offers? The club have been peddling him since January, the club is hardly sitting about in fear, what rubbish reporting.
  15. In the Aberdeen case they were definitely trying to cut up the park rather than warm up

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