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  1. BAZ

    91 CUP FINAL

    Watching this on BBC Scotland. What a game and what a goalie. Brings back all happy memories. Those were the days.
  2. Don't know what has gone with this team, they have lost all semblance of a team that can win, there is something wrong somewhere. Seems to have all gone wrong since the manager's troubke in Edinburgh. My wife has supported the team forever but she has become so discouraged with them, she is seriously considering giving up and that is saying something considering the dross that has happened before.
  3. Don't know what has happened since Accies game, the team has down the stank! Not at game but followed on sky sports live texts. Seemed to foul at every kick, expected them to throw the game away. They could not burst a paper poke and seem to cave in whenever pressed. Oh for a fighting team.
  4. BAZ

    2019-20 Rebuild

    Can anyone tell who Bobby Suker came from? Can't see anything about him on tv.
  5. BAZ

    2019-20 Rebuild

    're Scott move, just watched Sky transfer brews and absolutely nothing mentioned about his transfer. Nothing on the Hull moves or on Scott on Scottish Premiership. Nothing either on Motherwell site. Only the Sloth move there.
  6. Rubbish to say Long isn't doing anything in second half. He has had no service. I feel sorry for him he is always up on his own, but scored two good goals. Typical Motherwell in second half, take their foot of the pedal and lose all their shape and look dreAdful. I would agree that Seeforf is useless, never liked him.
  7. That was one of the worst performances I've watched, with the exception of the first 20 minutes when we looked terrific. Then as usually happens when we have a decent crowd they served up crap. Not one team member passed muster and the substitutions were abysmal. Told the opposition we were hoping to hold on, we just caved in. Second to every ball and so slow it was unbelievable. Please God the break helps to bring them down to earth and not the world beaters they seemed to think they are! Reading and listening to the media.
  8. I certainly did not expect anything from this game, but the way of the defeat was sad. So many players in the team did not show up and that was very disappointing. I said at last week's game that I thought we would be bumped today as the passing is downright schoolboy stuff. That should be easily rectified but I cannot say that I have noticed them improving. Gillespie makes some great saves but his distribution is dire. This again should be rectified by the goalkeeping coach. I have given up going to see them against this mob as we seem incapable of doing anything against them, cramping it at every turn. Steve Robinson says there will be changes as we need to freshen up. Hope this happens!
  9. Thoroughly agree. From the penalty miss we seemed to collapse and the whole team from goalkeeper out it was an awful performance. Perhaps Hartley's injury affected all as there was no calming influence around. Just hope this is not the start of a downward trend as we have a tough time coming up.
  10. Not at game but watched it on Alba. Thought St. Johnstone were lucky to get away with loads of fouls and the lack of cards handed out to them was ridiculous in comparison to our total. I thought Tait did not show up that well, a lot of the trouble seemed to come from that area. However 3 points very welcome at a venue where we gave played much better with nothing to show for it.
  11. Thought we threw game away. After scoring we fell back and looked to be trying to hold on. Many a time we had no one in the attacking half so when a ball did come there was no one there. Could not agree with the manager's substitutions, both Polworth and Scott were playing well and the substitutions were pretty bad. What is it with Motherwell, when they are praised as a good team they seem to throw it all back. A good crowd turned up today and they gave them nothing to cheer about. Carrol's substitution did not surprise me as he had had a bad foul previously and from where I sat in the O'Donnell stand it looked as though he went in with his foot up.
  12. BAZ

    Vs Hibs

    Thought this was a first class game. They could have won by more if they had taken more of the chances. Impressed by Hartley, he showed what a Captain should do directing all round. Scott also impressed, not afraid to take a man on and beat him. All in all a good performance. Agree that Hibs seem to capitulate after the 2nd goal, although they had a lot of possession they did not show much penetration. Just watched Alba and the 1st penalty shout was definitely a stonewalled.
  13. Thought we played really well in the first half, unfortunately their second goal seemed to take the feet from us and our confidence evaporated. Defensively we don't seem to be able cover ourselves with glory. Up front we are very lightweight, too easily robbed of the ball. However as I have said before I still think we have the makings of a team and am willing to give them time. It's a big step up for a lot of the newcomers and hope they will take it to heart and try to build themselves up, a lot of naivety was obvious against an experienced Celtic team.
  14. Could not manage to game, however had car radio on and Alan Preston was very critical of the pitch. He also said that these pitches should be banned in top flight football. So obviously the pitch would have made a difference.
  15. BAZ

    2019-20 League Cup

    Thought Donnelly was first class. Polworth and Semple were good in the first half. Thought it was quite a difficult game as Annan were outclassed and pushed and fouled too often. Too early to say as the opposition has not been great, but have hopes for the new season. If the complainers think we aren't good enough then maybe they should compare us to the other Premier teams!

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