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  1. BAZ

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Looks good to me. Only worry is that he is too fast for our lot and will end up crossing the ball to an empty space! It's a long time since I've seen someone as fast and can tackle too. No wonder he gets injured, they'll hack the legs from him up here.
  2. Couldnot get to game today, probably I was the lucky one. I cannot believe the rubbish that is being served up. Although after watching last year's friendly and this year's, I was of the opinion that the team was pretty rotten and I'm afraid that is turning out to right, Have watched the team for over 50 years and can honestly say that taking the whole team there is only 1 player of any class and that's young Turnbull. We'll never be anything with the debt hanging over us, not being able to afford a decent player. I would say fan ownership is not our saviour with such a poor core support. Where is Mr. Burroughs now? He had plenty to say when we were doing well in the Cup.
  3. Unable to get there tonight. Listened to radio 2nd half and according to their reporters we played much better after a bad 1st. However to lose 2 players after 15 minutes and manage to hold on is a positive, I had no hopes before the game after week-end performance so I'll take the point happily.
  4. Thought that was a great performance today. Not a failure in the whole team. It seemed to me that they were out to show that the Rangers performance was a wake up call. They were a little shaky to start with, but quickly settled into things, they also played some nice football at times. Watched the manager giving advice so hats of to him too for the changes he made today. On a different track, can't believe the way these teams get away with pulling and wrapping arms round our players, yet we get pulled up as fouls on numerous occasions because the opposition are more worldly aware and fall down thereby giving the referees an easy decision. Think we should wise up.
  5. BAZ

    Under 20's

    Thought our boys did extremely well today against a team of really "old" heads who got away with a lot from a referee who seemed not to see their holding and pushing. Where do these refs come from? We seem to get the thick end of the stick from most of them. Ross County players fouled all the game but nothing really happened yet our boy is sent off. Can't say too much sbot it because I did not see what happened but our supporters were really mad with Cowie. Seemed to me that they cheated against our young colts. On another theme, these lads certainly showed guts with their performance with 10 men unlike the lily livered first team at Ibrox last week. I hope they watched and felt burning shame for themselves Congratulations to the Colts they did really well and deserved the ovation they got from the fans who were there, pity a few more could not have turned up!
  6. BAZ

    Where are the bois?

    Where are the bois? It was very obvious on Saturday that lots of these boys were absent. They can be idiots at times but they always made plenty of noise, which is sadly lacking at Fir Park. We cannot afford to lose the support of the young. There seemed to be a number of the bois hanging about around Manse Road and I heard them asking others how the game went. Anyone know the answer to my question?
  7. Thought the team played better in the first half but as the game went on and they hadn't scored things started to change. They reverted to form falling back and leaving no one up. It is becoming so predictable , heads go down and we then look a beaten team because it is almost certain that we give away a stupid easy goal. Certainly the subs of Frear and Johnson did nothing to help. Frear did nothing and Johnson not much better (he cannot head a ball, his feet are glued to the ground). I came away with the fear that we are definite doomed for relegation this year as this team has not the fighting ability that is needed in this situation. So disappointed with these will find it difficult to make the effort to watch them.
  8. BAZ

    Under 20's

    What a pleasure to watch football bring played on the grassy not the goofball of the 1st team. The young lads were a treat to watch. I hope our manager and players were there to watch and maybe they would learn. Congratulations to Craigan and his team. Roll on the quarter finals. Note I overheard many at the game today voice the same sentiments.
  9. That was the worst performance I've witnessed in a long time. There was no football, punts up the field when there was no players there no cohesion at all. Cannot believe how much the team has regressed and only 2 transfers out. What on earth do they do at training because heading the ball does not seem to come into it. Main is like a headless chicken and he hasn't a clue how to head a ball. Like others on here I think Donnelly is a joke, no ability whatsoever. I fear for our future with football like that I think relegation is a distinct possibility.
  10. Can't believe our Captain could come away with that comment. However having watched it on STV I think he was utterly stupid and to laugh as well was quite sick. Gives these idiots plenty to shout about. Hope the club hit him hard.
  11. Worst display I've seen. Watched cup ģames but didn't see the Hibs game. Thought the performances in the Cup were not up to much considering the opposition and thought we would have to up the performances in the league. Today's game was terrible, I find it difficult to pick anything good to say about anyone. We really have to do something to alter our style of play, more time spent punting ball forward with absolutely nothing to show from it.. I've watched the Well for almost 60 years and can honestly say this is the worst footballing side ever. Quite honestly to call themselves footballers is a joke and against advertising standards.
  12. Tonight's game was a massive improvement on Saturday's fiasco. I was well impressed with Cadden my MOM. Thought Kipre deserved the manager's fury in the first half, he was slow in distribution and lousy in tackles, better second half. Salmon did well, perhaps all the moaners on his signing will give it a bye. Time will tell on the new signings but on our budget it's always a gamble.

  13. BAZ

    The League Cup 2018'19 Thread

    Was at the match today and wuite honestly the team display was useless. To be beaten by a part time team, who also looked much fitter and faster than ours was deplorable. We carried a great support who had absolutely nothing to cheer about. The long ball play was hopeless, no midfield to speak about and forwards who haven't a clue where the goal is. Contrary to other views Connor Salmon was not the worst on view, he at least tried to play some football. I also thought the subs were wrong. McHugh was not the worst, Curtiss Main showed nothing except to fall about and foul. Kipre was awful too. A bit of football on the ground would have helped. Don't think the manager did much of a job with his picks. Can only hope that Tuesday night shows a great improvement. Read the team's comments on Twitter and they should be ashamed of themselves with their display.
  14. Glad to hear something about Newell. Can anyone say what the position is on Plummer? Haven't heard anyone mention him. ] Sent from my SM-T560 using Tapatalk
  15. That was my 1st visit to Fir Park for quite a time What a difference from the team we hsd under McGhie, everyone looked as though they were giving 100% and enjoying themselves. 3-0 did flatter Partick as we should have had another couple at least in the first half. Watching the manager get reaĺly involved too. Again a complete change from previously. Will certainly be back.

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