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  1. Easy for me, but I would doubt if there is any TV highlights still available. MOTHERWELL 3 TOTTENHAM 2 ! Unbelievable night!
  2. The OF don't need a net, they just pick kids up from the likes of us when they are getting near 16 and offer them plenty of dosh. I think they have signed our lad, a boy from Inverness and another from Thistle all very recently.
  3. Yes that is what I feel as well.
  4. I see Leeds are considering sending McKinstry out on loan, should we be interested? I certainly think it is worth enquiring.
  5. Have you an example of a whelming signing? He played over 30 games for Hibs last season and gained a Scottish Cap.
  6. No because St Johnstone won two cups.
  7. Winning by Name

    Need help

    Same problem. I have been using my works computer which works.
  8. I think Paisley is in Europe.
  9. Apparently he can play anywhere across the front three, ideal for us !!!!!!!!!
  10. Exactly! Where did they get that from.
  11. It was about Davie Cooper, Tom Boyd improved beyond all recognition after Cooper arrived and O'Donnell only played in the season we won the cup while Cooper had already started to make Arnott, Boyd and others into much better players. Davie Cooper was in a league of his own.
  12. No you dont have to agree with me that is for sure, but even you must admit you are a bit of a wind up merchant.

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