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  1. I hate it when people say this kind of thing to me, but we have scored 7 goals which is even better going.
  2. Has Joe Wark been inducted? Surely to god aye!
  3. Only saw the highlights this morning, but instead of Campbell's effort being a 'miss' surely it was an arm from the defender and a penalty. Thoughts please!
  4. You don't seem to understand sarcasm. If you read the comment I was referring to you would get it (maybe)
  5. I like this formation for this game.
  6. If we don't score I thin the best we will get is a nil-nil draw
  7. How do we compare with the rest of the league as regards goals lost in away games? I don't know the answer I was just wondering.
  8. Agreed! The best by a country mile!
  9. Captain of one of only two cup-winning teams, there is no way he wont be in the Hall of Fame eventually.
  10. With probably the best two (McKenna and Souttar) out and Halkett now as well. I would say no-one is any better than Gallagher - some are definitely worse. His good form isn't just this season with us, he was excellent last year with Livingson too.
  11. Lets through in a real had grenade - Alan Hutton and Ross Wallace as our two full backs. Just to see the reaction!
  12. Neither opinion is wrong, they are both understandable. It is very understandable that a young player has an opportunity to move on and increase his earnings etc; it is also understandable that many fans believe he should have returned the resources and opportunities offered by Motherwell and stayed for a few years. I will get down of the fence now as my arse is getting sore.
  13. Totally agree. Polwarth has been one of our best players.
  14. I think that Carson is deserving of his chance.

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