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  1. I am of the belief that if someone signs a pre-contract I wouldnt want them to play again so I think anything received for them to go is worth it and think £100k is good, although I get that it could be seen as bighting off your nose to spite your face.
  2. I dont think my memory is very reliable either but if anyone had asked me I would have said WW scored from a shot on the edge of the box which went through a few players and into the net. It was a Monday though agreed.
  3. Its not a spelling thing, his name is McVie not McVey. Do you really look back years ago to find a spelling mistake? Let the dice roll.
  4. Cant blame him for that though.
  5. I would think it is more a case of how Watt deals with abuse from the stands and I think he will deal with it fine. Personally I would like him to stay until the end of the season.
  6. I reckon Ross County 0 Motherwell 2, or am I on the wrong thread and have stumbled on Question Time?
  7. I actually think Shankland is pretty much in the same place as Watt was when he came to us, namely a problem with application and attitude not ability. I seem to remember he scored a ridiculous goal for United from half way, no problem there with ability. However at the moment I think his head is up his arse and if someone can get it out of there they would have a player the same level as Watt.
  8. Everything! And if you work there it doesnt matter!
  9. But admissions at hospitals are not.

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