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  1. Perhaps, but all you can do is all you can do.
  2. Someone has to be third and it may as well be the team in third place, end of.
  3. As you yourself would say, that's you tellt.
  4. Magic! Thanks for posting this. In my opinion the best team.
  5. Is Ferguson the goalkeeper who was on loan in N.Ireland? If so I would keep him as Carson's cover. I agree completely with everything else.
  6. Why? Do you honestly think Rangers would catch them?
  7. Yes it is Peter Miller. I think you might find he was going for Dalglish's balls.
  8. I agree with you mate
  9. Why did Andrew Wilson leave the Board in 2015?
  10. If I am thinking about the same thing as you (and although I am not 70 I am getting quite close) there was a panel for deciding the results but I think it was for the Pools and was due to a very severe winter. As I say I may not be talking about what you were thinking.
  11. So everyone, say, over 60 who has followed MFC all their lives doesn't count just so you can see your game regardless of them? Fuck off you selfish cunt.

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