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  1. Seems a bit harsh on the lad that played left back on Monday. I agree about the rest though.
  2. God I feel really old at this minute, first Pat Quinn and now Willie Hunter!
  3. True! We will just have to wait and see. I do remember the same being said about Rob McKinnon when he signed for us and that worked out very well.
  4. I agree with the midfield and up front options but I think Lamie and McGinley are only question marks because they are new to us and will come good with a bit of time.
  5. Yes, to me Donnelly would be the one to replace Grimshaw if necessary.
  6. I would maybe have Donnelly in place of O'Hara, but maybe not. Strongest looking squad on paper for a long time.
  7. I remember he seemed to be half the size of the others yet still seemed to be directing the play completely.
  8. I first saw Pat Quinn playing for us in 1961 when I was six. He quickly became my favourite player. Very sad that he has gone.
  9. Having lived in Larkhall for many years I would be surprised if either Jake Carrol or his anonymous neighbour would know what is in the lockdown guidelines and what isn't.
  10. What if we sign him and he ISN'T utter pish?

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