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  1. Very disappointing performance. Many of the players don't look bothered about about the result. We seem to be just knocking the ball about the back line and hoping something will happen. We have 0 creativity, our best/only proper chance today came from a mistake by Dundee. I do think some of these players will come good. Wether they start clicking under Alexander remains to be seen. I'm in no way calling for the managers head but the longer these performances go on the pressure will build on GA. A slight positive for me. Thought Grimshaw looked decent after being out for so long. He's not the most talented but you'll always get 100% out of him. On the arsehole fans: as I was leaving I saw some old guy lying on the pavement outside a pub. Looked like he had a battering and was covered in blood. I really hope its not connected to our fans.
  2. I bought mine before 4pm, hope they don't take it back haha
  3. Any news on tickets for Dundee? Apologies if I've missed this.
  4. He had time to take a touch and go for a quick pint before netting it.
  5. He's no finnished he's only 32.
  6. Yeah. I got charged £6 a few days back then a further £18 yesterday for the Annan game. Two of the 4 tickets I got should have been concessions so thought they were rectifying that with the £6 payment even though that doesn't add up. Been overcharged but cannot be arsed trying to sort it out.
  7. Not much I can say that hasn't already been said. No players get pass marks from last night Heatwave, shite pitch , pre-season are no excuses. We're supposed to be a professional team. Thought Crawford was a good option last season but he looked out of his depth, Cornelius isn't ready, Maguire has improved but still not the quality we need. Desperately need some experience and quality in the middle of the park. O'Donnell looks like his confidence has taken an absolute hammering but probably needs rested. He will get nowhere near the Scotland team in future in that showing. McGinlay was laughable last night. The club have been banging on about waiting for the right players and not rushing recruitment but the longer this delay has went on the more it feels this change in policy has backfired big time. That was an Alion Rovers-esque performance last night and with 10 days to go, I fear we are going to be absolutely humiliated in the opening games of the season.
  8. Hightlights up anywhere? Have we stopped doing that?
  9. Went for Tony Watt as he was a class act as usual. Could have easily went for Lawless. He would've proved a few doubters wrong today and could be a big player for us this year from what Ive seen the past 2 games.
  10. Get our shit in order - check Get an early goal - check Win the game - check Don't think we were as bad in the first half as some make out but if you make those kind of mistakes at the back the team deserves criticism. We absolutely need to make a few quality additions if are going to avoid flirting with relegation again. Was a great come back and was glad to see GA stick to his guns and not ring the changes at half time because we were well on top most of the first half. Disappointed we decided to take the foot off the gas and replace a striker for a defender when we were really motoring. I was bloodthirsty for more goals. Given our defensive frailties I felt our best form of defence was attack but I suppose we dont want to push certain players too hard while they are getting up to speed. KVV and Wollery (Ainsworth on Steroids?) look like they could be very very good players for us. Would have loved to see Van Veen to get off the mark today biut wasn't to be. It's clear he has quality and I'm sure it'll only be a matter of time before he is banging them in. All in all a great game to go back to. It's what watching Motherwell is all about!
  11. Think those rules kick in on Monday so we had to present plans and get an agreement from the government/council. Just wish I'd known it was a free for all with seats before helping my disabled mum up to row N to find someone in our seats and them refusing to move. Arsepieces.
  12. We'll we got the early goal haha Agree we dont look like we will get anything out of teams in our league which is worrying. I know you can never read too much into preseason but Hibs and Dundee have managed some very impressive results thus far. Us on the other hand...
  13. Have to admit some alarm bells are ringing for the season ahead. However todays game I do think we look the much better team if we get our shit in order and get a early goal still think we can win this.

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