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  1. Can we use our get out of jail free Covid card until we've got players back. Every team gets one.
  2. Ah, wasn't aware of that. Presume O'Donnell was, makes it all the worse
  3. The whole penalty and red card double has always been harsh. Needs changed
  4. A better team would be probably be 3 up by now
  5. Probably the biggest 3 points we've taken this season! Absolute shitfest but ground out the result
  6. Like how Killie guys constantly warming up to make sure the ball gets back to Kelly quickly. Must've furloughed the ball boys
  7. Some set up for that goal. Some finish too!
  8. Think this type of game might actually suit him. Can't play football on a pitch like this
  9. Could be doing with Kelly in the midfield with his passing
  10. Game in any doubt or have Kilmarnock missed the worst of the snow?
  11. If its the Killie game you want to watch you'll need to create an account on their PPV site and pay for a pass there. Can't get live video for away games through the motherwell site (unless your abroad) Just checked my account there and the link for Hamilton Home game is showing. Just make sure you are logged into the live site and it should be there. Your username will be as ropy has said above, password will be your season ticket number unless you changed it.
  12. The live one is for season tickets I'm sure. PPV is for buying one off passes for those without the season tickets. The sites look pretty much identical. I had the same issue and it was driving me mad 5mins before kick off and couldn't log on!
  13. Aye does seem a strange one. What I read initially suggested it was a permanent transfer. Cant see us parting with any of the Turnbull cash in the current situation.

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