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  1. I've noticed a difference in language used in the statements issued by the clubs involved and SPFL. Cant be bothered looking the statements up but I'm sure on both occasions we have said the games have been 'cancelled' whereas Killie and St Mirren say 'postponed'. Probably wishful thinking from both sides. SPFL sitting on the fence 'postponed pending investigation'.
  2. Likely to be plenty of lengthy appeals against 3 nil walkovers being awarded. We will get to the end of the season and have no idea who is finishing where with all these points still to be dished out on a case by case basis.
  3. Seen this mentioned. Any idea on the details?
  4. Looks a possibility going by the SFA statement... The SPFL Board met this afternoon and has agreed to postpone the fixture whilst the position is investigated. An investigation will now be carried out by the SPFL to ascertain the circumstances leading to this postponement. A spokesman for the SPFL said: “No new date for this fixture has been set, pending the outcome of the SPFL investigation.”
  5. Yeah likely the SFA had little say in the matter. Decision will have been made on ground of containing an active outbreak rather than availability of players. I take it there would be no chance of being awarded a 3-0 win, could fucking do with it.
  6. Game still showing on my bet, cash out option gone though.
  7. Similar to the one we got against Aberdeen. Must be going for a new record for pens conceded.
  8. Really hard one to take. Daft individual errors costing us a pop at the group stages. Their team is pish and were there for the taking.
  9. Absolute madness from Gallagher. Had a chance till now but thats us completely fucked.
  10. Anyone know the last time we won a penalty shootout? Not including bed fred cup bonus point shootout
  11. Seeing the teams line up in the half way line. They look excited and confident. Our boys are shiteing it
  12. I'd have been laughing my tits off at our luck.
  13. IIf that was a pen the might as well cancel fitba altogether

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