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  1. Not my preferred candidate. Smacks a bit of the cheap option but sincerely hope it works out for us and him.
  2. Needs a sponsor (the club if he gets the job) we'd then apply for a certificate of sponsorship, he'd then apply for the Tier 2 sportsperson visa once that has been issued. Whole process usually takes about 3-4 weeks but they can be fast-tracked in two days. I've heard managers moaning about it being really difficult getting players from the EU in which is a load of shite and just an excuse for them and/or to fill up their interviews. Clubs and the player or his agent just need to do some bog standard paperwork. Gets more complicated the lower the level the player/coach is coming from but unless we're signing some teenager from the Latvian 6th tier it's a piece of piss.
  3. Was scratching my head there. Was sure he had 2 stints at Bradford with Morcambe in between. Seems his contract is up in 8 months so compo would be fairly minimal I would imagine
  4. Not a serious suggestion but wonder if Neil Warnock has got bored of his retirement yet...
  5. Did he not also have a huge financial advantage at Kelty? Easy way to con yourself into a job at a decent club
  6. Was Simo Valakari not interested before GA got the gig? Doubt he would touch us with a bargepole now. His team (KuPS) top of their league, scoring goals for fun and just got through their qualifier. Wonder if he could tempt his son to join us but apparently he was liked with AC Milan last year. Would suggest Malky McKay but Ross County would probably pay him more and compensation probably an issue. Sure he signed an extention recently? Ian McCall (as mentioned above) would probably be a really sensible appointment but would go down horrendously with the fans IMO. I seem to recall him having a hatred of us many years back. Neil Lennon would be in this boat too. An absolute no from me to the following who will no doubt be heavily linked: Faddy, Lasley, Colye, Derek Adams, Billy Davies.
  7. Someone has just pointed out that our colts team beat Sligo Rovers 4 years ago...
  8. Can someone provide some stats regarding our form before and after GA signed his contract extention? Am I paranoid or has he been doing his upmost to get the boot and paid off immediately after signing a new deal? Surely no manager can be this much of a fuck up without effort
  9. Not usually one to jump on the sack the manager campaigns but never felt so strongly about this. He absolutely has to go before St Mirren or I'm sitting the season out and requesting a refund on my ticket.
  10. Can you get a refund on a season ticket?
  11. Struggling to remember a Motherwell team as poor as this or worse performances than we've had served up since the end part of the season and these two games. Absolutely abysmal and GA needs to go regardless of the cost. He's been working his ticket out of the club ever since his contract extention. Fucking criminal.
  12. If KVV doesnt make it I hope we just stick Mugabe up front for a laugh
  13. Experienced out of contract midfielder who's familar with Scottish Football. It's either him or Charlie Adam...
  14. What a waste of a season. Is it just me or did this complete collapse of form coincide with Alexander signing a new deal? Con man.

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