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  1. GA looks like he's ready to knock a few players out.
  2. Add international breaks to that too.
  3. Absolute clusterfuck of a performance. Back to zero creativity. Switched off waiting for the half time whistle and look like we waiting for the full time whistle the minute we're a man up. Why are we always so bad after a break?
  4. Best bit of business we will do this window
  5. Shankland has chased the money twice now and it hasn't worked out for him (bank balance aside) Sure he was on about 5grand a week at United? If he's looking to settle at a club back home for a while and hone his game, perhaps with a view of moving onto the English Championship, we'd be the perfect club for him. If he's available and within our wage structure we'd be mad not to consider him IMO. It would also piss United off which would be a bonus!
  6. For me it's simply because we'd be assisiting the development of players from rival club. Only exception I'd make would be if they were good enough to be first pick on the team sheet or we were in desperate need of cover. Never even heard of this guy before so couldn't comment on wheter he's better than what we already have and don't think we are that short of cover in midfield?
  7. I know but maybe he's not settled in Belgium. United fans would be gutted Rumors need to start somewhere...
  8. Never happen but wouldn't it be hilarious if we got Lawrence Shankland to replace Watt.
  9. When's VAR coming in. Sick of this pish week in week out.
  10. Superb! Let's take the 3 points now. Crowd will be right on top of Rangers now
  11. Wants an easy game infront of the all-Rangers crowd
  12. Very disappointing performance. Many of the players don't look bothered about about the result. We seem to be just knocking the ball about the back line and hoping something will happen. We have 0 creativity, our best/only proper chance today came from a mistake by Dundee. I do think some of these players will come good. Wether they start clicking under Alexander remains to be seen. I'm in no way calling for the managers head but the longer these performances go on the pressure will build on GA. A slight positive for me. Thought Grimshaw looked decent after being out for so long. He's not the most talented but you'll always get 100% out of him. On the arsehole fans: as I was leaving I saw some old guy lying on the pavement outside a pub. Looked like he had a battering and was covered in blood. I really hope its not connected to our fans.
  13. I bought mine before 4pm, hope they don't take it back haha

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