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  1. I seem to remember something about Lee Erwin being offered a deal we didn't want him to sign as we would have been due a hefty development fee for him when he signed for someone else. I know we are on record as saying we've offered Hastie as much as we can but could this be a similar situation?
  2. Puns about German goalies are the wurst.
  3. I always suspect that these stories are just put out by the club in order to try and generate some interest. Same with the Kipre bid.
  4. Has Andy Halliday been mentioned as this mystery midfielder? Can't be bothered going back through the pages.
  5. Also had it in my head that Stephen McManus was a well fan but guy at my work swears that he supports Partick.
  6. Remember hearing somewhere that Mark Reynolds had a season ticket for the East Stand when he was a lad.
  7. Did we get Hartley for free or was a small fee involved to get him on a permanent contract?
  8. Couldn't give a shite about the cup now. Need points not silverware.
  9. I was gonna ask if it was an injury. Seemed a pretty quick change from the foul or did he pick up something earlier that I missed?
  10. Bigi reminds me a lot of Morgaro Gomis. Decent with the ball at his feet but often tries to spend far too long on the ball.
  11. Thought McHugh improved on his recent form but still has a long way to go. Could have went for anyone of Hartley, Tait, Tanner or Carson. Tanner gets it as he looks like the only player who can make things happen for us at the moment
  12. I've heard good things about Frank Nouble at Newport County. His record doesn't look great but seems to have found a bit of form recently.
  13. The circumstances of the past week and the manner of defeat today has the potential to destroy the confidence, momentum and team spirit built up over the season so far. Hopefully the players are able to bounce back like they have before but I think this will be the hardest one to bounce back from yet.
  14. Is the ticket office open up until kickoff tonight?

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