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  1. I think Dunne will keep his spot his pace does get us out of a lot of trouble. I have a feeling that it's Kilpre who will get dropped. My worry is that Aldred might be slower than Kilpre and might get exposed for pace against trickier opposition but he looks like a good no nonsense tough lad.
  2. Very interesting to see what will happen re bowman, fisher, and newell. From what I have heard newell is rated as a potential first team player above those two. Speed and skil and needs to develop strength. Main and Citfi looked a different class touch control speed and strength - especially main who looked well up for it
  3. Also learnt that dunne is really good in the air and winning balls when at CB.
  4. What did we learn today? Kilpre - is still quite good - but Aldred is better (Aldred and hartley will pose probe,s for most teams) Tanner will boss gems and is a great creator Main and Citfi are both very good and a league above fisher and bowman Newell is back up (got injured) fisher ranked 4 and bowman on his way out!!,
  5. Hang on a minute - Newell is 20 and was never intended to be a first team player immediately. He looks keen, fast and willing to give his all - for what it's worth Moult himself said that newell looks like a great prospect and one to keep an eye on. But agreed we definitely need a new strike force - the one positive from recent games has been Tanner. Both Cadden and Frear have been big losses for us.
  6. Utterly ridiculous post. Frear is a totally committed player who give his all every time - it's comments like this from the stand that I find totally embarrassing get behind our players instead of shouting abuse. Frear was one of the few who fancied it against Patrick by the way!
  7. Hammel got ripped apart is too slow for this level. The first glimpse of newell shows us why the u20 staff at Motherwell think he's the next big thing - his pace for that shot just wide was rapid. I would go with tanner whose skills and touch were evident throuought
  8. Interested to see if Bigi makes a showing. Any inside information on what's happened? Last year he would have been playing every week, now he can't even get on the bench.
  9. Hi I've never been to Pittodrie before - where is a good place to park? Got my wee lad with me - is there a bar like the cooper bar or do you need to get food somewhere else?
  10. Bad news he's done his ham string and now out injured - just as he was looking good!
  11. It really is quite something that we signed bigi - who is a very good player and was seen as something of a coup taking a dip in wages and as he said himself was coming as a "servant of Motherwell football club" - and yet this great player who has a fantastic attitude can't get in the side because of Alan Campbell!!! Wow!
  12. How did frear and newel get on tonight? Guessing McLean not enjoying new wing back role?
  13. Makes a big difference whether frear is fit or not. If he is I can see Tait dropping out and coming on in the second half with Campbell, mchugh and bigi in the middle? Interesting as to whether he goes for rose in the middle though - think cadden will be right wing back. Tanner looked quite sharp the other night - good fitness check for him, but yes u20s totally different level.

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