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  1. Kipre having day off. Didn't see the goals. Longs a decent keeper too.
  2. Said at Alloa he should have been signed without any spl experience. extension. Fully expected progress. Missing out on a lot of money when he makes it. When we getting the pittance change from sevco?
  3. Hope Burrows learns from puting out embarrasing statement at start of this. We move on. Least we declined knock down offer.
  4. I was one of the guys critical of board for accepting the bid at that price. I now want to commend the board for rejecting the adjusted offer and showing some "steel". If we are still in cup by xmas we could have multi million £ player ready to enhance our team and progress. Also don't forget Mcginn went for about 3 mil and he had 1 year left.
  5. True we know nothing. If anything its insurance issues .
  6. Yes they already put him in spotlight and some have been less than complimentary about wage demands. Maybe time to stop this deal rather than entertain any pay per play deal. As one guy mentioned any player can get injured anytime. Yes also for fan owned club we know nothin.
  7. Yes sorry. Will try to be positive. Def dont back down on price. Hartson failed medical and went on to great things. Tell them to get to f ! unless paying top dollar.
  8. Racist sectarian bile posts. Why's this not banned? As a Catholic Motherwell fan im offended by this. Can moderator take action?
  9. I will post as much as I want ok? Im entitled to opinion.
  10. Is this not racist sectarian bile? What's it take to get banned?

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