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  1. Feeling a bit despondent. The general running of club doesnt inspire me and lacks ambition. Turnbull money and more has not been invested in team. Rather free transfers from on league. Hibs lost Boyle and invested money in Melkerson. Looks a real talent. We evenost top scorer to rivals. Maybe in the black accounts wise but very poor on pitch.
  2. I think penalty was harsh. Looks like ball played him.
  3. We got good manager. Players let us down.
  4. You make a lot of good points. Let's not over react guys. Ross c. Fighting for survival. Ww move on!
  5. Agree. Watt added work rate. Creativity. Industry. Experience. Hope GA has experienced pro to fill role rather than younger inexperienced player. Maybe false 9 or 2nd striker type role. If not then will struggle.
  6. Yes dont apologise. Maybe TW more needed than we thought. Good goal by Roberys but maybe TW workrate missing.
  7. Yes a special type of fuck up against 10. Looks like we had less players. No creativity or urgency. Ross cnty had much more pace too.
  8. They were also in good form at time. Maybe we just not good enough. Showed nothing. Need creative player. Lucky most rivals dropped points other than Jambos.
  9. Ross county have more pace and creativity. Fine margins indeed between all teams other than ugly sisters.
  10. Looks like ross county have more men and top 6. We look poor. Embarrassing .
  11. Shizenfest so far. Poor quality all round. Changes at ht needed.
  12. It has record of 16 goals past 71 games with us and saints. Not Curtis Main standard but not prolific. Even prior to this season most wouldnt have missed him too much.
  13. True. Teams been doin well and as you say. He is loyal. Need to make sure we win physical battles too. Dont know how much game time either of new guys have had. I can see it bein a fairly open match.
  14. By end of season it could well be Tony who? And others from our squad may have got a call up.

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