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  1. 4 minutes ago, texanwellfan said:

    Kelly had nothing to do except pick the ball out of the net 3 times. And that despite the fact we were atrocious. First half was just a dreadful game with both sides absolute pish. Unlucky to go in 1 goal down. Get a good equalizer and things looking not so bad but still playing crappy.  They get man sent off. They up their effort, we switch off, totally,  so now we are not even playing bad we are just not playing at all. McGinely does what he famous for and we are 2-1 down. Still heehaw response. We look like the team down to 10 men. Then Mugabi tries to block a cross while yelling “Danger! Will Robinson” and we are now totally fkd at 3-1 so let’s just lethargically see who can kick the ball the furthest while trying not to look overly interested in at least trying to pull a goal back.  While you can’t always play well there’s never an excuse for lack of intensity and effort. Bring on the next game so we can fix the issues and put this one way behind us. 

    You make a lot of good points. Let's not over react guys. Ross c. Fighting for survival. Ww move on!

  2. 4 minutes ago, mfc said:

    We will definitely miss watt there is no two ways about it,I just hope alexander is at it when he says he's not looking to replace him,we can't go the rest of the season with the options that we have,there just isn't enough goals in them.

    Agree. Watt added work rate. Creativity. Industry. Experience. Hope GA has experienced pro to fill role rather than younger inexperienced player. Maybe false 9 or 2nd striker type role. If not  then will struggle.

  3. 2 minutes ago, steelboy said:

    Well done to Burrows for getting the game postponed when we were in good form.

    A masterstroke. 

    They were also in good form at time. Maybe we just not good enough. Showed nothing. Need creative player. Lucky most rivals dropped points other than Jambos. 

  4. 23 minutes ago, Neilwell86 said:

    On the new guys, it will be interesting. Can't see Tierney starting. With Shaw, he is very loyal to a winning team so the midfield would be Goss, Donnelly and Maguire. I would have thought slattery is a cert to come back in. Does someone else drop out for Shaw.

    Keeps his cards very close to his chest with injuries/covid etc so the line up could be anythjng.

    True. Teams been doin well and as you say. He is loyal. Need to make sure we win physical battles too. Dont know how much game time either of new guys have had. I can see it bein a fairly open match.

  5. State of play shows its in our hands. We still ahead of killie. Ross county and hammer throwers! Lets do this! Playing most of game with 10 men not reflecting true game. When we see these plastic fraud monkeys relegated. I will be happy. 5 nil to well on next derby! I remember super moult header beat them. Come on ye well!


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  6. 3 hours ago, Shaka said:

    Im not saying its easy managing a football team. Ive done it for years at Amateur level and its a nightmare, I can only imagine how hard it would be to do it with a Professional team. 

    With the transfers, McKinstry & McAleer never played in the first team and had been highly rated and scouted by clubs since they were 14-15. Turnbull and Scott were the 2 biggest prospects to come out of our Academy in 20 years, possibly ever! Hastie & Cadden are probably another argument, but overall I dont know what Robinson done with regard to these guys that any other manager wouldnt have done. The transfers are surely a Club triumph rather than success for one individual? I dont see Celtic fans lauding Neil Lennon because they sold Dembele & Tierney for £45m whilst he has been manager?!

    Ive said it before and Il say again, I feel Robinson has done a decent job at Motherwell, but football is a results based business in the here and now. And the fact is that right now, he is doing a very poor job. We are bottom of the league, cant buy a goal and are throwing points away hand over fist. Im not even saying its all his fault! The players have to take responsibility as well, but the fact is, the Manager is the guy in charge and is the one who takes the fall.

    Il not say anymore on this subject. Some will agree with my point of view, some wont. 


  7. 22 minutes ago, fizoxy said:

    A lot of assumptions being made here based on  no credible information or quotes from anyone. Particularly since we now know the papers regularly just lift shite off of forums and twitter.

    If the “medical issue” is going to require an operation or him being out for months, there is no way Celtic take on that risk. Particularly since he won’t be going anywhere any time soon. 

    If it is a relatively small issue then any discussions are probably about structuring the payments/add ons or insurance technicalities.

    It is also possible that this is all 100% bollocks too.

    True we know nothing. If anything its insurance issues .

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