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  1. Cole was recalled by his parent club. Sloth released which wasn't a surprise to many. James Scott sold for a sizable fee, which I'm guessing is your complaint... He'd scored 3 goals this season so we were hardly losing a Moult or Higdon, as good as Scott was and as much potential as he had. Manzinga and MacIver are the market we operate in and the model we have to work with. Take a chance on young guys and try and sell them on for a profit. Some work out and some don't... MacIver played well last night and Manzinga is still developing. Tony Watt looks to be an improvement on the players we have and he'd fall into the January window category.
  2. The proverbial game of 2 halves last night. First half was absolutely abysmal, although the 3rd and 4th goals carried some fortune I felt. Hartley backing off his man and deflecting a decent save past Gillespies perhaps ended up with what it deserved though. Mugabe looked lost during the first half, however, he's surely got to have gone down with the head knock he obviously had rather than stagger about. The fact he's gone off immediately after the goal with an eye injury would suggest it was a head knock. Second half was like the alamo and while 2 of the goals were fortunate, that's what sustained pressure will get you. Aarons' goal might not be as lucky as we thought though, how many times do you see that type of goal scored by wingers putting the ball into a dangerous area? There were enough chances created to win it outright, although when we went 4-4 and St Mirren stopped defending quite so deep we looked vulnerable again, but we defended well. That type of defending in the first half would have been nice. The penalties are an annoyance, of the ten players left I'd have banked on Donnelly and Watt scoring for sure. The rest don't give me the impression of confident strikers of a ball. Hylton looked petrified as soon as he left the halfway line and the 2 step run up immediately gave concern. I'd have thought O'Hara and Manzinga might have been better options, even Tait as the captain at that point. The defence for the rest of the season is a worry. Hartley has looked increasingly off the pace since the Accies game for me, Mugabe looked steady enough at first but has quickly proven to be a bombscare. Hopefully Gallagher is over the illness quickly as his influence was blatantly evident last night. Tait will be in at left back if Carroll's injury is as bad as feared.
  3. Have a day off for fuck sake... I can only assume you are blaming Burrows and Robinson for the recent storms and the outbreak of the Corona Virus, everything else you lay at their door.
  4. IF he's found guilty then he has to go...
  5. How many of those clubs do we wish well? How many have players that we're hoping do well against us? We are Motherwell, nothing else is acceptable.
  6. Fuck wishing him good luck at Celtic. This is a club who have repeatedly cheated against us and criticised us several times over the last couple of seasons. Their fans will be gleefully sticking the knife in come August after he knocked back the EPL to join them and he'll be doing his best to ensure we get nothing from the game. Fuck Celtic and everyone connected with them.
  7. You know what would a great idea? Tag him directly in a post on Facebook which is criticising Celtic... The abuse he's getting elsewhere can't be enough I guess. Fuck sake. Delighted he's knocked back Celtic, he's clearly got a brain in his head unlike his pal...
  8. There was a banner depicting an Accies fan and a Lincoln fan engaged in felatio... it’s been described as everything from homophobia to hilarious and equality groups are unhappy.
  9. Interesting terminology given the banner which has caused much fuss!!
  10. I was told it’s not a rumour but fact by someone within the dressing room, so as far as I’m concerned it’s new information. I really hope he’s going to change his mind though based on guys like Turnbull chatting to him before it’s done and dusted.
  11. I don’t necessarily agree with that stance, and as it happens I don’t see it being his last game either. However, I was told he’s signing a pre contract this week and won’t play again. I would love to be wrong, but the information came from someone at the club.
  12. Have it on very good authority that Hastie will sign a pre-contract with Rangers this week, and that Saturday was his last game for the club....
  13. I'd say half of the side on Saturday were at it, but maybe not in the accepted context of football these days and the more old fashioned sense. Was interesting at one point to see Hartley having a go at Aldred and Gillespie for passing out from the back so the players seem mixed on the passing versus lumping it forward. If he can change the style quickly the whole outlook may change, but for the first time in a long time the thought of going to see us play is filling me with dread. Robinson and this squad have a strange knack of winning games that they are written off in so he can obviously motivate them... The worry is the games they are expected to win are more often than not ending in defeat this season.
  14. Robinson should be developing the youth. Robinson is pissing money away offering contracts to youth players. Make up your fucking mind!
  15. You need your hole. What a miserable fucker you are.

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