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  1. Wow, I do hope DT is not following this!
  2. Good luck with that. I gave up very, very many years ago. Never been to a bigot brothers game for over 20 years. Poison atmosphere, supported by total scumbags. We should just ban them, but the financial hit would be a no go for the club.
  3. Just tried, got message "not available to buy online or sold out".
  4. And very expensive! £27 including fees. WTF.
  5. No. I don't often post. BUT has to be a NO. Millionaire plaything football club generally ends in disaster.
  6. Three seconds in first video, seven seconds into second video, I am sure is Tanner.
  7. On a human level you have to feel gutted for David. He is only 19, and thought he had won the Lottery, but someone then nicked his winning ticket. BUT hopefully he will win again with a much larger prize fund.
  8. Yes, exactly. What a lovely guy David Turnbull is. David, if on this forum, just do what you believe is best for you and your family.
  9. It would be hard to see many Motherwell fans paying in to watch us play this mob with David playing against us. I was considering a return, but no way now. If David goes down south, he will make more money, and have such a better quality of life. None of the old squirm pish, I hate those bastards.
  10. David, if you are following this thread, just do what you believe is best for you and your family. You are the best player I have ever seen in my team in almost 60 years.
  11. My brother and I, and my son, had season tickets in the back row of the Cooper Stand, W35,36,37. I think those were the seat numbers, I still have all the season books in my loft. We chose our seats when the stand opened , remember talking to John Chapman about finishing off the main stand, he quipped that we need another Phil sale to fund any more ground improvements. I still see him now and again at a garden centre we and my wife frequent. Anyway, football is not the same as it was when I was a wee boy.
  12. Has been done before, I have never been back since. See my post above.
  13. You are obviously a lot younger than me with less experience of the bile the bigot brothers bring with them on match day. I have been a fan for well over 50 years, nearly 60 years, followed them everywhere. But being called a f****n bastard or an orange cunt, on numerous occasions, even asked by a h*n cunt what religion I was when sitting in the main stand, I gave up attending those matches. But I gave it a go again in 1993, a few days after the IRA killed two wee boys in Warrington, we had to endure almost 5,000 bigots giving us varying renditions of IRA songs. Even a Police officer next to me was visibly upset. Then John Boyle made me give up my season ticket seat in the Cooper Stand to accommodate this vermin, I gave up and have never been back. Celtic and Rangers are the scum of Scotland and I hate them with a passion that is unhealthy. Anyway, I have said my bit.
  14. I am over 60 now, and been a fan all my days, but I never paid in when me and my pals were wee boys. We used to sneak in before the game started over the wall from our school, Knowetop. Or we crawled under the turnstiles, or got lifted over them. Anyway, I was well and truly hooked. So let the kids in free, and hopefully they will return for the next 60 years

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