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    Louis Moult T-Shirt

    Last post to have the Louis Moult Tee in time for the cup final! 25 tees left, still a full size range. (Mediums&larges running low) £20 (including P&P)
  2. WellCasualClothing

    Louis Moult T-Shirt

    Yeah mate if you e-mail your orders to [email protected]
  3. WellCasualClothing

    Louis Moult T-Shirt

    I've designed and printed a Louis Moult Tee. It's a Black T-shirt with a pair of Claret and Amber Adidas SPZL's. The trainer's have Moulty's face on the tongue. I have a limited amount of Tee's ranging in size's Small / Medium / Large / XL / XXL man's. They're all priced at £20 but I'm happy to post and package them for free because this is my first Motherwell design, and I want it to be successful. Hoping to be sold out before the Cup Final. If they're as popular as I think they'll be I'm keen to print more. The Tee's are brilliant quality and is an EASY Christmas present.

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