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  1. Stephen O’Donnell represented his country and his club tonight with industry, integrity and a considerable amount of skilful enterprise and as Motherwell supporters we should be proud of him. He is a far more complete player than Patterson and , in the face of a media groomed to fawn over every emerging Old Firm prospect, Stephen played much better defensively and at least equally well in attack than young Patterson did - and against considerably better opposition. Maybe some of his passing was wayward but he busted a gut for the team, got into some great positions and represented a genuine threat going forward. So well done the Motherwell captain!
  2. Done. Best of luck. Found it interesting. Hope it lets you define what makes Motherwell F C a very special club. I remember visiting the Camp Nou and it’s display of photographs in the time of Franco and before, and how proud they were of its connection to the oppressed people of Barcelona. Look what globalisation has done there…and no Messi now because no money…
  3. Time for Van Veen and, maybe, a look at Amaluzor too
  4. As long as he can bleat his man and his form doesn’t dip he’ll do fine
  5. Rock solid Steven O’Donnell. Always making himself available, passed with skill and accuracy and never gave away possession, and but for a superb Pickford save would have scored a technically excellent goal. Really proud of him and how well he represented Motherwell as well as Scotland.
  6. It’s also a strong message to big Declan about earning the right to play. And if he’s picking it up, I’m sure other players are too. As for this game, the team showed last outing they can maintain focus and effort which should be enough to beat a very fragile and lacklustre Killie. 2-0 the Steelmen.
  7. New faces versus a team not wanting injuries before a final: as long as we get in their faces we have a chance. 3-1 the mighty Well
  8. No point in bickering over decisions and the tortuous processes of arriving at them. We just need to do our talking on the pitch - where it counts - and win these re-scheduled matches. Convincingly.
  9. Sacking the manager isn’t the answer, at least not until he has something approaching his full squad to pick from and the excessive interruptions to our season have abated. However, we do need to sort out a few more goals and that will require a shift in tactics. Cole has disappointed; Long is just not committed; and the movement across the front is not good enough. We are too easy to defend against because we are not slick and don’t pull defences around. Maybe Hastie needs another chance?
  10. That was the most abject performance of the season. Sluggish and nervous at the back; lacking guile, skill and drive in midfield; indifferent and without sharpness, grit or focus up front. We surrendered to a completely average team who only had to be mediocre to turn a game from being a goal down to a victory that was surrendered up long before the final whistle. And my optimism got the better of me regarding Lamie. He’ll never do
  11. At Johnstone only play one style - rough ‘em up football. In that context Lanier will more than hold his own. I just hope we learned from the pace and movement that gave us the goal last time. We should be putting 3 away against this lot and starting a cup run in style.COYW!
  12. I don’t agree that Celtic have better players all over the park. At least defensively we are more compact and robust. That is the platform we build on. Celtic need a result today more than we do and while that might spur them on to do better than Thursday night, if we can keep it tight that will build more pressure on them and work in our favour. They are seriously short in confidence. Not that I’m advocating sitting deep and letting them come on to us; rather, don’t go all out, expansive and try to slaughter them. Somewhere in between will do me. The important thing is to press them all over the pitch, run at their defence when the opportunity arrives and take our chances if they come. For the first time in a while I think we can hurt this lot but it is important we get that idea into their heads too. COYW!!
  13. The worst senior pitch in Scotland, a horrible windy day and a new goalie: this is a game with mistakes and goals likely but I think our growing confidence should let us keep our noses in front. 3-1 the Well.
  14. There’s no pretending we played well but not we’re we outplayed by a determined but limited Coleraine. We lost our lead to two very, very soft penalties and instead of pushing harder at the start of the second half we did not impose ourselves on them. But after Mugabi was sent off our superior fitness was actually more obvious and I fully expected us to be better set to win the shootout. There are better times not far round the corner. We have a good squad and with a bit mor organisation and leadership on the park and a bit more savvy in the tactics we adopt then with good players coming back to fitness we will kick on. The draw has been very kind to us and we need to capitalise on this. It wouldn’t be the first time we made progress without setting the heather on fire (remember Morton in 91?). Time to support your team and enjoy where we are in Europe
  15. I remember Willie as a slight but wiry and tough player who was so gifted. He was one of those clever and generous inside forwards who must have been a centre forward’s dream to play with. RIP, Willie.

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