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  1. This was the best three points of the season so far and pivotal in establishing a psychology in the team that we can win tough, tough fixtures, play different styles of football to get results and even do so despite significant challenges from absent players, injuries, trash talk and rumours that seem to have beset us. And I believe Robinson when he says there is more and better to come. This result is the ideal platform for our push for a European place and a cup run. It instils belief and gives us the psychological edge over our nearest rivals. A brilliant, brilliant win. Well done to manager, staff and players.
  2. Aberdeen need to bring their A game to this fixture, and in recent weeks have been well short of that standard. I think we have more to find as well but other than the Accies game we have had enough about us to find ways to win. I’m hoping Robinson gets the tactics right tonight, keeps it tight in the middle of the park ( Donnelly, Polworth, Campbell as a minimum, please), gives Illic a run out to build on two good goals for the reserves, a funds a way to keep Cosgrove locked out (and he would be less exciting if the penalties were not part of his tally). Hoping to see Long keep up his scoring streak too against a pretty ponderous Aberdeen defence, and looking for a better display from Scott to keep them nervous about pushing forward. I fancy we can take all three points which, as well as opening a gap, would be coming at a key psychological moment in the season. 3-1 the Well!
  3. With the right application and preferably an early goal I think we should win this one comfortably. 4-1 the Well
  4. Randolph Tait. Gallacher. Hutchison. Hammell Campbell. Lasley. Law Higdon. Moult. Johnson I would love to have seen Higdon and Moult together!!
  5. What I can’t fathom is having Sloth on the bench v Ross County then he disappears again v Accies. Part of me thinks had he been given a shout in the Accies game he would have been no worse , and as like as not better, than what we had. Glass half full - we remain third with a winter training break to analyse and remedy yesterday’s poor, poor showing. Glass half empty, we dropped three points and lost the chance to widen the gap on a misfiring Aberdeen and I suspect that will come back to haunt us. We also lost momentum going into a tougher set of matches after the break. I hope some good signings in January and Donnelly and later Turnbull on the comeback trail instil some energy that the Accies match took away from us.
  6. Interesting changes: not unhappy to see Grimshaw back; Mugabi not so sure but maybe offers more pace and better distribution than big Pete; happy with Long’s return. The line up suggests a lot of hard running combined with a bit more physicality. The engine room stays the same and is supplemented by pace and power on either flank. Hope we can run over the top of them. If not there is enough threat from the bench to try something different. 3-0 the Steelmen.
  7. Declan Gallacher: made difficult stuff look easy; positional play, distribution and drive all international class; and the winning goal saw him soar over everybody, literally and metaphorically.
  8. A good result - better than the performance but nevertheless deserved. Ross County were very cynical , tugs, blocks and more nudges than a slot machine. They gave their goalie man if the match for the amount of time he took to straighten his socks before each bye kick. Thought Gallacher was a stand out,; he strolled through the game and scoring the winner was poetic justice. Seedorf dishes up 75 minutes of nonsense and then toasted the County defence every time he got the ball. Polworth faded in and out of the game but was worth his place for both assists. Big Scott is better coming in off the wing ( better than Hastie ) and the McIver goal was just lovely. so, all told a good day at the office. Time to give the Accies a hammering, I hope!
  9. Happy Christmas to Well fans, and everyone connected to our wonderful club, wherever you may be.
  10. I’m up north for Christmas with my family and the weather is not too bad - sunny intervals all day tomorrow and showers on Thursday (30% chance of rain during the game). So me and my two sons are going to the game for sure. I think it’s a real litmus of our progress, with County being the only team to beat us unpredictably in recent times. If we can win this it sets up Accies nicely and two wins going in to the winter break will do very nicely thank you very much! The ground should be firm enough and hopefully we see a real drive to avenge the previous loss - the only real blemish on our season. I’d like to see Campbell, O’Hara and Polworth starting with Scott and Hylton running hard at a shaky defence. Long up top and the goalie and back four are stable and pick themselves.
  11. As Well fans, we should know better than be complacent. Assume nothing is the golden rule. However, we are certainly on a strong run with a lot of momentum and confidence on our side. The other side off that coin is that County are not playing well, not scoring and taking a good few trouncings. I think though it may be harder than the form book suggests. 3-1 the Steelmen.
  12. That said an unpopular manager gone, caretaker in charge, got to be a home win then on Saturday, I hope not. Tell that to Austin McPhee. 3-0 to the Steelmen !!
  13. Happy with this line up. Cole is a good player imo and I think he is due a goal or two for the hard work he puts in. Glad to see a good combination of pace and strength at the back and an unchanged midfield. COYW
  14. I’d like to see Mugabe keep his place if only to match him against Ikpeazu. I hope we are fielding the fittest p oh Ayers in the middle of the park - we don’t need players weakened by a bug in the key place where the game is won or lost today. And I think if all that applies and our attackers maintain their aggressive running at the Hearts defence we should see a win by at least two goals. 4-1 for the Steelmen.
  15. A good all round showing. Scott has the skill and confidence to run at a defence and is starting to show a calmness that will see him score more goals. 3-0 against a characteristically stuffy St Mirren is not at all shabby but I think we will need to be harder in the middle against Hearts. Our pace up front and willingness to take on a man will cause them problems too and going a goal in front early will see their confidence(the little the have left) evaporate.

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