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  1. Happy to learn that Ricki Lamie has signed up for two more years. He has more than earned it with his goals in the run in. As for the argument that he was the best of a poor defence, I would prefer to think of it as being a good player who would actually be better if the players around him were doing their job as well as him.
  2. David’s points are well made : empirical, reasonable and not reliant on speculation. This season has been extraordinarily difficult for every club and, rather come on here and blithely call for someone to lose their job, as supporters we should be constructive in our criticism, exact in our contentions and take the facts and the context into consideration. There is too much hysterical and hyperbolic posting. If you don’t like the football then of course explain yourself but the facts remain: we have finished top six, still have a crack at Europe, are in a decent financial position in relative terms and have a club we are rightly proud of for all the right reasons. Nothing disastrous has befallen us and we should support the endeavours as best we can. Alexander has made mistakes but has in my opinion earned the right to rectify this.
  3. Win or bust? I find the talk of sacking Alexander ridiculous. This season has seen all but 3 teams, Hearts and the Bigot Sisters, playing appalling, inconsistent football. Last season’s double cup winners in real difficulty, Hibs unable to score a goal and selling off their best assets, Aberdeen leaking defensively and not a standout team among them. Alexander has improved our fitness levels, developed a fighting spirit and bought in some decent talent that is still developing(Tierney, Slattery, Van Veen, Kelly for example) and made improvements in others - Lamie, Mugabi, Woolery. He has us in top 6 and has more than earned another transfer window. It’s time to get behind him and support the team which is, let’s remember, still in contention for Europe.
  4. If the OF did manage to have themselves accepted into the English Premiership, who’s to say they would be successful. Plenty of big clubs in bigger cities than Glasgow are languishing in lower divisions. And the fans of the OF are just as likely to dwindle in that scenario, while a competitive, more open and winnable Scottish premier league might attract the younger generations in particular. Motherwell v Hibs for second or top spot and a European place might be a more interesting proposition than Rangers v Hull or Celtic v Middlesbrough for hee haw.
  5. Glad to see the same line up in consecutive games. Also think it is a strong bench so assuming we will face a harder challenge thus week I’d like to think we have more ways to overcome the opposition should we have to
  6. Celtic are far from invincible so why should we be defeatist about this or any OF match. With an aggressive game plan and positivity we are capable of generating the intensity to knock them out of their stride. We will never do that sitting off them or parking the bus. As long as we do not throw caution to the winds but remain combative and willing to fight for every ball then we can score against them, I’m sure. So I’m up for a 2-0 win to the mighty Well.
  7. Under the lights; a wet pitch; the incentive to close the gap on our opponents and consolidate a place in the top half of the league; a strong urge to seek redemption for a totally indifferent previous outing: it all makes for an exciting match and, hopefully, an emphatic home win. Or does it? COYW, anyway!
  8. A lot of factors have got us to where we are today - better and different recruitment, a shift in tactics and less naïveté during the game, and a resilience and physicality that means we are less willing to roll over like we did in the past. Today will see all of that tested more robustly than before but I feel modestly confident we can pass that test if we apply ourselves properly. Every game has seen a raising of our standards, and today it will require a significant but achievable lift. But we can do it - COYW!!
  9. Stephen O’Donnell represented his country and his club tonight with industry, integrity and a considerable amount of skilful enterprise and as Motherwell supporters we should be proud of him. He is a far more complete player than Patterson and , in the face of a media groomed to fawn over every emerging Old Firm prospect, Stephen played much better defensively and at least equally well in attack than young Patterson did - and against considerably better opposition. Maybe some of his passing was wayward but he busted a gut for the team, got into some great positions and represented a genuine threat going forward. So well done the Motherwell captain!
  10. Done. Best of luck. Found it interesting. Hope it lets you define what makes Motherwell F C a very special club. I remember visiting the Camp Nou and it’s display of photographs in the time of Franco and before, and how proud they were of its connection to the oppressed people of Barcelona. Look what globalisation has done there…and no Messi now because no money…
  11. Time for Van Veen and, maybe, a look at Amaluzor too
  12. As long as he can bleat his man and his form doesn’t dip he’ll do fine
  13. Rock solid Steven O’Donnell. Always making himself available, passed with skill and accuracy and never gave away possession, and but for a superb Pickford save would have scored a technically excellent goal. Really proud of him and how well he represented Motherwell as well as Scotland.
  14. It’s also a strong message to big Declan about earning the right to play. And if he’s picking it up, I’m sure other players are too. As for this game, the team showed last outing they can maintain focus and effort which should be enough to beat a very fragile and lacklustre Killie. 2-0 the Steelmen.
  15. New faces versus a team not wanting injuries before a final: as long as we get in their faces we have a chance. 3-1 the mighty Well

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