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  1. You can sense whatever you like, but I'd point blank refuse to deal with them, especially at this stage of Turnbulls development and particularly so early in the window. The loan players from that place can also gtf
  2. Yes, you quite often see Celtic and Rangers trading, you're entirely correct
  3. Or more than likely will get spent on 'club infrastructure' which is also badly needed....I don't see us moving away from our current signing policy or wage structure
  4. This is it for me...the entertainment factor has been practically nil, for umpteen seasons now, until the 2nd half of last season. In years gone by, I would have watched any old shite that Motherwell served up, but in my old age I'd actually like to be entertained for the cost of my season ticket... ...the Club? 'ach fuck it, get him sold and we can worry about the entertainment later'
  5. In what way is it ridiculous...I wouldn't deal with that Club, if I could help it, just because of what they are and they're basic track record of being bawbags on and off the park
  6. We can't even get youngsters on the bench these days without our club flashing their knickers at potential buying clubs...
  7. Get that idea tae fuck...I still cannae get over Cillian Sheridan
  8. We don't know anything really...we're all assuming prices, sell-ons, add-ons, the players attitude etc...some of us might be being unfair on the Club, however I think we have an absolute star in the making here and selling so early in the window seems strange
  9. A wee while longer than virtually straight away
  10. Hold off for a wee while longer
  11. That'll be 5 players we need then
  12. You know me Busta, I've been going since the 80s. I'm more than aware that we need to sell players, every now and again, and that Turnbull was never going to play for us next season. However, I reckon I've just about had enough of watching us sell every decent asset we ever seem to get a hold of, just as quickly as a larger team gets the cheque book out. The selling of Turnbull, to a team in the same league, a team that continually decimates other teams, a team that continually shouts about lack of a domestic challenge, a team that is supported to the neck by absolute wankers, and many from around here. This isn't just a knee-jerk reaction to Turnbull leaving for Celtic (if indeed that happens), its years and years of the same sort of stuff, and years of watching our pish poor, unequal league. No doubt I'll end up buying my season ticket, but this constant rebuild year on year, is getting on my tits, as is dealing with a Club, who I wouldn't pish on.
  13. Mickey Johnstone or Lewis Morgan can get tae fuck
  14. He might be doing what he thinks is best for the Club, but that doesn't mean that it is the best for the Club. Of course Celtic are our rivals...we play in the same league as them and they are based 10miles away...yes we may not compete with them to win the league, but we compete with them in terms of bringing supporters through the door. There is no wonder that so many from our area go and watch the two teams from Glasgow rather than follow us.

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