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  1. I must say, I really enjoyed the game on Saturday, two teams committed to win the game over the course of 90minutes. Aye, the quality of play could have been more easy on the eye at times, but there is something really enjoyable about watching two sides go at it, hammer and tongs, with neither backing down an inch. McHugh was in line for my man of the match award, up until his (quite literally) hospital baw'...he was immense against that big unit up front for them. A wee lapse in concentration and we find ourselves a goal down, and a keeper out for a period of time, just highlighting the fine margins between getting points or not. I'm not an advocate of VAR, retrospective punishment, Trial by TV etc etc and I don't like the way that football has become virtually a non-contact sport, therefore I'm not going to slate their striker for a being a milli-second out on a tackle, or the referee for failing to spot it, when two players are fully committed.
  2. ONeils4oyarder

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    In short....allow some Africans into the country, and hope that in twenty years or so, their offspring are good at the fitba
  3. ONeils4oyarder

    Craig Thomson

    The whole 'compliance officer' thing is a load of shite
  4. ONeils4oyarder

    2018'19 Game 4: Dundee (A) Saturday 1st September 2018

    As I said after the Rangers game, we need not worry at all about relegation this season and hopefully Saturdays result proves this to the panic merchants
  5. ONeils4oyarder

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    A lady mentioned it on one of the facebook pages yesterday...her son was a ballboy and McGregor gave him a mouthful of expletives for handing the ball to Curtis Main rather than him at some stage of the match.
  6. ONeils4oyarder

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    There is no way that McGregor will be cited, purely because it is impossible to prove that he meant it... ...he was at it all game, slowing the proceedings down, barging into our strikers with his elbows, verbally abusing our ballboys. The man is clearly a bit of prick
  7. ONeils4oyarder

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    As I said earlier on in the discussion, this was my first time of seeing the team this season, and on that showing I have absolutely no idea what everyone was wetting their knickers about!! All the talk beforehand was about how Peter Hartley had done Rangers team-talk for them, on the evidence of the match though it looked like Steven Gerrards cries of 'we'll be bullied by nobody' actually gave the Motherwell team a wee incentive, with Campbell, Hartley and Aldred in particular crashing into tackles and challenges from the 1st minute and Johnson and Main up front causing Goldson and Katic that many problems that they had to re-arrange their defensive shape. Johnson and Main, look like a partnership that could work, throw Bowman into the mix and we have options...I also thought Frear had a smashing cameo appearance as well. Rangers have been getting lots of plaudits for how much they have improved under Gerrard, however upon glancing at their starting XI, it looked to me like there was an obvious weakness in the middle of the park. Any team with a central midfield pairing of Halliday and Jack, cannae be that good can they? This is where I think we took our momentum from, with Campbell and Bigirimana dominating that pair for reasonable spells of the game, while Rose was there clearly to shadow Ejaria, with mixed success. A wicked deflection off Tait, who I thought had an excellent match, a moments lapse in concentration from Aldred at the 2nd and an uncharacteristic error from Carson cost us getting the 3 points, but to come away with 1 point was probably more than most would have expected given our current points total. If we can play even 50% of our league games in the manner we played yesterday, then relegation will be a word that is never spoken about this season, while top6 is a distinct possibility and probably a straight shoot-out between us and Kilmarnock.
  8. ONeils4oyarder

    Rangers Man of the Match

    Excellent team performance, with only switching off at the 2nd goal and Carson having a wobbler at the 3rd, being the only real criticisms. Tait, Campbell and Johnson pushed Bigirimana close for man of the match, but considering how little we have utilised him over the past 12 months, I thought it was a top class performance from him.
  9. ONeils4oyarder

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    The snowflakes are alive and well within the Motherwell support I see... ...if this was any other team (bar Celtic), we wouldn't be having this bullshit, from an off-the-cuff quip. Rangers have turned into a Club who love to be offended, they love to be the victim, they love to have a reason to say 'see, everybody hates us'...fuck them. The media latch onto this, and before we know it we're putting out grovelling apologies to a Club whose fans have got themselves into bother umpteen times already this season, fighting and coming off second best at home and abroad...this is a Club that condones, by continually turning a blind eye to the 'special atmosphere' created home and away, glorifying in the death and destruction of all things Catholicism. This is a Club, that along with the other cunts from the East End, have consistently bled the Scottish Leagues dry, and we're apologising to them because our captain said that he laughed at the way Cardoso moaned about a broken nose? A broken fucking nose, not a life-threatening injury, not a leg-break or a decapitation...a broken nose, and while the way he put it across was clumsy, its been blown out of all proportion by the victims from Ibrox and their self-serving pals in the media, meanwhile we've got Motherwell fans wringing their hands and worrying about, what the rest of Scottish fitba' thinks of us...I've got news for you, they think we are a team of cloggers and thats down to our style of play and whether Hartley said that or not, they would still think that this morning...our fans are worrying about Steven Gerrards team talk, c'mon tae fuck really? If he needs Peter Hartley to get his team wound up and up for it, then hes in a bit of bother...our fans are worrying about the referees take on it, but its Craig Thompson and he'll fuck us over whatever the fuck we say or do, we could send the physio in to give him a massage with a happy ending before the match and he'll still give these cunts everything on Sunday. I've heard others ask, 'but what if the roles were reversed and it was a Rangers player laughing at our player for being a big fucking lassie'...my answer to that, 'the compliance officer would be giving not one single fuck'.
  10. ONeils4oyarder

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    fuck it, if you can't get the ball , get the man....intae these shower of cunts Motherwell
  11. ONeils4oyarder

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    The problem with this train of thought, is that players are regularly injured on grass too, with Christophe Berra being the most recent one. I'm in no way putting up a defence for these pitches, as I think they are a complete red neck, but to suggest that they are unsafe in comparison to grass parks isn't an argument that holds much water...long-term effects on the joints, or the lack of entertainment due to the un-natural playability and random bounces etc are where I'd be focussing my arguments, not on freakish injuries.
  12. ONeils4oyarder

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    fuck him
  13. ONeils4oyarder

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    2 hours in the pineapple listening to a load of auld shite versus 2 hours at Fir Park listening to these horrible sevco cunts...not sure whats worse
  14. ONeils4oyarder

    2018'19 Game 3: Rangers (H) Sunday 26th August

    The first time I'll be seeing the team this season....cannae wait
  15. ONeils4oyarder

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    surely its Frear and Cadden supporting Main from either side??

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