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  1. ONeils4oyarder

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    What an argument this is...was/is Samson pish? For us, I would say most definitely...in fact ask anyone thats not associated with St Mirren and you're likely to get the same answer. Is he a better goalkeeper than me? Aye...so I suppose you're right, he's better in goals than most folk
  2. Thats what worried me about the 'get the 3-5 fuckin2, in the bin patter'...there is nothing fundamentally wrong when playing 3-5-2, just like there is nothing fundamentally wrong with playing a 4-4-2 without any width...the two things that need to be taken into consideration when setting up a team is, a) do I have the players that are capable of the formation I want to play and b) what are the opposition playing and where can they hurt us if we play this formation. If our manager had any tactical ability, he'd have packed our midfield and supported a loan striker from out wide yesterday.
  3. Of course his right arm was in a natural position...try a slide tackle out your back garden with your hands in your pockets. McHugh is getting slaughtered for his part in proceedings yesterday, but in my opinion he was extremely unlucky to get a 2nd booking for that
  4. ONeils4oyarder

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    why would you not mind losing to Celtic? As for your rampage against McHugh...going to wind it in? There is no way on Earth that he deliberately handled that ball
  5. Quite right...solemn and dignified as it should be
  6. ONeils4oyarder

    Chrissy Cadden

    I've said for a long-time that Right-back could be his best position
  7. ONeils4oyarder

    Scottish Youth Cup Winning Team April 2016

    Its stretching it a wee bit to say that Hall and Heneghan came through our Academy surely?
  8. Delighted with the result, and it only re-affirms what I already believed...we are in no danger of being relegated. Quite simply, we are a better team, and have better players than (at the very least) St Mirren, Dundee and Accies...over the course of the season, we'll have enough to keep us away from 11th and 12th positions. Last night, we looked a bit more energetic than usual, we had clearly been instructed to make sure we got balls into the box, and to shoot on sight, given what we all know about the St Mirren goalkeepers capabilities. St Mirren are fucking woeful, and if Dundee can get their finger out, then Paisley should be hosting Championship matches again next season (unfortunately, as I'd rather see the back of Livi or Accies). The 3-5-2 formation has been taking some amount of criticism recently, and I can understand that, but its not the formation thats the issue...its the personnel being asked to play it, AND probably more importantly, the long-ball tactic that we seem to consistently go for. Plenty of teams over the years, have had huge success with a 3-5-2 formation, us included, so its wrong to bleat on about that as if a change in formation will cure our ills (it may help, granted). Yes, we got the win, last night, but I'd rather we didn't just automatically start playing a 4-4-2 every single week, particularly not the variation we seen last night, as the diamond leaves us very exposed defensively on the flanks...the fact we have very little natural width in the squad is a big worry, almost as big a worry as not having any strikers in the squad with any real confidence in themselves. Anyway, regardless of all that, its great to get the win on a night where Accies and Dundee lost...on to Fir Park on Saturday against a team very much in the mire, hopefully another 3 points on the board.
  9. ONeils4oyarder

    St Mirren Man of the Match

    McHugh was my man of the match, up until he got booked, then quite understandably he tailed off a wee bit. Cadden has came in for much criticism from me for a good while now, but last night he delivered...he looked to have more energy than usual, put in some wicked balls and scored a really nice goal, so he gets my man of the match. Turnbull? I'm not getting overly exited yet, I thought he gave the ball away cheaply on a few occasions, but hopefully thats something that will iron itself out
  10. ONeils4oyarder

    Where are the bois?

    If they are having a 'dance-off' with like-minded folk from Paisley, then they can batter in as far as Im concerned...makes absolutely no odds to me
  11. ONeils4oyarder

    Where are the bois?

    Watching the match on TV, the only noise that I could hear came from the Well Bois...they've been badly missed recently at Fir Park. One or two might fall foul of the rules and regs from time-to-time, but in the main, they are young lads trying to back the team they support...while everyone else sits on their hands and moans about them.
  12. ONeils4oyarder

    Chrissy Cadden

    That was comfortably his best game in months and months and months...looked to have a bit more energy, put in a couple of cracking balls (that Main and Bowman should have made more of) and scored a good goal with his weak foot.
  13. ONeils4oyarder

    Chrissy Cadden

    You don't go to games do you?
  14. Halloween is probably my biggest bugbear of the year...I'm no Scrooge when it comes to my kids, I love Christmas, Easter, Guy Fawkes night, Pancake Fucking Tuesday and all the rest but Halloween...I fucking detest it. Either taking my kids round other folks doors in the freezing cold and/or rain, listening to their pishy jokes, door after door, while those coming to the door (if the actually come to their door) clearly cannae be fucked with it either...or even worse, being in the house, when my own door gets chapped and I need to listen to some wee street urchins own pishy jokes, while their maw and da', hang about sheepishly wishing it was all over. This year, however, I am fucking delighted about Halloween, my oldest wanted me to take him to Paisley...sorry, kid, I'd much rather wander about in the freezing cold with your brother and sister and irritate the neighbours, than subject myself to more of the drivel we have been served up this season. Win, lose or draw tomorrow night...it won't be fucking pretty.
  15. ONeils4oyarder

    Scottish Youth Cup Winning Team April 2016

    The fact that none of the ones who have left are setting the heather on fire elsewhere tells you everything you need to know

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