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  1. Can someone PLEASE tell the commentator that we are called Motherwell…..not Muvwull!
  2. Makes you wonder what goes on in training during the week.
  3. Absolutely f*cking ridiculous. Totally scunnered…again.
  4. Just cannot believe how bad we are. Devoid of tactics, skill, ball control, etc etc. Any time we get possession it’s either hoofball to no-one or choose the wrong option. FFS this is eye wateringly dreadful.
  5. Now tucking into some humble pie!!! What a turnaround. Rode our luck but what a point at Greystoke. What a contrast….2nd half brilliant and what an unexpected point gained. Also compare Liam Kelly v McGregor?! All credit to our keeper. Just wish we could play with some confidence and authority from the start. Anyway the seething from the Rainjurs has started….hilarious!!!
  6. Can anyone explain why we are the only team in the division who generally offer absolutely nothing against the OF away? So frustrating and embarrassing. We always look so f*cking nervous and are beat before we start.
  7. Yes….good to see Allan doing well. Luton could be dark horses for a play off place!
  8. Just noticed Shrewsbury v Morecambe today! Ryan Bowman v Stephen Robinson…..interesting.
  9. All of this…….especially that wee clique of sheep worriers that run BBC Donsound on a so called national broadcaster. Not listened to them for years because of their sheep bias. I can just imagine them greetin’ into their red wool covered mics. GIRUY Gordon, Miller & co.
  10. Ryan Bowman starts for Shrewsbury v. Liverpool at Anfield in FA Cup today. Bet he can’t wait to make his presence felt!
  11. A great 3 & very unexpected points given our last few performances. A more general point which happens game in game out……Can anyone shed any light on why we are so bad at our throw-ins? Is it a strange coaching ploy to give the ball to the opposition?
  12. Still raging after that same old and predictable humiliation today. Watching Roma v Milan just now and it crossed my mind that Mourinho’s Roma were recently hammered 6-1 by Norwegian minnows Bodo/Glimt so it can happen to any team anytime, anywhere!
  13. Shocking but totally predictable…..another humiliating defeat…..and more often than not on live TV. As usual we hand the opposition the launchpad to: boost their confidence/morale; improve their goal difference; hand hatricks to strikers firing blanks; ignite the media circus that follows the two ugly sisters……I could go on! Totally scunnered. Certainly wish I had stayed in bed!

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