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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52709540 subject to this article I was wondering what players do people think might be away?
  2. Pretty predictable with him being there captain tbh.
  3. Noticed Andy rose is now captain of Seattle mob.
  4. Iv got a suspicion the trialist is Christie Pattison from Braintree. Played more as a midfielder for them though.
  5. Well said that man We don’t need to sell Turnbull and personally I wouldn’t sell him to a direct rival for 3 million. Especially after scoring 15 goals in 30 games which is more than brown managed in 100 odd games and hibs got nearly 5 million for him about 10 year ago?
  6. What happened to Callum Paterson? Played rb for hearts after they had administration trouble and got 10+ goals from that position.
  7. When Kipre came in he was the second choice centre half (on trial) behind the boy who went to a 3rd division french team, he has turned out to be a star in the team that made two cup finals for the first time in our history. Every one at Motherwell football club shall be wishing him the best for his future endeavors. Kipre Kipre
  8. In the squad just now we have so many midfielders that rly have the same skill set imo but i believe that Campbell is the most attacking player in that position excluding Tanner. However, i believe with Robinsons comments on a player with "great stature" he is trying to find a replacement for Mchugh in the middle that will provide same qualities as him (heading.) While being able to play on the deck a bit.
  9. The description fits Adam Barton to a tee and has featured for Northern Ireland in the past?
  10. If you read the l'pool v carlisle match report it says Liverpool had 58 shots!? That canny be right.
  11. Youve hit the nail in the head there, with 6 players having there first starts for the club, they should be looking to push on this oncoming season for a place.
  12. In Robinsons latest interview he was talking about there being a medical on sunday any ideas on the player?
  13. Went for Grimshaw today due to his emergy levels being off the chart. I believe also that Maguire and Turnbull could build on the path Campbell has set and claim a place in the first team for next season if these early performances are anything to go by.

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