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  1. I actually thought we played decent against Celtic. Campbell and Donnelly kept and distributed the ball well, looked very composed. Defence looked solid at times thought Gallagher was very good. Think the difference in the two teams was the attack. We’re just lacking that goal scorer like a higdon or moult that we used to have. Honestly think we should go for Lafferty he could be the missing piece of the puzzle.

  2. 3 minutes ago, fizoxy said:

    If that happened we’d get a development fee, so we won’t be missing out on much money.

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    The  development fee would be peanuts compared to what he’s worth, if kipre went at 1 mil I reckon cadden should be upwards of that.

  3. Don’t wont to be the bearer of band news especially just starting the week off, but heard some bad news about non debatebly our best player. Heard off a reliable source that Chrissy is signing a pre contract with the scummy hearts in January.  Rajing at this news as means we will lose out on such a talent and/or a big sum of money we should get.

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