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  1. All opinions aside, first half we played ok, held our own, but realistically we have conceded 4 pens in three European games, you will struggle to win domestic with that kind of defending let alone games in Europe, ok we won the first two the later by the skin of or teeth, but you can’t gift tonight’s opponents a free goal and expect to get anything from the game ...
  2. Well done Trevor Carson, hard to draw a line under that performance in the second half, but on to the next game... maybe work on defending or even passing to the same coloured tops during the week
  3. Tactics and substitutes after half time appalling, team had no clue what they were doing second half, can’t watch much more of this ....
  4. Good debut for Stephen O’Donnell, looked better tonight defensively, more confident, goals will come, great point well done to the whole team ...
  5. This is horrendous defending, defensively this is the worst I’ve seen us for a very long time, won’t be many clean sheets this season..,
  6. Wonder what the excuses will be as we can’t keep clinging to the young team that make mistakes scenario....
  7. Well that’s us got the two worst teams in the league out the way, onwards and upwards lol
  8. This is exactly where we left of from last year, lots of possession but zero goals, team seems scared every game they play, needs sorted very quickly or it’s going to be a long season
  9. Same old Motherwell different season, can’t take chances even when we are gifted one, fitness looks a big issue....
  10. Glad to see that Chris Long has signed for next season, deserved it on his performance’s last season, potential strike force for 30 goals next season....COYW
  11. Any news on O’Hara, is he out of contract, got better and better the more he played, would be a great bit of business, especially if we can get him for free...
  12. Worst second half of a game I’ve seen for a long time, won zero second balls, passing was amateurish at best, didn’t work the keeper once in the second half, game plan must have been to sit in and look second best, absolutely embarrassing, think we are very lucky we are past the 40 point mark or we would be in serious trouble.....
  13. Typical Well, we don’ t like doing things the easy way, as soon as the red card there was only going to be one winner. Roll on Saturday hopefully we’ll get the finger out.......
  14. Absolutely delighted for the young boys, David Turnbull is an exceptional talent, tough game today against a side fighting for their lives, 1st goal for James Scott hopefully many more to come, delighted for Ariyibi he deserved it. Mon the WELL!!!!, thought Robinson handled the Hastie questions well, good luck to him, hope he progresses for Scottish football, but lack of first team football may hamper that, looking forward to next week and another win.

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