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  1. I fear the worst as we have been as bad as I’ve seen for many a year. Let’s hope Kelly can save them all and we might score one
  2. No chance, we have the ability to beat them both, Morton are rank, against Accies flood the midfield and stop them getting the ball wide and it’s a win or draw will do .
  3. Well done to the boys, not the best performance but it’s the result that counts. Progress in the cup next week and let’s start Accies free fall out the league after that. COYW, a season to forget so onwards to next season and let’s see what Mr Alexander can do.
  4. Absolutely shocking and disappointing result today, the only benefit is we have a cushion. Team needs at least a 70 percent clear out as there are too many players not committed to the club. So two wins post split will be enough and the biggest re build for many years, hope Alexander gets it right. COYW
  5. What a difference in the team work ethic without Polworth and Gallagher, well done boys for a great win today onwards and upwards for the Killie game, let’s have a great Scottish cup run with no pressure of league safety COYW.
  6. Thought the boys were outstanding today, best performance at Easter Rd for a long time, touch of class with Alexander’s interview regarding the red card, a win at the weekend and we are almost safe for the big re-build next season, defence looked solid without Gallagher so good luck to him next season and thanks for his efforts in the previous couple.
  7. Well done to the boys, good grafting performance, unlucky not to get 3. Move on to Saturday and do it all again. COYW.
  8. Look at the players we let go who would do a far better job in this current squad, Peter Hartley a born leader and a guy who gave 100%, may have not been technically the best but played for the badge, Richard Tait gave everything every game, Adam Livingstone better than the full backs we have now.
  9. Fed up hearing the same interview from people around For Park, we weren’t good enough and we need to look at ourselves, but this current crop of players will never be good enough as they don’t seem to care if we win or loose.
  10. I accept we have a lot of players out, but if our fringe players and youth players aren’t good enough why are they there, you have to take your chance when presented with it
  11. But you could see this coming last year, everyone still quotes but we finished 3rd, but anyone who actually went to all the games can remember it was a hard watch, the team of last season was still lacking a good spine and heart .
  12. Let’s just pray teams keep beating Accies and Ross County, as it’s the only chance we have of staying up
  13. I wonder who will get picked to give the scripted speech, that simply wasn’t good enough, same old story every week. A team that don’t care what league we are in next season as the majority of them won’t be there.
  14. This is the worst crop of players to hit Fir Park since Mr Kampmans crew, if by a serious miracle we stay up, this whole team can leave, massive rebuild required

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