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  1. Hope we make the right call and sign Tony Watt for the rest of his career, COYW
  2. Tactically all wrong, allowed Them to much space all over the park but especially the wide areas, Davis and Arfield done more running and moving than our whole midfield. Alexander has got to hold his hands up, far too many weak effortless performances. We need to stop the 4-3-3 as it 100% isn’t working.
  3. Sign Tony Watt up for life, COYW
  4. We can’t stop conceding goals, until we fix that we will never win football matches, every team that plays us know they are guaranteed to score, all they need to do is be patient…..
  5. Great result today, the boys dug in well, where did the six minutes injury time come from, when are these decisions ever going to be questioned. COYW, on to next week.
  6. Hard to watch for most of the game, think Goss, Ohara and Slattery will be a solid midfield. Amaluzor is dreadful, zero game awareness, can’t beat a man and final ball is guff. we looked better as a team in the last twenty than we did all game. must do better, as a decent side will tear us to bits.
  7. Aw well beat again, kinda getting used to it so it’s not a weekend buster. Hopefully things will turnaround, highly unlikely with our squad. Think it’s going to be a long painful season, hope I’m wrong.
  8. Thought we done well today against a good side, things looking better than previous years with recruitment, Slattery and Van Veen definite stand outs. A bit better decision making and the score line could have been different. Only problem is the subs made seemed to weaken the team, Lawless and Amaluzar looked to be the two tiredest guys on the park. Bench needs to be stronger if we want to compete. Onwards to the next game. COYW, enjoyed being back.
  9. Another weak heartless display, so easy to score against, we saw the heartless non fighting displays last year, hoped for better. Sad thing is we win on Saturday and probably still top the group. Rank ….
  10. Where is Mark Ohara and why is he not in the squad, any updates ?
  11. It’s hard as you want to write positive comments, but the fearful thing is you just can’t see goals coming from this side. Midfield was a major issue last year, it doesn’t seem to have improved. Fingers crossed for a better second half….
  12. I see the boy Naismith has been freed by County, were we not linked with him at some point, still only 26, is he a left or right back, may be worth a look .
  13. Great first signing, agreement reached with QPR for Liam Kelly. COYW

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