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  1. Spoke to a taxi driver today, says he dropped 3 Japanese guy ‘s off at the Moorings, staying there apparently, one was interpreter, seemingly guys are here as trialists ??
  2. Sorry I agree slightly with Yodo, Slattery no doubt has ability but he is lazy, doesn’t look fit, he can’t last 90 mins, Davis and Arfield made him look mediocre. A young fit energetic guys should out move and out fight these guy’s easily.
  3. Seen it, big guy was worth a chance, you’ll get the haters saying he got relegated from the championship but one player doesn’t make a team, Oyala is slower than a week in the jail, Sol is a bomb scare and our left backs are shite, so why not give him a chance.
  4. Efford is one of the worst I’ve ever seen, second touch is a slide tackle.
  5. Two absolute gifts from two bad mistakes, don’t expect to get anything from todays game, but you can’t give them a two goal start
  6. Great result today, as we say shit end of the season and result is a result, happy for the big neighbour at right back thought he was excellent today, had a lot of doubters for him all season, but hopefully proved people wrong. COYW
  7. What about the boy Devlin that got freed from Aberdeen, I know he hasn’t been fit for a year, but he was a decent player, when we look at Michel Parker and the Big French dude think he is worth a punt .
  8. Stevie73


    There are not many Well fans that are supporting this guy and his style of football, I know we are not world beaters but we are a middle of the league team that in previous years punched above our weight resulting in higher expectations from fans. But their is an issue within the dressing room of our club that needs addressed, this guy can’t continue his style of it’s my ball and I decide how we play or else mentality. Another transfer window for this guy will almost surely relegate us, sort it now.
  9. Same post match interview since last year, can’t be more proud of my players, on another day we win that game, we are on relegation form, luckily because of a fcukd up Scottish league split we are safe, in any other league we are in serious bother, why can’t the club see and recognise this…
  10. Well we need to score two or more away to Ross County as we know at some point in the game they will definitely score. Big ask for us to score more than one, sixth place cemented next week.
  11. We cannot give this guy a transfer window for next season, look at the guys he brought in, worse than the ones he released, this guy can’t build a good team when season is nearly done and he still doesn’t know best eleven, act now or we will lose a lot of the fans we gained pre season.
  12. I think we need a massive overhaul of squad and a very good pre season to avoid going down next season, this squad of players are championship level at best just not good enough to create and compete in this league, and we will get people saying we got top six, but football and season has been painful and one to forget, and no one can disagree…
  13. Teams must love playing us, as we always concede and don’t score many, we are like a good moral boosting side for teams ..
  14. Is there no way we can recall the two young lads from QOS, probably better than the defenders we have, we know for definite that UTD will score on Saturday which means we need to score two, optimistic, we can only wish that the players actually want this.

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