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  1. too right, I read one guy on twitter saying he was underwhmed by signing Spittal...I honestly don't know what some people's expectations are.Give the guy 20 mins and then judge. If we did sign Messi , there are posters on here who would say he doesn't get back and defend.
  2. ?? no, I posted it on behalf of someone else
  3. I doubt yodo coukd pick Spittal out in a line up, its what he does, even rumours are not good enough for him.
  4. until the investment by les hutch, the baraclogh team was murder, were certs for the drop, then bara was able to get a few loans on board , which made all the difference, but still wasn't a great team .
  5. agree, but as someone else said big or small budget, you can't give up possession so easily ...as I said switched off at ht, so thats just first half. The first one , the boy miskicks the volley, it happens, big Vic might connect with that another 9 times out of 10. Our goals against is awful , hopefully ga is going to address this during close season.
  6. I only watched first half, all 3 goals very preventable...first 2 lost possession, 3rd jake carrol ( again) loses man ....how many goals has he been liable for?
  7. yep, I keep hearing we are only where we are because Aberdeen, hibs etc are poor...they're poor and paying a good bit more than we do.We have been under the same restrictions as other teams because of covid etc so well done everyone at mfc, great atmosphere last night.
  8. thought that was great , as big Roger hynd used to say, " theres no room for after you claude in professional football".
  9. he is the best full back at club but that isn't a ringing endorsement. he played well yesterday and I've said so but his crossing in general isn't great and he's not fast but if he keeps going like yesterday, that'll do for now
  10. I have been critical of Sod and carrol but they were both good yesterday and got forward well....but they have both warranted the stick at tines...but ur only as good as ur last game , so they're both good, in my book
  11. we created about 6 goid chances last week, can only think of the shields header today, but we won been critical of sod and carrol but thought they did well today, lammie great too
  12. like united they're bang average but we haven't really looked like opening them up.
  13. agree, seemed a bit more open....just hope there's not too many missing tomorrow, need all the main players if poss
  14. fair dues, but , so far , in his tenure, how much access to youths, reserves has he had? If he is still here in a few years and nit given youth a chance, then questions could be asked
  15. Well if you know of any gems in there , that are first team ready...fire away.

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