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  1. that's a really good point re lockdown , I never considered. ....be good if other posters considered the bigger picture occasionally. I rate the guy but would be hard to drop anyone after yesterday.
  2. take it Scottish cup isn't happening? would give this team a target if top 6 is gone. I haven't heard anything definitive , maybe missed it.
  3. so as I suggested , speculation and probably bollocks
  4. dunno how much we are paying for putting hastie up here? hopefully nit much. Robert's offered more in one game than he has all season.
  5. so when you're speculating or guessing, its probably bollocks and not important if it damages someones reputation??
  6. think hes been ok so far, done more than long has done in last 3 games
  7. you answered your own question, they didn't play us iff the park.
  8. played us off the park? how many saves did kelly make? things haven't been good past 2 games , but let's try and get some balance
  9. forced myself to watch highlights last night...dont know what carrol was doing not making tackle for first ....if hes not getting forward and getting crosses in , hes not in in it .
  10. by the law of averages we should have a couple of players back, I hope the way things have gone though...no players back and watt injured
  11. I watched it at the time , I didn't think it was a glaring miss, too far out to get it in goal.
  12. experience is great if you can mark your man , no give away pens and stay on park not saying sod doesn't try , I just dont hes very good. maybe we should give some hungry youngsters a chance cos hastie, polworth ( who I generally like), carrol dont seem engaged.
  13. coatsy , lad, you be no f....ing good in the trenches

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