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  1. aye looking for the positives, aren't you?
  2. more excited by this than signing Taylor.. had to think for a while who you were referring to..ash? a journeyman , for sure , this boy has good pedigree, so get behind him.
  3. McGuire and Cornelius are two home grown lads , would be great if they could cut it but I just dont see anything...they wouldn't have stood out in a first division team , e g airdrie
  4. lammie needs to stop giving away pointless free kicks...that's 2 in last 2 games cost us
  5. I can understand mask wearing in the concourse bit in the open air just not necessary....its hard enough to enforce the vital controls without asking them to do the needless.
  6. bit of a sheep theme here...if only we had hung onto Tony shepherd
  7. it shouldn't matter if infection rates rise , its hospitisations/ fatalities which should be the driver....presumably with majority of vulnerable vaccinated , it shouldn't hapoen
  8. I've only seen the guy on TV a few times but even in that time, he looks more accomplished and comfortable than stevie o...its a problem position for scotland , so maybe that's why the young guy is being touted so much.
  9. I dont get the criticism Marshall gets, I dont even blame him for the Czech goal...just a piece of brilliance from them. With the Scottish defence , I dont know what goalie would look that good.
  10. this has been the way for years , we go through cycles without achieving much and chop players hoping for something better. I've seen Armstrong, Christie and macgregor do enough in the past to think they've got something. if we had a Luke macmodric or a bale, kane etc, it would make these guys play much better .The others, you mentioned, I agree can step back You cant underestimate the importance of having special players when you step up a level
  11. the lad paterson, in his short spell, looks more comfortable on the ball.. sod always wants to go back because hes not comfortable taking a man on...when he switches off defensively like last night , it's not a great combination.
  12. that's a bit of a camp joke.
  13. Not the intention- it was a joke, you seem a bit up yourself , lad
  14. but did he piss on your chips??

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