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  1. couple of times odonnel had chance to get cross in and he tried to beat defender , no chance of doing it...he has been better since he came back but I preferred mugabe at rb.
  2. i just think if we are relying on width and crosses from full backs , the two of them won't do long term. The central defender weren't clever tonight either , but generally they are decent.
  3. yep they are always in the firing line because invariably they are poor. They offer very little going forward and are poor defensively...defo problem positions for us
  4. Remember a score before I started going....8-3 to Thistle, early 70s? Think our team must've been out on the Friday night
  5. rather give a hungry connor shields a crack at it than lafferty ,
  6. is the supporters surname trump, by any chance?
  7. sorry, back to this again for me anyway...people more likely to get on board if u give them reasons for restrictions....stopping more people entering an outdoor setting will do bugger all from a public health perspective, it will cost clubs money, for sure..that's why people question these decisions not because their day out at the football has been spoiled.
  8. who needs opposition fans with " supporters " like you.
  9. no need for sorry , that's a good one...have a great one
  10. Weeyin, I think the " milder" form allied to 5he number of vaccinations would mean there should because lot less hospitisations ....if this whole thing is short terms to get more boosted, fair dues, we can suck it up for a short time. As someone else mentioned, though, stopping outdoor gatherings will force crowds inside meaning more transmission. I would just like them to explain their rationale sometimes....maybe the man Bojo has called it right by holding his nerve on this one, time will tell.
  11. the " wee krankie" patter is Naff and I dont believe it's a conspiracy either. However limiting grounds to 500 and some of the other controls they've cobbled together just demonstrate a lack of imagination and will only hack people off.
  12. not at all...hes giving it a chance of fans, whereas at moment, theres no chance
  13. but with the vaccines, we all need to get back out covid wont go until its run its course , so we kind of need to face it head on...with the jags in us, as it were
  14. there should hopefully be a lit more people had booster by then...if they still wont remove the shackles when majority have had 3 jags, its difficult to see what else can be done.
  15. ok , I am at a loose end but: Pan- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “all.” It is often used in a variety of scientific and technical terms, particularly in pathology. Pan- comes from the Greek pâs, meaning “all.” I could get worse with no fitba

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