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  1. Have a word with yourself, you’re not a leader with craic like that
  2. Can’t remember too much of him first time.....was he fast??
  3. So you deserve a point for having a lot of the ball and not creating chances, we should be top half of league.
  4. How did they deserve a point? Cant think of any saves bar the free kick that Kelly had to make. Hopefully we get a few dodgy pens along the way and we can say " we deserved a point or three"
  5. Dont tackle and he gets turned and shot away
  6. He didn't dive but its not foul everytime someone goes to ground
  7. Dont know that much about Salford but they signed Adam Rooney. He , supposedly , went to earn better money there than he did at Aberdeen, so you would assume, it's an ok standard. I've never seen them play, so that could be bollocks.
  8. Whatever happened to isla st Clair? Well, it moves the chat off bridges.
  9. Yep, I hear what ur saying...just from a continuity , transfer perspective, I was thinking Given that an appointment is imminent, however, the new guy should get time to get stuck in. You got to assume board will pick the best man for the job in hand
  10. It's also unfair to give las 2 days to get a team ready and then judge him...I know it's a harsh game, but I would like to see if there was a reaction this Saturday.
  11. Hes doing well to get a game for us, God bless his agent.
  12. Was there not something decided that if season was half way played , that was enough...might have imagined that tho. Anyway, not an issue at mo. If anything did happen re title , probably be civil disorder on streets .

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