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  1. I am not with you? are you saying mistakes like Saturday aren't important if you've international aspirations? it's not the first time hes switched off in big games and hes nit fast enough to get away with it..maybe hes the best we've got at Motherwell but scotland wont get away with that Alexander was a decent full back so he will know if hes happy with him.
  2. after watching highlights, first goal looks worse...think odonnel will be well out of Scotland picture after that , Kelly possibly too... amateurish to be honest.
  3. believe me, I dont have much time for Celtic...I think it was the quality of the strike and the fact it was dt which might've swayed some All supports have a proportion of bans, even ours I think they may have more , proportion wise, but I dont know how you could prove this scientifically lol
  4. I didn't clap, but it was a touch of class...he's a naturally gifted footballer who brought us in a whack of money, I wouldn't be too down on anyone who did clap. Maybe the fact it wasn't the tightest of games and it really just confirmed result led folk to clap. Take the colours away and we all go to watch exciting football, hopefully by mfc , but not always.
  5. Is fox so Bad? I genuinely don't know....Kelly has chucked a few in now , if him and odonnel sort themselves out for first goal , we get the pen, we get a very undeserved draw ...clutching , I know , but these are the fine lines we can pick up Pointon.
  6. I like to see Scotland doing well but do agree we are limited, even with best players on park Looking at play iff qualifications it's going to be really tough, there are very few lesser teams in the play off positions but we live in hope
  7. obviously wasnt your cup of tea but you just copy the club and say all the best ...just a thought
  8. finally got round to watching highlights today, it's a stone Waller of a pen, dont blame Boyce at all....second one isnt a pen, more officials who dont know the game from the brief highlights , if we have Gordon in goal, we win.
  9. I haven't seen game but Craig Gordon is going to win them a lot of points ...reckon he is a level above Kelly.
  10. Yep, looks very professional and competition for Las as the resident silver fox.
  11. Not really , he can switch off at times and his crossing is iffy , but he had a good game last night tbf. as did jack hendry, who didn’t stand out for me before, so the old adage is true , you’re only as good or bad as your last game.
  12. I have been critical of sod in the past, but tonight bar one or two iffy crosses , he was very good..one part of a very good defensive line up. sometimes feel he overthinks his final ball, it could be he is trying to be too precise , it's up to forwards to attack it.Look af Ailba last night , he fires it into good areas and it's up to the forwards. We shouldn't be comparing the young lad Paterson to sod either, 2 different players , both with attributes and limitations. Its not his fault he plays with one of the old firm Anyway long winded way of saying well played Sod.
  13. Nobody is being forced into it, they've still got choice , it's just there may be certain things they cant fo....I think the rising cases and the less fatalities, serious illness is evidence vaccine works.
  14. i am no playing with words, bud...I've read enough of your posts to form that opinion, so we shouldn't have gone for him, is that what ur saying ? players generally peak in late 20s, so u never know.

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