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  1. So beating Aberdeen 3 nil at Pittodrie was solely down to their goalie? If only the team were as consistent as your negative dreary posts. It's not been great but why dont you see how next 2 games go against teams of a similar stature ...if we were to get beaten in them two, maybe your points will have some credence .
  2. Totally different rangers team , we hadn't been any great shakes prior to that game
  3. I think I am a happy flapper at times but the lad on the commentary Lewis makes me look like mr angry ....could be worse tho
  4. Between grimmy and o'Donnell, we are screwed
  5. Dont know where the aare meant to put your arms
  6. Morning , Fair dues, I was back on my hobby horse again “idiocy “ is ott , they probably got put in a position and went with the flow. its nothing like drink driving tho, one is illegal...and as you say the other is guidelines , not for people to nick about with measuring tapes and stop watches. Honestly think , some dudes standing for a snap for a few seconds is minimal risk Are slow dances at discos still a thing? That’s going to be a big miss....I won’t start a thread for this ...lol
  7. There nothing like each other, there’s definitely no point drink driving ,it’s been shown the devastation it can cause but if you want to talk about risk and benefits....a minimal risk of transmission in outdoor arenas against the survival of your club until punters are given the chance we don’t fully know what the risk are but science says much greater risk inside , outside minimal risk but probably until some of the championship clubs go under , we can all keep hiding under the duvet
  8. If you’re talking about waiting on a vaccine , it could be years away , that’s probably the only way to control it. People are only going to live like this for so long...If you want to wait years to get punters back then the game is finished
  9. Never knowingly drunk drove so can’t comment on that , so conflating the two scenarios doesn’t make sense
  10. Pubs would be a far higher risk than an outside football park but if the correct controls are in place ...I would be prepared to take my chances in an outside environment, it does not live for long outdoors and is dissipated into the atmosphere...it’s for other people to make their own choices
  11. I’d say it’s more of a quick risk assessment, guys standing next to each other for a 30 second photograph, I’m here to be proven wrong but I don’t anticipate any transmission there...even if one of them was positive.
  12. If you did lad, I never saw it , if you fancy reposting it on this thread , that’d be ace. In general you are usually negative and a bit angry ....you could’ve said I think you are mistaken , but it’s “ spouting pish “ apparently....where’s your class?
  13. And there was a major outbreak associated with this??
  14. Do we have to worry about people who go shopping on a Saturday and what they do before and after the shops? The demographic of the punters is what it is, very varied....need to concentrate on ways to get them back in , not why they shouldn’t be back licensed premises are responsible for very few transmission of cases,it should be up to people whether they go to them , some will , some won’t . Once they are in the ground , I don’t see the risk.

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