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  1. Hopefully a good bit . That’s a terrible kick off time especially for anybody travelling , especially Aberdeen or Kilmarnock, imagine it will take the atmosphere out of Fir Park that night Personally I had tickets for a concert that night , in general though Saturday nights are not great for live football.
  2. Need to see it again , but no way did it look like a Gillespie error....thought he had another great game
  3. Saw most of the 90 minutes , I thought Oxford looked a tidy team....surprised they are “division 3”
  4. It’s been a great season so far but don’t think you will see a goal conceded like yesterday in any league in Scotland this weekend , even amateur football. Jake Carrol looked like he was doing what ATS used to do and switching off at back post, but the ball should never have bounced in first place Scott wouldn’t have made any difference to that defensive set up . The ironic part is , if they’d defended that throw in better , they might even have sneaked a draw...mostly down to Gillespie.
  5. Could argue every forum needs a yodo , a bit limited but can do the spadework but you couldn’t have a forum full of yodos or you’re in relegation bother
  6. So apart from winning it, what did you want them to for?
  7. Very unfair assessment of Ross....few StMirren fans I know really rate him....His Sunderland record wasn’t too bad , he might have still got them up
  8. According to the piece on the radio on Saturday when he came in , the club were 2 weeks away from administration. i wasn’t aware of that , although I hear people saying now it was fairly common knowledge. If that is the case we do owe Les a great deal of gratitude and he has offered very generous repayment terms, as well as matching the contributions with his own money I felt when he was talking on the radio on Saturday that he wanted everyone to know that he had played a major part in the whole thing , which can’t be denied.
  9. Gordon Strachan?? Wouldnt be happy with that .Its all about him and him trying to be funny or awkward at press conferences ......failed at Scotland despite getting two bites at the cherry .....give it someone who has something to prove , it’s all hypothetical at the minute anyway.
  10. Football has changed so much....I haven’t seen Sportscne yet but I thought it was a great attempt at a tackle ....don’t know how else he was supposed to try and tackle given the circumstances, just got to take these breaks
  11. Dare say they’ve come on a bit but they got put out of Europe by a part time Welsh outfit, arguably the worst Scottish European result ever, so we shouldn’t be fearful.
  12. I only watched the highlights but 3 of the 4 goals were down to terrible defending ....Sunday league standard. There have been Scotland teams with poorer players but defensively we are awful.We are in danger of making good players e.g Marshall, Fraser, McGinn, MacGregor, Christie look average because they’re not being played to their strengths i cant see big Dec being bullied as the two central defenders were last night
  13. No Scottish team can match the attacking prowess of Welsh part timers Conners Quay
  14. No, but he did mention social media and how if uninformed people put something in “print”, people then believe it to be true....fair point actually. He also mentioned how hoof ball had got them to 2 cup finals and you can only play with the players you have. He came across really well . Will be a big loss when he does go

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