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  1. Why are we seeded in first round but not the second, while the 4 th placed team ( Aberdeen) are seeded ?
  2. We maybe need more midfield runners to help Long? Like O’hara But didn’t see too much from him yesterday.....maybe another who hasn’t had a proper preseason.
  3. You’re way too sensible for this forum, bud....
  4. Hartley and Tait were great in their day for us but their absence is being used as an excuse for poor start....players always become better in their absence. Calum Lang looked good and am sure he’ll be an asset, soft sending off has scuppered us there too. Long has assets but isn’t clinical enough and for me takes too many touches. Getting things in perspective we should have beaten Ross Co, yesterday we looked short of ideas to be fair, but if we had 4 points out of 6 , it wouldn’t be undeserved.
  5. He didn’t sign Frear..who wasn’t as bad as made out
  6. Whatever the st up , Grimshaw shouldn’t be in it .....
  7. Even if you’ve only got one trick , it can be an asset, e.g cut inside and rattle it , he’s got pace too, which is never a bad thing ....he needs to work on his crossing but am sure Robbo can do that
  8. Time he said to us ‘ take me I’m yours”
  9. He’s definitely found wanting at international level....might do a job but I reckon he will be looking for a big money move, so why burst bank for an average player
  10. Sorry, didn’t mean to quote your post...
  11. The lad will need to have thick skin , not played a game and he’s getting pelters already.....pretty sure his auld man wouldn’t put him in the firing line just for the hell of it
  12. Wouldn’t want to be in any of the leaders shoes at the minute but The Scot Gov and the UK gov, in particular won’t be the gold standard in terms of dealing with a pandemic. There is going to be major collateral damage from this, some of it may have already surfaced but when people are being laid off , left right and centre , after employers have to pay half the furlough , it will begin to bite. The lockdown approach can’t continue indefinitely.
  13. Not had one for a few years but I tend to get one mentioned on email that you can pay in 4 instalments ....didn’t see this option when clicked on today on website...anybody know how you get this option...thanks
  14. Clark was solid and didn’t hold back and obviously did Maxi a lot of harm, but I don’t think there was any malicious intent there....prob a foul tho....all worked out in the end
  15. Posed the question to some mates last night ( remotely of course) ....Did they think the standard in general was better, same or worse than now......the ones who got back to me thought we played more football on deck now.....I tend to agree , after watching again last night, surprised how many long balls were played.Not complaining mind you. i thought the standout players for both teams were Phil for us and John ONeil for them, wonder why he never went further.
  16. Usually no fan of the steel boy, but that’s helluva harsh.....it’s ok saying extend the season if there’s an opportunity but that’s going to have a knock on effect. Plus no vulnerable person would put their health at risk for a football match
  17. What’s the thoughts if the season was to stop soon? Would we just get third .....Unprecedented ..... This might need another thread ....
  18. And we should be one of the strongest sides to finish third with the money we spend?? Disagree with you re Aarons and Hilton , both made decent contributions and a couple of the others quoted haven’t had enough of a chance. Polworth mostly has been different class. Just enjoy the moment , it could be a relegation dog fight next year....who knows What you like when things aren’t going well?
  19. Don’t read anything different in there that hasn’t already been reported ....
  20. Pretty naff comment, even for you....Any chance you and Yodo can transfer onto a “Love Island” forum permanently and leave this one to supporters ....just asking
  21. Just managed to face Highlights, we had so many chances in the first half....Campbell and Polworth need to get shooting lessons from Turnbull on how to hit target.....hopefully he’s still got that in his locker
  22. Think you’re adding two and two and making five Do you honestly think players are bothered if their manager has been lifted on a day out . They are playing for win bonuses, their next move , maybe even professional pride. Admittedly it’s not coming together at minute. On the whole Robbo has done a good job, if we end up sixth at end of season , then we can judge them all but let’s give them a chance to dig themselves out of it From my perspective Polworth and Campbell are shadows of the players they were earlier in season and Long can’t get himself a long enough run in the team for one reason or another.
  23. Going to contradict myself a bit here, Posted this before I saw highlights , although was at game. It did look a booking from stand.After viewing second booking on highlights, was it really that bad? Maybe could say don’t go in for those tackles when on a booking but if he’s not tackling he’s going to be accused of not trying.Long does come across as a bit Petulant at times , so that doesn’t help . Also the fact it was in front of Hamilton dug out. Stupid first booking though.

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