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  1. just watching him on spirtscene , he is decent at this level but a poor diver and hes had plenty practice. Would rather give somebody a chance with a better attitude.
  2. I didn't know they do that ? basically I dont think hes said anything derogatory, just that the boy was slower than he thought, which is a bit of a back handed compliment I bet he feckin regrets it tho. Something to debate on a non football day tho.
  3. nah, I still dont get why its " racist"....so he got the guys nationality wrong...its like mixing up an aussie and a kiwi , based on what we perceive to be similar accents . Like I said earlier weve come a long way , but somebody having to resign because of this does nothing for the fight against racism....anyway mo ross took the decision, he will probably be back at fp in time, when ga gets international job....you heard it here first.
  4. possibly opening a can of worms here but i remember scotland fans barracking ( being kind) john barnes at hampden , it wasnt just one or two either.. .cringeworthy and embarrassing. We like to be viwerd as a tolerant nation , not so sure. weve come a long way , thankfully, but the above remark doesnt strike me as racist...ross , obviously thought it was clumsy so hes resigned ...the boy is possibly irked mo was saying he was lazy .
  5. Possibly, I don’t know....what did he say that was derogatory about black people ?
  6. I've read what hes reported to have said...I mustve missed the " racist" part....sounded like he was having a pop at the boy for being slow and ir lazy
  7. got into a couple of good positions but his decision making is poor ..looks like someone who wouldn't be playing football if he didn't have some pace.
  8. if this is hastie playing for a move , I dont want to see him when hes nit bothered....
  9. that's the thing with pens, at some point your luck runs out ....unless you're German
  10. thought he was unlucky to get a yellow
  11. there you go...was reading the posts and thought what goon wrote that....think the Morton game was so bad , I coukdnt see us doing anything. Wednesday was better and we looked more solid , better with 2 up front
  12. I really hope the crowds aren't restricted to that extent , if everyone is vaccinated.
  13. until watt and roberts return , if they do, I dont expect us to win another game...hopefully wrong....friday was the worst display in many a year....maybe we got to pin our Hopes on polworth and hastie cos otherwise we look unlikely to create
  14. that's a really good point re lockdown , I never considered. ....be good if other posters considered the bigger picture occasionally. I rate the guy but would be hard to drop anyone after yesterday.
  15. take it Scottish cup isn't happening? would give this team a target if top 6 is gone. I haven't heard anything definitive , maybe missed it.
  16. so as I suggested , speculation and probably bollocks
  17. dunno how much we are paying for putting hastie up here? hopefully nit much. Robert's offered more in one game than he has all season.
  18. so when you're speculating or guessing, its probably bollocks and not important if it damages someones reputation??
  19. think hes been ok so far, done more than long has done in last 3 games
  20. you answered your own question, they didn't play us iff the park.

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