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  1. Think we will need a couple of hard working forwards on the park to compensate for the new guys work rate
  2. Will turn telly on,2 mins into first half and forget about preliminaries
  3. Sat for hour trying.smart tv kicked me out,gave in,need a kip before n/s.try tomorrow
  4. Too save you time,when changing password,its 8 characters and one needs to be upper case.it doesnt tell u this
  5. Got the email regarding stream,how to u get it on smart tv.not too good with tech stuff.
  6. Just to add on,I think dt,s got his head screwed on and went fail for the lack of trying.hes a good lad
  7. Totally agree,as much as I like a carry on and a laugh,I thought this was really cringy,looked as if nobody could be bothered.think davie seems a decent,laid back sort of guy and a bit unsure amongst 3 guys who if they were honest didn't give it their all cause there brains were full of shite
  8. Benson

    Season Tickets

    Tried renewing online but couldnt see option to pay installments.can anyone help cheers
  9. Bang on the money. Some folk need a huge reality check.
  10. Hartley solid no nonsense defending
  11. Benson

    Vs Hibs

    U can only beat whats In front of u and did that well enough against a poor hibs side. A good few 7 out of tens. Feel there's still more to come from this team once it really gels. Should have 3 up before pen kick. 2 wins, 1 draw 1 defeat. Not bad, not bad at all
  12. Too early to judge players, can take players months to settle in, but 100 percent they need body strengting work and you wonder about there previous coaching. Real naivety about there understanding of the game
  13. Poor poor performance. Apart from being shite,the biggest worry about that team is the lack of leadership, desire and resolve. The 2 wingers hylton, seedorf are a problem, imo we are playing with 9 men. They offer nothing and seedorf especially look weak. My granny could take the ball off him, shocking upper body strength. Illic doesn't look interested. A real naivety about this team and can see us taking some real gubbins away from home. At this stage in time I feel we need a change of formation and benching 1 or 2 of our wide men. The torrential rain that fell last night meant we needed men on the park unfortunately there were some posted missing.

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