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  1. Personal view is we struggle against most teams - including the lower division teams. The difference is the better teams have players who can and do hurt us - we allow teams too much space in our final 1/3 and lots of opportunities for them to score. Against the lesser teams we've been ruthless with the limited chances we've made.
  2. Predictions are Pre match GA will talk about having a full squad only to find out later we have key players injured We'll play a 4-3-3 with at least a couple of odd choices. Allow Utd +60% possession and lots of shots at goal. We'll tire them out by allowing them so many chances. They'll miss their opportunities and we'll have Watt or KVV secure the points. We'll be happy with the points and hope that some day performances improve.
  3. I love Grimmies effort - my issue is I don’t believe he works as 3 man midfield - we’d need players who can hold and pass to make that work. He simply isn’t capable . he could work as part of a 4 man midfield
  4. I’m not a fan of our current midfield and forward set up. we’ve been ruthless in front of goal and won several games we could easily have lost . as many have said the back 4 are fine and have plenty of options . continuing with a weak 3 man midfield is frustrating - (sorry Grimmie ) similar with continuing to play 3 forwards with Woolley - who hasn’t shone for me at all . I find GA to be overly arrogant - his view of possession and allowing teams to have so many shots frustrates me . That said I’m very happy with the points tally and although gut view is we’ve ridden our luck I can’t argue with the results.
  5. didn't expect much from today but in all honesty this season has been poor to watch - it's just much easier to accept when we win. We continue to let teams dominate us and have far too many shots on goal.
  6. I think Grimmy get's away with it as there's no other natural right midfielder - personally I'd have dropped Woolery and played a 4 man midfield - or even with 3 up front would drop Woolery
  7. good luck to him. We've signed many a player over the last few years who simply aren't good enough for SPL, the sooner we spot this and let them leave the better. Suspect he'll have something lined up - hence the mutual ending of contact. There's a few others who could easily be in the same position ( irrespective of making/not making social media comments. ) The hard bit is them finding new clubs and wishing to cancel their contract.
  8. I hear you, I didn't mean that Heart outplayed us. I'm delighted we've won the games we had - in the last few months' we ridden our luck and it was due to run out - which it did to a team with bigger resources than us.
  9. our luck ran out today . in recent games we’ve allowed teams a lot of shots and generally gone unpunished . today we got punished by a team that’s generally better than us. like others have mentioned our midfield is our weakest area - be great to get goss In the first team
  10. Before we kicked a ball we were out numbered in midfield - 4 vs 3 , not surprising the midfield find it difficult too easy to blame players - they didn’t have much of a chance
  11. Watt is a brilliant fit for us and has all the makings of a future club legend. A fans favourite and will be a strong contender for player of the year. Can't see him being good enough for a long term international career but good enough for a handful of games whilst going through any purple patch of form.
  12. What Grimme offers (In addition to pure endeavour) is he can play right midfield - I'm not sold Donnelly can and as such not like for like. Personally I'd like to see Goss in the team but suspect we need to move to a 4 man midfield to make that work and I don't see GA doing that
  13. Id have never played a 4-3-3 id have never played Woolery Shows how little I know. Well done team, cracking result
  14. he played over 130 games for us in his 4 years. Incredibly more than Maxwell played in his 8 years. I get your point re legend - he'll be remembered first and foremast as a Rangers legend, feels counter intuitive that someone could be a legend at multiple clubs. Legend or not I've never seen or had as much joy from watching any individual player as I did with Cooper. (sadly I'm a couple years too young to have seen Pettigrew, St.John etc)
  15. In reference the posts about possession. Giving up a high percentage isn't an issue until it's in the final 1/3. Allowing teams to have 15+ shots each game will at some point hurt us. Last 3 games we've allowed something like 48 shots , 16 on target and only conceded 1. Not convinced we'll keep up that average - at some stage these shots will hit the net. To build upon our grit and physicality I'd play 5 at the back that flips to 3 when wingbacks push up will work, to keep the ball out of our final 1/3 and have more possession. That means only 2 upfront who'd be KVV and Watt.

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