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  1. thought O'Connner looked decent - albeit not properly tested. Like all our centre half he'd benefit from a holding midfielder to take the ball as precision in finding a fellow man is wanting. Would suspect Mugabi needs some match practise to get up to speed .
  2. Championship is likely to be his level. Good luck to him.
  3. truthfully I've wanted a change of formation but to a 3-4-3 as it doesn't solve the problem. With our current players I could see a 3-5-2 or 4-3-1-2 combo work. FWIW I thought Maguire and Donnelly both played well albeit they were left exposed due to the formation.
  4. When both he and Watt came on they made a big difference. Both able to foot their foot on the ball and link play. The more players like that the better. Thought Van Veen and Woolery showed glimpses - clearly to early to gel together but some flashes of decent skill.
  5. please go to the training ground and learn how to pass to people within 5-10 yards of one another rather than just punt and hope. Good result, a few players look ok - need to improve how we connect as a team -appreciate new players etc but we should be a lot better than this.
  6. this has been utter gash again - can't help but wonder what we do in training.
  7. so many options but FFS we should get the subs on
  8. perfect match - they are brutal to listen to and the team are fairly brutal to watch.
  9. would expect us to have much better ball retention - we play long way too often - with a 3-4-3 you'd expect more passing and progress up the park as a team
  10. Woolery was excellent - his pace and turn in the box was top notch
  11. there's no obvious gulf between the clubs - would be nice to see us hold the ball and start passing to one another
  12. indeed - Mcginley is one of Arrans most dangerous players
  13. I like the idea of both wingbacks starting much further up the park - gives us natural width and get a few balls in the box.

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