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  1. Fantastic news. Like others mentioned can't see how we could expect to sign anyone better. Personal view changing formation would see a significant difference in SOD. Being able to get forward/being paired with a right sided midfielder will make a difference. Being the only person to cover the right hand side of the pitch (other than a rotating forward) is something we should solve. Delighted with this signing.
  2. Jurys out on the gaffer for me. The relentless 4-3-3 approach makes us a sitting duck. StM ran us ragged and we're lucky not to be 2 down at half time yesterday. It took an injury to force a 4-4-2. Appreciate he's got us to a relative safe position but his lack of adaptive approach concerns me.
  3. great 3 points. Shouldn't take a serious injury to sort our formation but 4-4-2 and 5-4-1 really stopping stmirren pressing
  4. since we shored up midfield we've been a far better team
  5. Long is far better a part of a front 2 than 3
  6. does look a bad one. wonder if we'll go 4-4-2
  7. GA pisses me off with how he's set up the team. Every game StmIrren pack the midfield and out battle us - change the set up FFS !
  8. were been completely out fought - bring on Foley or Ohara and firm up the midfield
  9. why we play 3 in midfield v's their 5 baffles me. Makes it easy for StMirren
  10. ooft Lamie was sold cheaply there - good save Kelly
  11. completely with you. Ohara for me has proven to be spot on. If we're going to play with hard working battling midfields then we should play 3 at the back and push Carrol and S OD into wingbacks.
  12. great point about some players don't work out a certain clubs. Personal view , I don't rate Crawford, he's no better than the likes of Grimmy. I'd rather we let those making up the numbers go and look to build a better starting 11.
  13. Thanks all , I thought he was a loanee. Be good to see him get a few games under his belt, he looked accomplished and comfortable on the ball.
  14. Foley passed the ball well and also sitting deep enabled Campbell to move up the park. Would like to see more of him, shame he's not eligible on Sat. Thought Dec was excellent and very happy to see him back in a Well shirt, playing well. SOD is also much better moving forward. Having a back 3 and pushing him further up the park is worth pursuing.
  15. He's got a lot of talent and had an excellent first season with us. I feel for him in as much as he's not the type of player who's suited to tracking back or winning physical battles. For whatever reason it's not worked out for him and us this season. He's been villianised as someone who doesn't try or deliberately got sent of. In reality he's it's more likely that he's got frustrated, fallen out of form and no way real way back into the team. Hope it works out for him at his next club.

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