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  1. time will tell -if we stay up we've got it right. Feels very similar to McCalls time. A good guy who had lots of success only to run out of ideas on his final season. My overarching concern is had he not left - he would never have been pushed which doesn't fill me with confidence in those running the club.
  2. agree , he's been excellent over the years. Personally I'd like to keep him until the end of the season, his extra bit of of bite in midfield could keep us up and that's worth a few bucks,
  3. he's defo not the sunny kid in class. Petulant but then so was Scott McDonald and I was ok with him. Will be interesting to see what happens next
  4. thanks - was conscious that he's not played since early/mid Dec and wasn't entirely clear why he'd gone off the grid. Someone mentioned a blood clot in his leg + newborn. having his family down south and commuting only each week to be either a sub or put out wide would get to the best of us. that hat-trick feels like much longer than a year ago
  5. something going on with Long that we're not privy to. . He's been missing from the squads for quite some time and only now gets added to the website as muscle injury with zero description (quite different from all other injured players). Suspect he's burned his bridges - which seems a shame as in the central striker role he was pretty decent last season
  6. I'm with you on this. He's a centre forward and regularly got placed on the wing - a total waste of time. I'd be ok with a last chance effort (if his attitude is right)
  7. really interesting stats - Cole doing much better than I'd have given him credit. Also frustrating with Long. Lots of potential but this season there's clearly been issues.
  8. a decent loan signing from the premiership/ championship is reasonable ambition - a few years ago now but the likes of Jutkiewicz came without a strong track record but the step down to SPL really worked for him. Suspect there must be a few young players in that category at the moment - particularly without reserve football.
  9. I hear you. It's not where we look, happy to pick up stickers from anywhere. ideally would want a stiker with decent strike rate irrespective of what league they are in. Unless we pick up a player from a higher league of course. Didn't work out for the likes of Johnson but he had a really good record of banging in goals.
  10. I get the point of working to a set formation . Keep hearing people say 'Well have a strong squad and should be able to get up the table. Our team sheet and subs confirms we'e in the brownest of the brown stuff.
  11. what's the point in us bringing in £6m in transfer fees over a couple of years if the best we can expect is a punt on strikers who've never played in the SPL and managed to score 1/4 games elsewhere. You'd expect incremental improvements in squads and our ability to pay v's staring down this shit show of options. If we're going to get out of this mess we're going to need to splash a bit of cash rather than our usual lucky dip approach.
  12. Signs of improvement are key - first half last week was significant up tick on this seasons performance. More of the same this week please.
  13. the fine's should go to whatever operating costs we've lost. We're the innocent victim of circumstances and whatever operating costs we had for those match days should be awarded to us. Happy to play the games and beat both teams 4-0 .
  14. no - point well made. I look at most of our first team and have the same thought. Depends if he's better than what we have. Coming back is fine if you are an uncle Phil, Lasley, Faddy, Hammell , Craigan but if you didn't cut it first time around it's hard to expect significant change.
  15. Generally speaking most new signings are a simple reminder of what level we've sunk to in the last xx years. (not just us - all Scottish football). Signings from the bottom of the English pit. Some make turn out great, many don't. When our model works and we sell £6m worth of players you'd expect that means we can sensibly invest in a higher calibre and start moving up the rungs to a brighter future. Hope for now is the new mgr can unearth decent signings (which aint easy in the winter window)

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