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  1. worth noting that Cooper was 33 when he arrived. Quite different to the 37 years old when he left - was used sparingly. Davis I suspect won't last a full season but completely agree he'd be a great influence.
  2. decent news on Lamie - as expected really and happy to have him. Maguire I'm personally not sold but I do like having players coming through the ranks and no question he works his arse off. A very decent squad player who can at least fill in.
  3. That’s one of my favourite chants of all time . only trumped by ’theres only one joe McLeod ……….fan”
  4. This may be a little brutal, I don't believe Maguire is good enough. He's now 24 and played 50 games. Personal view is he's limited. Not sold we should have renewed his contract. Think he'll end up being a decent championship player similar to many young well starlets who didn't quite hit the mark. Dean though has a chance of making it. 21 and learning all the time, good prospect of becoming a decent player and for sure would benefit from someone like Davis talking him through games.
  5. Agree - Lamie has too many brain farts during games. 90% solid but too often very lax and causes problems. I'd much rather bring in someone like McCart from StJohnstone who's out of contract. Prob the type of player we can afford and has proven to be decent.
  6. signings are difficult - most of the time it's an underwhelming feeling - would really need to see a list of players we can afford - albeit that could be depressing. Unless able to bring back one of our previous hero's it's often likely to feel shit. Our best chance of having quality is brining them up through the youth system,
  7. every defender in the team has deserved some criticism. It can't help to chop and change as often as we do. Get a settled back 4/5 in place. We need at least a very decent left back and ideally one very good central defender.
  8. out of all the players leaving he's the one I've got a soft spot for. Appreciate he needs to move on and not the best player we've ever had but his attitude and effort was immense.
  9. really good update , glad we're not offering extended contracts to the many of who've been around and not been quite good enough for a first team spot. I think Lamie has proven to be better than the other central defenders (not saying much). Also hope we help some of the others find new clubs eg. Carrol/Mcginley/Ojala/Solhom. Maybe even Woolery/Efford. I've seen enough of them all to wish them a happy start elsewhere
  10. I agree we need a new spine right the way through- equally I'd like to see us look beyond the 4-3-3 formation and play to individual strengths. S'OD and Carrol for example both struggle to defend but both are blooming decent in the final 1/3. Tierney is a dangerous player but he isn't a striker nor defender - play him in the hole just behind. Overall yes we need to improve and bring in better than what we have.
  11. Odds were never in our favour today . a decent Motherwell team often gets thumped by the old form . a team coming out of their sick bed was always going to struggle . a day for. 5-5-0 formation . happy to be 5th and somehow get into Europe
  12. Some players make it easy to warm to them . Grimmie has a brilliant attitude and gave 100%. The few games that he did come in generated so much energy, he was a breath fresh air and could see his delight when he scored at Livi. Appreciate why he needs to move on, hope he gets a game time and finds a club that works for him.
  13. The 2 big questions for me are 1) What have we achieved ? absolutely brilliant Graham, well done sir 2) how have we achieved it ? eye bleeding at times Graham, must improve. Job for this season done, please improve the 'how' next season.
  14. great result. There is a great grit about the team with excellent fighting qualities. Lamie has really popped up with some very important goals for us, he may just stick around.

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