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  1. Without question I'm completed biassed but yes, completely refreshing not to listen to bull crap. Very sensible, open and honest. If nothing else we can expect effort and application from the players tomorrow.
  2. 30 day no quibbles return policy . There's a fair few who could be let go . 10 defender in the first team squad , 2-3 could be let go. Midfield - Morris, Maguire, suspect we'd keep the rest. Strikers. Efford + Shields.
  3. I'll settle to be above 9th and show some steady progress in terms of bringing through youngsters and showing some form of evolving towards playing football. Given the budgets of the old firm, Edinburgh clubs, Hibs, Utd it's reasonable to expect them to be above us. I'm hoping for the longer term plan that sees us bring through youngsters, get more fans back in the stadium and improve the quality of play over time. Expect this season to be very up and down, enjoy the ups when we get them.
  4. me too, someone who understands the club and the need to entertain whilst bringing through youngsters. Will also be more tolerant of poor spells, just because he's a Motherwell man. Really good signing and one we will have secured purely based on Hammy's relationship.
  5. has there been anything officially released by the club on this ? can't see anything on twitter or the website.
  6. must be the good Yorkshire air that makes us think this way Yorky. Im probably well off base but I thought he had settled really well, liked the club and would have stayed longer. I got the sense there was some form of rift with GA as there was talks about extending his contract which abruptly ended at the same time GA was extended. Overall suspect Hammy will have a good view and know if he's one of those players who will add value v's disrupt the team - eg the 9/10 players hammy mentioned last week.
  7. I'd have him back - quality player who seemed to enjoy being at the club. Depends on whether GA was the reason he left.
  8. The big difference is players being given some freedom to go an play. Suspect they felt very controlled on previous regime, now the shackles are off and they're allowed to play and think for themselves. Goss for example is showing that he can be the creative midfield playmaker we've needed. This enabled us to out score the opposition , previously I think we'd have lost this 2-1. Same defensive errors that we've moaned about for 12 months. Thought S'OD, Goss, Slattery, Tierney, McGinn, Spittal all had very good games.
  9. Spot on. Ideally 2 centre halves and have Lamie as a back up. Agree re midfield - a very good holding midfield player would make a big difference to the current squad. I don't know enough about our current crop of youngsters to know how many of those gaps could be filled. As much as we need to bring in I think we need to try and move quite a few on. Efford/Shields for example.
  10. 19 shots today. Nice change, I've often needed 19 shots after watching us to recover my Saturday.
  11. Great performance and superb to get the 3 points. Fabulous to see so many players be allowed to play in their natural position and a freedom to create. Very good start to the league season.
  12. Or he’s better than others we have . I fairness spittal should be decent for us . He’s a seasoned spl player who knows how to score goals . He’s more likely to score than most of our strike force . until now we’ve only played 3 in midfield and pulled him onto the left hand side . be interesting to see if he’s vastly improved in a 4 man midfield , hopefully more on the right
  13. be great to see a bit more cohesion as a team, signs that we're moving forward. Given the investment Aberdeen have put in expect them to win, which if the outplay us and score hard earned goals fair play to them. Want to avoid the typical brain fart , easy goal give away but for that we need some personal changes.
  14. Thats certainly the general shape of team I'd be going with Cornelius , Tierney and as you mentioned Spittal could all start. For now Goss is our best creative midfielder, I'd like to see him afforded the opportunity to create (don't expect him to chase back etc) . Longer term I can't see a place for Mugabi, Sol, Maguire, Morris, Shields, Efford within the starting 11.
  15. Personal view is we could move to a back 3 and forfeit the need for a left back. Equally we have 3 right backs - one of them could switch and do a decent job. That said if there's someone who can all value then great. I'd rather we got 1 or 2 very decent centre halves , a playmaker or winger + a centre forward. What I'm not close to is how many of our young guns can fill those positions.

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