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    Big Dec

    Ha - I was thinking this last night. I'm reasonably convinced O'Donnell is a good standard for our team. I don't believe having a back 5 or him being some pseudo right mid works though. I'm a fan of 4 at the back , 2 wing backs and 2 in the centre. I think we'd see a more settled defence, including ODonnell and Gallagher. The other spots are up for debate.
  2. completely agree - I had high expectations for O'Donnell. I had thought moving to a back 4 would see both wing backs push up but it's not happening. There's was acres of space on that pitch tonight and we really didn't use it.
  3. He's poor. Tom Aldred feels like a long time ago.
  4. Agree - Watt was excellent, got involved and able to draw free kicks.
  5. I thought Grimmy did reasonably well. Sadly our squad isn't getting stronger , too many players aren't good enough as has been the case all season. Irrespective of poor defending we don't create chances.
  6. I thought pre season things were looking well but with the loss of Turnbull and the complete average Jo's this is a hard hard season. Campbell, Watt, Carson are the players with passmarks so far this season .
  7. he has been dreadful - absolutely dreadful
  8. sadly we lack quality - lots of players who work hard but little creativity. Can't remember working their keeper or their defence.
  9. shame we don't have decent wide players - this team were there for the taking.
  10. so naive - pressed the self destruct button
  11. get subs on - get long off - he's offered hee haw
  12. can't see 11 men staying on the park at the end of this one.
  13. that could have been a pen for them. we need to stop trying to tackle wrong side of the man
  14. what a joke - can't believe he only got a yellow
  15. we need to stop giving away stupid free kicks.

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