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  1. Polworth will be finished as a Motherwell player - doesn't offer enough. Long - should only play in the traditional no 9 jersey. Either Cole or Long but not both. Crawford works hard and a decent squad player - no better or worse than Grimmie.
  2. he got skinned very easily by the likes of Tait several times and quite cheaply. He's what's wrong with much of our squad - just not quite good enough for this level.
  3. we didn't sit as deep which was helpful and we won a lot more 1st and 2nd balls. Many players improved. Still don't believe the front 3 work - hopefully lawless comes in and we can play with a winger and start stretching teams as we don't look like scoring and continually try to thread it through a very packed defence.
  4. a decent winger would make the world of difference - all front 3 are far too narrow
  5. plenty of effort lack of any quality Would like to see Lawless come on for Roberts and see if it makes any difference.
  6. they get away with lots of professional fouls
  7. we are too narrow up front - we need to stretch them and not sold Cole adds much
  8. looks like buddies line up with 5 men in midfield - very difficult for our 3
  9. Im stunned we've not moved to a 3-5-2 to get the full team further up the park. There's a few variations that could work eg have Roberts as left/right midfield or drop Watt into the hole . but it does look like the same shitty formation that's been piss poor for what fees like a life sentence.
  10. I hadn't realised that - think young Johntstone was the same and has ended up as wing back. When he first came into the first team I thought he was put in as centre half but he looked slow. Could be my fading memory though.
  11. he started life a defender - got found out not to be good enough went back to the reserves - came back as a midfielder He's slow and will get caught out - but can he be any worse than Lamie is the key question
  12. well said - I back you for manager. it's also clear Watt isn't a goal scorer - the #10 role is plain and obvious and frankly we can't afford both him and Polworth in the same team at the same time.
  13. got to ask serious questions re how we go about training. For so many players to be out strains/pulls/muscle injuries - can't help but wonder what regime looks like,
  14. Personally I've seen enough of Maguire to say thank you and good luck. When he came through as a central defender 4 years ago he was too slow. Now he's in midfield he's still too slow and wants too much time on the ball. Given he's had several years around the edges of the squad Im stunned we extended his contract.
  15. completely agree with you. Don't see us damning any other player for their injury. Hope he's back asap as we're missing him.
  16. It feels like kangaroo court here where people are determined that Gallagher is the Panto villain. I suspect we'd have let him go or at least agree to remove the auto extension part of his contract. He has little to gain by throwing his toys out.
  17. in reality we need to see fighting/battling qualities from the starting 11. If fit I believe we have 7. (Kelly, Mugabi, Gallagher, Carrol, Campbell, O'hara & Watt) Time for others to prove themselves
  18. our team needs balance. I used to read the team sheet and think good guy, good guy, wanker, good guy, wanker, good guy, good guy, wanker We need more good guys back in the team.
  19. If you looked at just the stats Watt is a player who'd be slated for his lack of goals . The simple fact that he works his backside off and has the ability to hold the ball and pass means he's our player of the year , despite. a lack of goals. We need more lads to care the way Watt does. Still don't think he's a striker but a great player to have just behind the front 2
  20. given the team can't get out of our own half of the park - can't say I'd give any of our strikers a hard time. If they were missing loads of chances then yes. The issue with Smith is we don't cross the ball - therefore his height isn't any advantage at the moment
  21. Polworth has talent but doesn't suit playing in a 3 man midfield. He can't tackle - but he can split defences with good passes. Unless we play a 3-5-2 he's a luxury we can't afford and to be honest I'd rather drop Watt back and play him in the hole.

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