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  1. I'd rather be us than Accies. They need a win, we don't. It'll be a shit game but I can see us nicking it.
  2. We can't lose to them 4 times in a season. We really should win but I'd take the draw now just to avoid the risk of losing.
  3. It was like a mirror of the St Mirren game, we had more of the ball and were in dangerous areas without producing much.
  4. Well we're through. And that's what matters. We were the better side for most of the match, hitting the post and the stone wall penalty but even with that didn't look particularly dangerous.
  5. Anyway. Morton tonight, would love to be going to fir park tonight, nice night for the stoat up, couple of beers en route and then a scottish cup game. Alas. Any word on Watt or any of the other injured players? Do we go with the three up front or four in midfield? Same back 5 as against St Mirren but after that its going to be interesting who plays.
  6. Youre one of the posters on here i think is usually pretty reliable so maybe I'm wrong about him and I just like the sort of player I think he is rather than he's actually doing. Next few times he's playing and I can actually watch the game in person ill try and keep more of an eye on him with that in mind.
  7. And now going totally against everything I've said about the reduced squad and only bringing in a few players etc. Do we think Harry Cochrane is worth a punt? Not getting his contract renewed at Hearts, still young and was highly thought of, from the local area apparently and I'm assuming no fee for training compensation due if he's not been offered a contract? I'm not saying we should bring him in bit i think there's a discussion to be had.
  8. I think we will be looking to finish around the top 6 spot somewhere between 5 and 9th will be a realistic target and I think that squad is going to be around that level assuming we can fill the gaps well, aren't too unlucky with injuries and Alexander gets its mostly right tactically. Are you saying the squad isn't good enough to do that or that we should be aiming higher than that?
  9. I know you're not a fan but I think he adds some good physicality. Covers the park well and wins a lot in the air and drives the game forward well. Maybe too similar to Donnelly so I take your point. Then again I'm not a football manager by a long way so probably miles off.
  10. Yes I am. He would probably start ahead of Crawford.
  11. If Carson is fit he'll be number one and either Morrison or someone like Fox will be back up. If Carson is not available maybe we can get an extra 6 months loan out of Kelly. I Gallacher, Cole and Campbell will be away and we will need to look to replace them with similar quality. Long will be gone I think and as will some of the fringe players but I don't see them being replaced like for like. I don't see much coming in beyond that. Wouldn't be surprised to see us start next season in a 4-4-2 with GK: Carson RB: O'Donnell CB: Mugabe CB: New Centre Back LB: Carroll/McGinley MF: Donnelly MF: Crawford MF:Lawless MF: New midfielder. FW: Watt FW: New Striker The key will be those three new players and how good they are and how well they settle along with injuries. I think that also allows us to go with 3 at the back, or even 3 up front if we bring in another striker on top of the above. Would have Morrison, Grimshaw, Maguire, Lamie as senior players from the bench and filled out with the younger players that are at that stage. Who that ends up being is a different question. Maybe 5 new faces, 3 permanent and a couple of quality loans. Or I could be miles off and its a full new team.
  12. I imagine Dunne will be offered a deal but one on low terms keeping with our tradition of not totally discarding injured players. Which is similar to what happened with Tanner. Dunnes strongest part of his game was his pace so it will be interesting to see if he can regain that after what he's been through injury wise. I think our team next year will be a lot more similar to this years side than what people think/hope.
  13. 46% win ratio so far (played 15, won 7, 3 draws, 5 losses). Its a good record, especially when its not his team and with the injuries at the start of his reign. I know you can use the old Ebbe Skohvdal statistics line but in a results business its a stretch to argue against him having done a good job.
  14. Is 10th and a cup final worth more to the club than 7th and out at the quarters? Id imagine in a normal season the cup would bring in more but without the gate money at hampden I'm not sure.
  15. Aye, if its getting moved let us know sharp and make it Friday night or Sunday at 3pm. I must admit to liking a Friday evening game, though I know it doesn't work for a lot of people.

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