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  1. This hasn't came across right, I was talking about Alexander's career after the age of 37 and how successful he was in playing alot at a good level at the same age as Davis is now.
  2. Normally I'd be opposed to a 37 year old coming in but you've got to think that if anyone can get that right it's Alexander. Looking it up he played 130 games in the 3 seasons after he turned 37 (his birthday is in October so that's starting the season when he's 38 for most of it) 2 of those in the Championship and 1 in the Premier league down South.
  3. I think the Lamie to Dundee contract being voided makes sense, Dundee don't want Lamie and Lamie has other options he likes better so as well ripping it up. Think the rest of the movement is as expected.
  4. Isn't the champions path a whole separate thing, as in those on the champions path can only draw each other, its all part of a uefa plan to get smaller nations champions into the group stage? Or I could be talking shite. Anyway the kassiesa site is best place for all this stuff. https://kassiesa.net/uefa/seedecl2022.html
  5. I'd rather take on a Welsh/Irish/Northern Irish team in the second qualifying round, and be hopeful of a result . Them a decent away trip the following round ideally to a winnable tie. Then a glamour game for the play off round, as I don't see us getting three lucky draws in a row.
  6. Decent enough SPL midfielder, still only 26 so should be approaching his prime. He'd do a job, not an exciting signing per say but a solid player at this level. Though I can see this being a case of County fans just deciding he's going to us as it seems like the sort of thing that might happen.
  7. James Scott with a hat trick for Hibs today... probably reduces any chance we get him on loan. Any word on David Devine?
  8. We got 2 draws at Ibrox this year...
  9. This was always coming. They're in party mood and we've shot our load with players that aren't well putting in two big shifts in 4 days.
  10. Aye, he's not performed at Hibs but he's shown in his time with us and in his early time at Hull that he has something about him if deployed right. No insider info or anything. Just pulled out my arse for a bit of discussion
  11. I know some on here hate us bringing players back in but I'd think James Scott would be a loan option next year. Hull still in the Championship so got some money to spend, his spell at Hibs didn't set the Heather alight (though he seems to be getting more minutes now). From what he was doing before he left us I think he could work as part of the the front three formation we play. Though I'm sure if he was available we'd face stiff competition from St Mirren.
  12. Ach that's a shame, he seemed a good lad.
  13. I think that's a pretty fair assessment. I could see someone being open to taking a punt on Ojala so he may be allowed to move on to free up wages for players that will be available more. If we could bring back Lamie and have O'Connor on another deal I think we're well served enough there. I think Donnelly is a decent player but he's too injury prone so I wouldn't be offering him a new deal. Roberts and Amulozor shouldn't be back, I think we're in not bad shape up front but need another quality option that can hold the ball up a bit. I think Tierney will kick on next year and become a big player for us. I hope Maguire can come back from his injury and kick on, there's been steady improvement from him and I think he can become a solid option for us but he's had this op at a bad time. Fingers crossed for him.
  14. I remember when he was first on loan here and we couldn't get him om a deal cos Preston wanted him. Just never kicked on, but never stopped trying. Sad to see him go but it's the right move.
  15. https://kassiesa.net/uefa/seedecl2022.html Best site I've saw on what the qualification looks like for seeds and who's in when etc.

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