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  1. Not as it stands. Its 1st CL place. Cup winner 2nd Europa qualifying round. 2nd and 3rd first Europa qualifying round If cup winner is league winner everything moves down one place. So only 4 places as it stands.
  2. 40 points so far, 4th has finished on about 64 points most seasons, cant remember when 5th last took more than 60, so 7 wins should be enough. 7 from the next 16. It's going to be hard, but definitely do able.
  3. At Fir Park Cosgrove was very strong against Gallacher. Probably the worst I've seen Declan struggle for us. That along with the way they sat in and us relying on everything going down the flanks made the game at fir park very difficult for us. I imagine they'll be far more positive at home which may work in our favour.
  4. Youd think theres someone kicking about the Championship or even league 1 down south who isn't getting a game who could come in for 6 months to do that. Someone like Devante Cole would do.... I do think it's the only place we don't have an option that can do a job. Everywhere else I'm really happy with the squad, maybe argue it's a bit bloated.
  5. Steelboy has been saying the same thing on here a lot though maybe not quite so politely. We need a striker that can play with his back to goal to take pressure off at times. Curtis Main couldn't finish his dinner but was excellent at holding the ball up and giving us an out to build from.
  6. Watched the game on TV, you could only hear our fans and the commentary team did acknowledge that we brought a good support.
  7. That's less exciting. I've been there. Also it's not very close to queen street.
  8. We played well in spells and that was enough to see us through fairly comfortably. We do need a striker than can bring us up the pitch when we're under pressure like that. If no one else is coming in then Scott and Long are going to have to start rotating going through the middle during the game just to give us a different look. Thought Donnelly played well when he came on and ideally we can get back to Donnelly, Polworth and Campbell as out midfield three again. Glasgow BSC away please, or Ayr away. Never been to Somerset or wherever BSC play.
  9. Long has been good for us, I think theres something about him. That said if someone is coming in with a decent chunk of money for him then I'm sure he can be replaced, even in January window.
  10. Hes also not the back to goal striker that we desperately need. He'd be doing the same job as Long (if fit he'd do it better) but he doesn't give us the other option we need through the middle.
  11. Be disappointed to see Gallacher go but if Dunne is fit I think we'd be well enough served. Hartley and Dunne is a good SPL centre back pairing. We'd lose out on some quality distribution wise but its a solid pairing with Mugabe as back up. If the club can get 750k it will be a great bit of business. A quality striking option that can hold the ball up is what we need, if we can bring that in then it's a very exciting end to the season.
  12. Agreed, see also the Aberdeen game.
  13. Aye gave it a go myself went with Randolph Tait Hutchinson McManus Hammell Cadden Law Lasley Johnson Moult Higdon I thought Murphy left too early in the decade for inclusion but may have been too hasty on that. McManus gets in for longevity more than anything else, Gallacher is on course for the centre back spot next to Hutchinson.
  14. If he can make the bench for the Dundee game that would be excellent. We have a push for 4th/3rd coming and having the best player at the club available will be amazing. Dunne coming back along with a new striker and the first team now has far more depth.
  15. It's not just us that do this it's pretty common that the full back on the opposite side tucks in to be an extra man in the middle. The idea being that if play is switched theres enough time to shuttle across.

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