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  1. Aye good luck to Baraclough, should have brought on Carson for the penalties mind you. Also the nations league is such a nonsense when you get things like this happening.
  2. This is what happens when I take Scotland on my coupon....
  3. Aye the Record is a hack paper but at least they can usually spell Sport with right amount of Rs.
  4. I'd rather gamble on Carson staying fit and dealing with issues in defence, I mean if we can finish second with Hollis and Neilsen as the keepers then why not....
  5. League wont end until 2023 at this rate.
  6. We wont make any quality signings it's not the model. We'll take another 2 or 3 punts and if it doesnt work we look to drag ourselves through the season to 10th and then roll the dice again and hope some of the boys on loan come back ready to be the next Cadden, Campbell, Scott or Turnbull. Rinse and repeat.
  7. I'd say if a cup final was in jeopardy the losing semi finalists should take the place of the Covid affected team. Not the ideal sporting solution but it means the cup final still gets played and the TV company, SFA etc gets the spectacle. Also winning a cup final without playing a game would feel hollow (although it would be worth it for the "Robinson won the cup"/"Naw he didnae" back and forth).
  8. Hylton out and Cole in. I'd say that's net positive. Might see us go back to the 4 at the back with a front 3, Watt, Cole, Lang. If gives us options at least that I dont think we had with Hylton.
  9. According to the Guardian Kilmarnocks game with Falkirk is off tonight.... as good as Sky that coverage.
  10. Football management is funny business. You can do a good job for 4 years but by year 5 you fall off a cliff edge. It happened with McCall and it might be happening with Robinson. If this is the end of the line then he still leaves with my thanks for the job he's done (which he's been well rewarded for). I hope it's not the end and he can turn it round but in willing to accept it might be his time despite being a fan of his. We're the 6th or 7th biggest club in the country, that's our place that's where we are in supporter numbers and that's where we sit in terms of points gained over 100 years and over 20 years. We're going to have ups and downs, our highs haven't been as high as a cup win but they haven't been as low as a relegation. I'll be honest and say that's probably more luck than great stewardship but it is what it is. As fans a cup win and a relegation then coming back up would be better than staying in the league and not winning anything but it's far more precarious a position financially. Short term, we weren't really good enough to be third last year, and this year we're probably better than 11th or 12th but sometimes the bounce goes with you, sometimes against you.
  11. They were the level of a good Hibs, Aberdeen, Hearts side. Sort of team that regularly beats us. We showed good battle and had hald decent composure on the ball. We'll be safe this season but we wont be challenging for third. That's life.
  12. Individual errors and lack of composure killed us. Theres a lot of talk about players not being good enough and poor signings etc but it was mistakes from two players we would say were good enough in Gallagher and O'Donnell that really let us down. We're a mid table Scottish side, that's our level and that's the level of players we have on average. Some a bit better, some a bit worse but in average it's a 6th to 8th placed SPL side. Here's hoping for a good cup run to give us some cheer this season.
  13. Thought we'd played well up to then. Cheap goal to give away.
  14. On the PPV I've found the link 1 to work okay so far. Actually it's been excellent. 3-0 Pilzen so it's fair to say the winner in our tie is at home against against them.
  15. McGinley as part of the back three with O'Donnell on the right and Grimshaw on the left. Or O'Donnell tucking in at centre back and Grimmy on the right.

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