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  1. Aye, that's what I'd think. Plenty of energy with Grimmy and Campbell in the middle, maybe lacking height but plenty of hustle.
  2. Fair enough I didn't realise it was a two year deal. I think some sort of agreement will be reached in January, but this is definitely a gamble that hasn't come good.
  3. Repeat the first half hour that we played against them on the opening day but do ig for the full game, don't give any cheap goals and we should be grand... Bit over simplistic but I do think hard pressing is a better strategy than sitting in. MacGuire in for Donnelly and otherwise unchanged from ibrox. I think sloth will never kick a ball for us, interested where Steelboy has pulled the 6 figure sum from mind you.
  4. We now have as many points as Dundee got last season. Which is nice to see. There will be times when games like today and Wednesday wont go our way so we can enjoy the luck we're getting while its here. Long way to go but you've got to start thinking top 6 is realistic.
  5. Our record against Rangers is poor, that's fair to say. Though its telling that we discount cup games and the play offs because it doesn't suit the story. Our record at Celtic Park is probably a lot better than our peers and on average if we count them (the old firm) as one we're probably bang average againsy them amongst other teams at our level. We used to beat rangers all the time in the 90s despite having less success (more top 3 finishes, more cup finals etc. Obviously barring one major success). Its It's just a quirk of statistics, not some deep seated fear of going to ibrox, but that's not fun to get raging about.
  6. I think he has played there, but that's not to say he should play there. With the way Hartley went off last week you would think it was a concussion. The whole getting up on wobbly legs and going down again was what will have made the medical staff say he had to go off. In that case he should be out for 4 weeks. Wouldn't be against going to a back 3 and just trying to out fight them. It worked at fir park last year at the 3-3 game. Then again we only have 2 fit central defenders. Robinson is in for some stick either way, if he plays our usual formation hes naive and should know that wouldn't work, of he changes it hes trying to be clever and we shouldn't change the way we play for one game. Unless we win obviously, then even some people on here cant give him stick for that (why didn't we play like that against Aberdeen excluded).
  7. Carl McHugh with a wonder volley over in the Indian Super League. https://twitter.com/PaulDollery/status/1186215122773184517?s=09 Not as good as his goal against Hearts but what is?
  8. Almost certainly... cutting in and putting it in to the bottom corner to get a winner for rangers unfortunately. Be interesting to see what Murphys next move is. I don't see him becoming a first choice for rangers anytime soon (especially not when Kent is fit), would love to see him back at Motherwell but I'd imagine magine he'll have lower end championship clubs willing to take him on.
  9. On giving it to McGuire. Was very close to doing the same, thought he was fantastic and very assured for having so little first team experience. But Polworth was just that good I didn't
  10. I thought first half we were brilliant, and was very impressed with MacGuire thought some of his touches and passes were excellent. Polworth was probably the best player on the park but id be tempted to give a MOTM to MacGuire as he really surprised me with how composed he was. I can see why the manager starts Cole, he does offer more of a physical presence than Long and we needed that at times. Don't want to just parrot what Robinson said but we did let the game get stretched and didn't take enough touches in the middle to let the defence squeeze the game, but that happens when you only have three in the middle, doesn't help when you cant freshen up the midfield as you have to sub every front player every week.
  11. Gallacher carries some "baggage" that may cause unnecessary attention. For a player who's good enough for the squad as it stands but wouldn't make it if players were fit you can see why Clarke would leave him out and avoid any risk of having to field difficult questions.
  12. With Gallacher and Hartley we do carry a threat from set pieces, one that will be even more potent when Turnbull is back. O'Hara is a good call for a replacement as well if hes up to speed now but that's a big maybe. I had high hopes for Sloth but given his lack of action so far I'm thinking he's not as far along the recovery road as we had hoped.
  13. Tougher game in store than I think many of us anticipate, they don't concede a lot of goals and will sit in. Who comes in for Donnelly? MacGuire probably.
  14. Trialist listed in the reserves team sheet on twitter, anyone got a name? Seems to be at centre back but I don't know how they line up so could be well off.

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