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  1. Yeah unless someone else comes in then I think the one person that matters will select him to start.
  2. GA said in the Annan post match that he hadn't trained with the team yet.
  3. I have it in my head that draws are really common on opening day so I'll go with that. 1-1 in a fairly drab affair. If the Finnish CB comes in today then I could see him starting besides Lamie, Maguire, Donnelly and Slattery in the middle and the standard front three we've seen a lot so far this year.
  4. Well done finding this thread, I was planning to bump it when the group stage started but couldn't see it. Probably the best draw we could have got. Next signing Craig Tanner on a short term deal.
  5. From the Sun originally, apparently a fee involved as well.
  6. He's clearly a player that has something about him. Unfortunately he's made of glass. He'd be a huge gamble, and plenty of teams (well Wigan and Plymouth) have ignored his injury record and brought him in so the worry is any short term deal to prove his fitness would either be a waste as he wasn't fit or result in him being picked up by a bigger club as soon as he's shown he can play 10 games without his knee or hamstring exploding
  7. Not there today. How have we lined up shape wise. Usual 4-3-3 with Carroll in the middle?
  8. I'd have said Tshibola despite him not having a great second half of last season, and after looking up seeing that he's went to a Turkish side.
  9. I can see a lot of people moaning all season that we don't have a "creative midfielder" as I don't think that's the sort of player Alexander is going to use in his system. I think OTF is spot on with what he says about the front players being asked to hold the ball up and the midfield covering a lot of the park moving from their shielding positions to being involved in the attack. So you need players with an engine in the middle and your front players to hold the ball up. So I worry when Watt is off his game we're going to have some big problems.
  10. Well from a quick read he seems like a player that would be starting most weeks. Decent amount of experience at a decent level. Danish top flight not miles better or worse than the SPL, same with the Swedish league but got decent experience in those leagues and some better leagues as well. On the face of it someone that would come in and improve us. See how that plays out.
  11. The Academy structure at big clubs down south really does just hoover up young players. There must be thousands of lads about 20-23 who've been with these big clubs academies and never even been near the first team in training never mind near a match day squad.
  12. Unlike the SNP to allow councils that level of autonomy. Ive been doing regular lat flow testing just to be a but safe and I took a lat flow 2 Fridays ago, negative, again on the Monday negative, missus developed symptoms (lack of taste) on the Tuesday so did a PCR on the Tuesday, positive. Tested again with lat flow on the Friday to see what it said, also negative. Missus is a chemist and explained that the PCR amplifies the protein when it's detected so it will show a result whereas a lat flow requires a threshold value to be reached before the indicator line discolours. So PCR will pick up a far smaller virus amount. Either that or the lat flow are all as useful as Kasper Sloth.
  13. It can be, it's all about how they decide to approach it. I'm not going to get to exited by it either way doesn't matter if we're pumping them 5-0 or end up losing as so much of these games depends on how the teams decide to approach them.
  14. Again this is basically pre season now so we shouldn't get too concerned with it (another reason I don't want to pay for premier sports). Still though the midfield is in need of some more quality and options. Surprised were still playing with 3 up top. Be interested to hear if we change shape as the game goes on or just change like for like.
  15. Cheers. Seeing the goal as well helped. If Maguire can start getting box to box that could be a good development for him as a player.

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