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  1. I think people are being too harsh on Grimshaw, he gets up and down the park and does a good enough job when he's doing that. Once we have a left back that can do that on the other side then we can get back to using the system that works. No point in one full back getting forward and the other now as it unbalances the full team. At least his suspension gives Lang time to get up to fitness and what we do. Can only assume Watt is carrying some sort of knock as otherwsie you'd definitely have him on the park last night at some stage.
  2. Livingstone were so "Livingstone" last night it was wild. They really got the ball into the box at every opportunity and caused chaos but then moved the ball in tight passes around the box suddenly. So similar to how we played in the cup finals season. What was crazy is that we decided to go head to head with them on that and put the ball long to White as often as we could, we have a quality midfield but decided not to use it. I'm assuming that was due to our lack of a left back meaning we couldn't push the full backs up to get involved with the midfield when we got the ball. I think people are being harsh on Carson, he could have done better with the second but he hardly chucked it in, that apart he had a good game. Took charge of his area and looked to distribute it as well. Though we were lucky to come away with a point. Hopefully Carrol can get back soon as the way we like to play needs two full backs that will get up and down the park.
  3. Aye, I'm one of Robinson's biggest fans but even with that if I was Bournemouth I'd be looking for someone higher profile, better track record etc.
  4. With the transfer window open until October then back open again January it's really only 2.5 months we would be unable to bring in a replacement should Grimshaw get injured so as long as Grimshaw stays fit until the window closes I can't see anyone else coming in. McGinley will be the left back option until Carrol is fit. So unless Carroll has a set back then I don't see any other LBs coming in. In fact I don't see any more activity unless there's a bad injury somewhere in the team.
  5. Robinson used Long and Cole together towards the of 2019 and had them almost rotate, could see something similar happening with Watt and Long. That is fair. Why Lang wasn't on my team, take time to get up to match fitness.
  6. I'd be surprised if we went with that line up for Ross County on Monday, I imagine we'll be looking at something like: Carson Grimshaw Gallagher Lamie McGinchley Campbell Donnelly Turnbull Hastie Long Watt With O'Hara, White, Lang, Polworth and Hylton all coming off the bench if it's five subs.
  7. If we finish third again I'd take the goals coming from all over the park, but aye I can't see it happening without one of the strikers getting nearer 20 goals.
  8. Busier summer than I was expecting given the circumstances. Looks a very exciting line up and decent depth. So i'm naturally sh1tting it that we're going to have a terrible season.
  9. Hard to arrange anything else, travel restrictions were still in place until last week and lower league clubs aren't back in training yet so you're left with other SPL clubs. Rangers and Celtic will be able to play more games due to the bigger squads and budgets for travel etc. We shouldn't bother showing pre-season games as it gives fans the wrong idea that it's anything other than a kick about, but I can see why they did it to test the streaming plan for season ticket holders.
  10. Login not going anywhere for me, taking it's time i'm guessing due to heavy traffic. Ah well, only a friendly so not really bothered.
  11. Yeah the BBC report an approach here https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53472605 but then run a rumor in the rumors section that contradicts it.
  12. Looking at the amount of players that have came in we're looking for a windfall from somewhere. That somewhere I'm sure is Turnbull. I'd rather it wasn't Celtic but wherever it is I wish him well.
  13. I think the issue here is that this moves us to a Spanish type of model, where teams negotiate their own TV deals. Sky, or any other broadcasters, wont consent to clubs doing their own streaming long term so we'd see a removal of any TV deals to finance the game. Each club would, I assume, sell it's own streams with cup games split as gate receipts are now. So are the club going to develop their own production or subcontract it out? Are they going to pay the company producing the content and broadcasting it a fee and keep the streaming revenue or are they going to sell the rights to produce our streams for a certain fee and the company producing it takes the stream revenue? TV hasn't been great for Scottish football but I don't see the transition away from it being any better.
  14. Friendly against Rangers on July 22nd, https://www.motherwellfc.co.uk/2020/07/10/watch-rangers-v-motherwell-friendly-live/ Although I'm starved of fitba I'm still not going to watch pre season friendlies.
  15. Interesting development here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/53349168 If that goes ahead you'd think we'd be looking to get fans back in the ground not long after, maybe mid September?

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