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  1. I saw someone else on here talking about Aryibi coming back so went with that. Now it becomes a solid rumour, sorry about that. I think Aaarons is the better player but I see no chance of him coming in.
  2. Dunne and Gallacheris a good pairing at the back, as good as we can expect really. If both are available. I think Harttley knows he isnt going to be first pick and will want to play and will expect first team wages. Cant blame him for that and wish him all the best. We're a bit over stocked in the middle if O'hara comes in permanent, adding to Turnbull, campbell, Polworth and Donnely. 5 players for three slots if we continue to play with wingers. Aryibi would be a welcome addition, of we could bring him in I'd be happy with him and Hylton as starting wideplayers with Watt in the middle. Carson Carroll Dunne Gallacher Grimshaw Campbell O'Hara Aryibi Turnbull Hylton Watt That team looks good (formatting wise fpt a 4 2 3 1 and on the field) to me.
  3. It's almost like people need something to moan about. We finished third but the situation dictates that we need to carry a smaller squad next season so some people who we would have liked to offer contracts to parent going to get them. And I imagine some players will be offered less generous new deals than they otherwise would have. Explaining our financial situation is about setting fans expectations more than anything else, we shouldn't expect everyone to be here next season that was part of this team and we shouldn't expect a load of new signings. That's where we are and without statements like this people might not appreciate that.
  4. He's done a good job, its really hard to argue anything else. Has he brought in some dross, sure. What Motherwell manager hasn't? He's also brought in some very decent players and brought through some excellent players. To get us the results he has on and off the park with transfer fees etc. Its hard to see anyone else doing better.
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot about that.... It's been a long lockdown.
  6. We've all played 30 games and to be where we are is excellent, the team, management and everyone involved in the club deserve huge credit for that. Would we have made it to the final game in 3rd, I'm not sure with 2 games against Aberdeen still to play, Rangers twice as well, Celtic, Killie and Livi as well as either Hibs or St Johnstone so not many easy games left between now and the full season. We would have made 4th though and Celtic or Rangers would have won the cup so we would still have made Europe. We would have bit your hand off to be 3rd after 30 games in August so we have to look at this is a good season. Frustrating not to get to Hampden but one of those things. To do it without last seasons best player or any money to spend to replace him makes it all the more impressive. Cannae wait to get back next season, whenever that ends up being and however the league looks as I think this situation is going to play havoc with next season.
  7. Good that so much of our squad is out contract in the summer, gives them plenty motivation to stay fit as there will be a lot of players looking for clubs whenever next season starts. In saying that they'll want to stay fit regardless, what else are they going to be doing..... Seems the club have been sensible here and I think they've done the right thing.
  8. I'm a bit biased as when I looked at us, Aberdeen and Livi and our games until the split I had hearts taking points off both of them. What I look forward to in years to come will be when people say Stephen Robinson managed us to a third place finish and people arguing that if the season had played the full 38th we would have finished 6th.
  9. Isn't the issue that the SPL have to start next season on the first weekend in August to get the Sky money for next season? That's why they think they have to get the season finished and not running over to next season and delaying its start. There's no obvious way to sort this, calling the full thing off is going to cripple Dundee United, calling it as it is shafts Hearts, delaying things risks all the clubs getting any TV money for next season and potentially hurts every team in the league except Rangers and Celtic. Though in saying that I don't think the SPL/SFA are the most competent organisations to be trail blazers and think they really should wait and see what happens with the situation (unless they have been strong armed by Sky?).
  10. Burrows replied to that on twitter saying those are old figures and they don't tell the full story anyway. He then implied we are in much better shape than that but that some other clubs will be in a worse place.
  11. A pleasant surprise there. Good work by the club and player to work something out, credit where it's due to both of them.
  12. But he's available for Friday? If Campbell is out I'd hope we can get Donnelly back in, nothing against MacGuire, still think he's got something to offer but with Aberdeen I'd rather have Donnelly I there.
  13. Is Donnelly injured or suspended?
  14. 30 games played, still third. Wasnt there today but what I've heard a draw was fair, Aberdeen and Livi have to play Hearts (and each other) before the break so lets hope hearts do us some favours. Huge game Friday, a win there and we're guaranteed to go in to split at least 4th.
  15. On the bench for tomorrow night then? This could be the boost we need to get things back on track.

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