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  1. I'm assuming this list is for goals scored and games played after Moult joined the club.
  2. He was mostly coming of the bench, had a couple of starts but has only had 5 minutes of football since the start of December.
  3. In fairness to McIvor he's been out for a long time and its a hard game to come back in to after not kicking a ball in anger for so long. I'm not saying he's going to kick on but its unfair to write him off after today.
  4. Good point that. Mugabe was excellent, you can see the idea with standing off the full backs as Gallacher and Mugabe won everything, problem came when it wasn't just our 2 centre backs against their strikers, with a delivery from a more central area.
  5. I suppose he wants pace as part of the front three, Hastie isn't available and Lawless is just in the door. Need some big performances today, let's see what happens.
  6. Big difference between this season and last season is there isn't a deal with a new broadcaster (Sky) starting next season. Last year there was a major concern that if the season didn't kick off we'd lose out on the sky deal. That's not a threat this year so the league has more flexibility and can pause for 1 or 2 months while things improve. Its not ideal by a long way but there's options this year that weren't available last year.
  7. I'm saying Rooney is a player of pedigree and experience, but still folk aren't happy. Played a decent number of championship games, and loads of SPL experience. At 32 he shouldn't have fallen off a cliff from where he was 2 years ago and that was doing a good job for Aberdeen. Much like Lawless, he's not exciting but he's proven he can do the business in this league.
  8. I thought we were desperate for a player that scored goals? We needed players with pedigree and experience? If we can get him on a 6 month or 18 month contract then I'd say its good business
  9. If we don't lose any one I'd say a centre back to partner Gallacher would be the priority. Any word on when Donnelly is due back? I'm looking at him to add some bite in midfield. If he's back soon, he can go in the middle and put O'Hara in with Gallacher.
  10. Well at least we've heard of him. He did really well at Livi and showed more than what I thought he was capable of based in his time here. We're lacking wide options if we're going to play with wingers so if that's an option Alexander wants then it makes sense.
  11. Not if we count Weeyin talking about Lafferty as a rumour.
  12. I like to toy with the idea of a current and former players team, but not based on what they've done in the past but on what they would do on the coming Saturday. So you'd pick an 11 from anyone thats ever played a game for motherwell but that 11 is playing this Saturday in their current state. So no point having McFadden, McAllister etc. Might be worth a thread on its own or just a distraction in here. So playing a 3-5-2 Randolph Kipre, Hutchinson, Gallacher O'Donnell Turnbull OHara Campbell Johnson Jutkiewicz Blackman I'm really struggling for another option in midfield hence the OHara pick....
  13. Relying on footballers to follow the rules is surely the big issue there. More games pushed back to the tail end of the season, I've no idea when we'll get spaces to fit in the Killie and St Mirren games if the appeal succeeds. Id take an end to the season now on points per game, that should keep us up....
  14. Every pandemic has a silver lining.
  15. Typical the time we get a fun away draw we can't get fans in.

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