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  1. He must have chucked the toys well out the pram for it to have come to this.
  2. I'm surprised Hearts have had the start they've had. I don't see them as being a great side, then again they're only a pount ahead of us and I don't think we're a great side. Can see this being tight. 1 each possibly, and can see at least one team not finishing with 11 on the park.
  3. Aye thier fans will want "more", what they get is another story.
  4. Good patter here. Genuine fan of it. However GA to Aberdeen wouldn't surprise me in January assuming current form continues.
  5. He was only going to get included if one of Adams, Dykes and Nesbitt wasn't available. Might end up added to the squad if any of those three get a knock in the first game.
  6. With Roberts not available you're looking at the same front three. Even if Johansen is fit it would be harsh to drop Lamie or Ojala so probably the same back 5. Only change I can see is Donnelly in for Grimshaw and even then this is probably a game that suits Grimshaw.
  7. Been waiting for this to go up since 5pm o Saturday to vote for Tony Watt. Every big of success we had up top was down to him, he held things up fantastically, his turns opened the game up and a great goal (almost a second with the header off the bar, which was a great effort). I heard that Woolery got the sponsors man of the match at the game, its nice to see old Mrs Woolery supporting the club financially like that.
  8. Aye, if Lawrence Shankland is worth a call up then Watt (only 1 year older than Shankland) certainly is. Looking them both up, Watt has 4 times as many top flight goals in his career than Shankland. He's also much better than Brophy. If you're picking a Scotland team right now he's probably the 4th best striking option we have after Adams, Dykes and Nesbitt (who I think he's a better option than right now so he'd be my third pick).
  9. This is it for me when I'm heading praise on Slattery. Between him breaking up attacks, buying fouls all day and most importantly knowing when and being able to put his foot on the ball and just move it on a simple pass when it's being ping pinging back and forth. So many players would just continue the back and forth but he's always the one willing to take the sting out and actually move the ball. Also when is the MOTM thread going up so we can all vote for Watt again.
  10. I thought Donnelly added a good bit of composure for us when he came on, we looked far more comfortable in possession then than with Grimmy in there. What a ball from Lamie for Watts goal as well. When he won the ball, strolled up the park and then played that over the top, was beautiful for someone so maligned. Great goal from Slattery as well. All that being said we were poor today, barely won a second ball after 10 minutes in. Still though, three points and that's what matters.
  11. Any injuries except Sondre? I'm assuming the same team that played last week will start this week.
  12. Sondre must have either a knock or a virus. Is Goss injured/ill or just not fit enough yet?
  13. We're set up better for winning games against Rangers and Celtic than we have been for a while. We're not reliant on having possession to score, we look to go front to back quickly, we've a threat from set pieces and we don't concede a lot. That said our defence hasn't come up against a team with rangers quality yet but still I can see it being a tight game tomorrow. Might see the "hammer throwers" patter getting dragged back out (it definitely will if we get a result).
  14. Charles Dunne was very highly thought of when he was coming up. The reason he needed up here was because of his injury record. He was a gamble that worked for a while til it didn't. It was the right call not to offer him a deal this time and I do think the club giving injured players new deals on reduced terms is a fair and right thing to do.
  15. I think when you have two keepers genuinely competing for first choice you can't drop a player that's playing well. Like us with Gillespie and Carson. No chance you could have dropped Gillespie when he was playing the way he was.

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