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  1. WWI had nothing to do with defeating Fascism - it was all about Capitalist land-grab.
  2. We'll probably get Thistle away in the cup.
  3. Plenty of possession, several dead-ball situations around their box, but no end product.
  4. If we could just nick one............
  5. Cole now up against Hayes - that's where I'd have put Seedorf.
  6. Is that a squad o' Oirish navvies in donkey-jackets behind our goal in the first half?
  7. The Sloth! (Although I would have played Seedorf instead of Cole.)
  8. What is the rule about posting links to streams?
  9. Killie dropping points yesterday was a bonus. A point or three today would be an even better one.
  10. Hands up if you think the knuckle-draggers will respect the minute of silence requested by THEIR club tomorrow. Hmmm..........thought as much.
  11. Interesting. O'Neill is staying in charge of Norn Iron (as well as pursuing his Stoke duties) for the forthcoming Euro games against Holland and Germany, and any potential play-offs. (Stop sniggering at the back, boy.) So, there may not be a vacancy there for several months yet. (Allowing time for him to get sacked by Stoke and carry on across Boris' non-border as if Staffordshire never happened.)
  12. Cedric says: "Show your hole to the Tattie-bowl".
  13. Can't see Robinson taking an assistant post. It's a situation where you can lose your job because of the failings of the guy above you. O'Neill rejects Scotland but takes on the Stoke basket-case? I'm not sure what that says about Scotland.

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