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  1. 'Coz nae metter how ferr awa' ye roamIf ye want tae be happy in a million waysFur ra watchin' o ra fitba, ye cannae beat 'well, Motherwell. (Apologies to Perry Como) Aye, it's braw tae be hame efter the wee brek n' twa awa' gemmes. Micht get mysel' in a michty muckle tryin' tae fun ra groon, but. Play akin tae ra Dundee Ken n' Furryboots City n' ah'd be expectin' ra liftin' o' mony glesses o' oor nation libation efterwards. Play akin tae yon shite agin Accies n' aw we kin expect is cauld, saft (vegan) haggis oan a piece, n' no e'en an endie slice. Dae ah ken whurr Hell is? Aye, it's Fester Road. Come oan ye 'well.
  2. Tell yer frens tae dae this tae Dens.
  3. I'm stuck on an over-nighter. Two nights, in fact, plus the mistress, as it was the only way she'd let us go.
  4. FFS - whit happened? Did someone spike the half-time oranges?
  5. I'm looking at the size of the travelling support. Ridiculous. Here's an idea of what they used to bring not so long ago. (And a weel kent face getting his usual bit of assistance out of FP.)
  6. What a first twenty minutes - just like watching Brazil.
  7. Hi, peeps, from cloudy St. George's. A mere 29 degrees beach-side, but ye Motherwell TV is fired up and ready to go. COYW
  8. The Mistress has had her way (as per usual) and my human and I have to stay at home. We're all going on holiday tomorrow leaving at 04:00 and she's taking no chances. She'll be regretting that decision by lunch-time.
  9. The "b"BC weather forecast is for heavy winds and snow up there on Thursday,
  10. Whew! Off home for some of the Mistress' broccoli and Stilton soup.
  11. Ya BEAUTYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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