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  1. When the Hibs & Hearts approaches were being discussed it was suggested the NI job was the one he really wanted.
  2. O'Neil has quit as Norn Iron boss. I fear Robinson couldn't resist if approached.
  3. I also fear that this may be the death-knell for many Scottish clubs - those that would love to have 500+ at a game and have no regular income outside of paying punters.
  4. Golf, NBA, Racket and Ball, MLB - all suspended. But horse-racing at Cheltenham goes ahead! Does not compute.
  5. Add France. Euro 2020 as well, possibly, as it's going to prove difficult to get the qualifiers completed.
  6. Requires a vote: if the league is cancelled should we be awarded third place (bearing in mind there may not be any European competitions until current ones are completed) or all results null and void therefore denying Shellick.?
  7. Will Brian Rice be sitting in the stand holding his windometer? (Oo, err, missus.)
  8. Nae stream - is it pay at the gate? Not the weather for travelling so don't want to gamble. (Couldn't see anything about the TO being open this morning.)
  9. You can listen to extracts here. Perhaps not if you live in Muirhouse, though. (Not my opinion - let's just say she wasn't enamoured of it.) I'm really surprised Pie doesn't get a mention.
  10. 'Coz nae metter how ferr awa' ye roamIf ye want tae be happy in a million waysFur ra watchin' o ra fitba, ye cannae beat 'well, Motherwell. (Apologies to Perry Como) Aye, it's braw tae be hame efter the wee brek n' twa awa' gemmes. Micht get mysel' in a michty muckle tryin' tae fun ra groon, but. Play akin tae ra Dundee Ken n' Furryboots City n' ah'd be expectin' ra liftin' o' mony glesses o' oor nation libation efterwards. Play akin tae yon shite agin Accies n' aw we kin expect is cauld, saft (vegan) haggis oan a piece, n' no e'en an endie slice. Dae ah ken whurr Hell is? Aye, it's Fester Road. Come oan ye 'well.
  11. Tell yer frens tae dae this tae Dens.
  12. I'm stuck on an over-nighter. Two nights, in fact, plus the mistress, as it was the only way she'd let us go.

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