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  1. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I seem to think that we play better against the top clubs as they sit higher up the park and give us more space to attack. The likes of Accies sit back packing the area in front of the box and wait to hit us on the break. Given space we appear to be able hurt teams but don’t have the guile break down defences, which makes me fear that the post split games will see us losing more than we win.
  2. That’s what pisses me off - 6 PTS thrown away
  3. I thought it was for crackin up after Coke was fouled and the ref played on allowing them to attack.
  4. Think we might win this game but don’t want to jinks things.
  5. Kelly SOD. Lamie Carroll Johnstone McGinley Maguire, Polworth, Crawford Watt Cole/Long Johnstone and McGinley sitting in front of the back 3 And moving back to either RB or LB when SOD/Carroll go up the wings.
  6. Said the exact same to my brother this morning. I’d be looking at Johnston, Lamie & Mcginlay at the back - frightening I know but we’re not winning or even drawing at the moment so we need to try something else - O’Donnell & Carroll added to midfield on the wings doiubling up as defenders when required and two strikers playing through the middle.
  7. Bit unfair, that on his debut when he played competently, that Max Johnston gets voted “least worst”. Guy looks to be a great prospect.
  8. Any normal season lately, I’d have said 10 points is easily doable but this season has been anything but normal so I fear we could be short of points and in trouble come the split.
  9. Anyone who managed to watch that shite to the end.
  10. Went for Lamie who apart from the slip (out with his control) had a good game. Mugabi similarly had a good game but I can remember one cross field pass which was nearly costly. Apart from that there was nothing between them.
  11. Like us they should have taken 3pts off Rangers so I expect it to be a hard game but if we can take our chances we should just shade it.
  12. That would involve our strikers actually burying the chances that fall to them

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