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  1. The academy can only produce players that are willing to come/stay at Motherwell. We’re up against Rangers, Celtic, Hamilton, Livingston, Hibs and Hearts to get players in and then any decent club down south to keep them long enough to make the first team. We have done well in recent years but we have also lost a few potential first team players at the same time.
  2. In my view, in the games against Hibs - like other top 6 teams - we have played better because they come out against us and leave gaps that we can get into but I fear that they will have learnt by their previous mistakes and with us missing key players, this will be a different game. Fear the worst
  3. Calm down, Watt for one has been as good or better and will be here next season but maybe that fact doesn’t fit with your post.
  4. O'Donnell for me over Kelly, close but 1 goal & 1 penalty scored beats two good saves.
  5. Missed first 30 minutes, logged in just before 1st goal. Reading thread seems like I missed nothing
  6. CoF, I can only hope you’re right
  7. Generally agree with that but the Accies & StJ games have left me with some worries regarding GA - my preference for the job. Just can’t get my head round how the team could be so off the mark two games in a row. The performance against Accies was shocking and could maybe be written off as a bad day at the office but to follow that with another game where the team looked no different organisationally or aptitude left me gobsmacked.
  8. Good on GA for sticking with the guys who ok played well last week.
  9. I don’t know if it’s my imagination but I seem to think that we play better against the top clubs as they sit higher up the park and give us more space to attack. The likes of Accies sit back packing the area in front of the box and wait to hit us on the break. Given space we appear to be able hurt teams but don’t have the guile break down defences, which makes me fear that the post split games will see us losing more than we win.
  10. That’s what pisses me off - 6 PTS thrown away
  11. I thought it was for crackin up after Coke was fouled and the ref played on allowing them to attack.

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