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  1. Not been keeping up to date on things but is O’Conner injured as no one has selected him to start
  2. Hard to believe but that would be a great signing if true
  3. Never play well at Firhill but that was shocking. A wins a win though so can’t get upset. I’m sure performances will improve as the team gel.
  4. Back-heeled it to Watt who passed to Lawless.
  5. Nice movement for the goal and a decent finish by Lawless
  6. I’m not so sure about hearts, would he get a start ahead of Boyce or Gnanduillet? He possibly would be ahead of Henderson but would the hearts fans be happy to see him get developed ahead of one of their own?
  7. Bit of a shit comment, what about the guys who can’t afford the up front cost of a ST but pay their money every home game? What about the guy who pays weekly and also pays into the Well society? It’s not “the only fair way to do it” just the easiest way to do it.
  8. Bogging - I just don’t look at that and think Motherwell.
  9. Stuwell2

    Stevie O'D

    I don’t get the amount of stick he gets in general regarding his Scotland appearances from Scotland fans. Yes he’s not the best RB Scotland has produced but given the current crop on his day he’s as good as the rest if not better - Patterson aside as he’s just emerging. I’d also add that he can’t be that far behind both strikers for shots on target over the 3 games.
  10. I’d like to think that any get out clause would value him at more than £100K even before the Euros.
  11. Maybe not our finest emblem but the two guys wearing it are two of our finest players from my youth.
  12. I suspect he might be part of a swap deal with Hibs.
  13. Naw, I expect strikers to deliver Mark McGhee’s demand of 20 goals a season
  14. Regarding our new striker Connor Shield, I was talking to a guy who played along side him a few years back and he says he’s as fast as fuck and knows where the goals are. He expects him to get us a right few goals and that we will sell him on for a good few quid. hope to fuck that he’s right but it does give me a bit more hope for next season that we might have a goal scorer at last.

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