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  1. Hi blue welcome to the Motherwell rollercoaster hope you enjoy the ride. as for your team, does it share a city with the current Premier league champions?
  2. Heading up to Inverness for a few days, I know a couple of guys on here are from that area - any suggestions as to where to watch the game if I get the chance?
  3. Thought the window opened on the 29th which is today so hopefully we hear something later - if you’re in Motherwell look out for a media stunt.
  4. Wigan do seem to have been done over by their owner & I hope that the league take this into consideration.
  5. Was there not talk of Stoke also being interested in him?
  6. From what I’ve read and heard, the best time for a club to sell a player is when they have 18 months to 2 years left on their contract. With only 1 year left it seems that clubs cannot command as good fees, so I’m expecting DT to be sold by the new year at the latest.
  7. Understand that but thought it might be the reason why we have not signed him yet.
  8. Re Lang from bbc Wigan page “......In the meantime, with no fans at games, selling players remains the only way of raising money. Although the transfer window is not open, Wigan are allowed to sell one of their younger players, Jensen Weir, with a deal for the midfielder to join Brighton said to be close. The administrators have publicly said there will be no fire sale but departures are expected once the transfer window opens on 27 July.” so it looks like we can’t sign him until 27th if the administrators / new owners are still willing to sell him. alternatively I think we will still get him on a year long loan
  9. Takes Wigan out of relegation if they have 12pts deducted.
  10. If as reported the transfer fee has been agreed and he’s willing to join us, it does seem a long time to get a medical done and sign him but maybe it’s not easy getting a full medical at the moment.
  11. Like others I’ve only heard of him from older relations who all spoke highly of him. condolences to his family
  12. Agree Andy but this year would be different with 3 subs senior players & 2 reserve/youth players. with not a lot of chances of game time this season (no reserve league and leagues 1&2 unsure if they will even play this year) I think we need to do something to help the youth progress in their careers.
  13. Don’t think that we have forgotten the youngsters more like they are not ready yet and so we are spending to keep our position
  14. If it is 5 subs I’d like to see a rule that 2 were from the U21 squad.

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