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  1. Polworth not been in the game first half - giving a masterclass in hiding
  2. Not sure when the club were told that Campbell and McGuire weren’t able to play but I’m sure last minute changes to the team haven’t helped.
  3. Start? Can you explain why you say that? Did you mean continue? since September in the league we’ve won 4 & lost 2, those being Rangers & Celtic. Ya numpty
  4. Talking to a Celtic fan last night at work and he said that most Celtic fans look forward to games against us as they have a good chance of seeing a good game of football instead of watching their team trying to break down defence teams. A Rangers fan then agreed saying we were about the only team that tries to play football against them. Both said for that reason they always hope Motherwell do well and make the top six.
  5. Chapman hasn’t really done anything wrong but I feel that he has carried a bit of luck. He doesn’t install confidence in me for next week against Celtic but that said, no other keeper recently has managed to keep Celtic out so maybe we need his luck.
  6. I don’t think any politician does anything without some focus group examining the effect on votes so I stick by my point.
  7. If it’s not about votes, why is the government bothering to make special arrangements for football?
  8. Stuwell2

    Big Dec

    With Dykes missing the next match I’d be tempted - dispute my dislike of him - to bring Lee Griffiths in if he continues to get game time at Celtic.
  9. I’ve always argued that a great striker needed 3 things going for him, firstly a natural ability to know where the gaols were and what he is going to do with the ball when he got it - WP had that in abundance. Secondly a player with a good footballing brain to play the passes that he wants to give him the opportunity to get into a scoring position - BG was outstanding as that type of player. Thirdly both players need to have a natural understanding of each other and know what the other was going to do - WP/BG was that partnership and one of the best - if not the best I’ve seen at FP.
  10. Just my thoughts but I think the SPFL is shitting itself to award the points and set a precedent. If this was to happen to either of the OF in the next month or two when they had two or three games to play in the 14 day period leading to them losing 6 to 9 points it would just about hand the league to the other team - imagine the fucking meltdown! on the other hand postponing the games could see the other team creating a gap which if the league is cut short again would again hand the league to the other team - again total fucking meltdown! Best of all, if both teams had to isolate and then say Aberdeen & Hibs go top two then the league is called they would get the two European champions league spots next season - total meltdown from both the OF!! Now that would be a laugh
  11. Definitely didn’t enjoy the second half of the season. I did enjoy the first half of the season and the way we played - didn’t you? Im inclined to think that the second half was down more to the way teams lined up against us due to the fact they knew that we could hurt them if they were to play an open and attacking game. They have continued that style against us this season and that, with the fact that the team in general has played poorly, has us in the position we are. The OF face the same style but manage wins because they can afford £10K a week players while we can only afford £1K/£2K a week players. with that said, unlike you, I’m still willing to give SR time to adjust the team and get us out of the position we’re in.
  12. So you think finishing 5th would have been a poor season and as such the manager should have been sacked for only getting us to 5th?
  13. No need to be sorry no one could defend that. Still get shivers down my spine when I think of that time ☹️
  14. For what it’s worth a couple of my thoughts We weren’t pish and looked good at times but as with most games this season, we couldn’t create/convert decent chances. (Lack of 2 or 3 quality players due to our financial structure which I’ve pointed out before could have been slackened with the cash generated over the last 12 months to allow us a better chance in Europe & domestically - even taking Covid into account) They should have had a player sent off in the first half but the ref thought different. They should have had a penalty earlier in the second half. Was Lambie out of position at the first goal? ( if we were playing a zonal defence for set pieces and Lambie was to cover the front area then I’d say it’s the guy who was supposed to be covering the middle of the goals who was missing ) although his passes back to the keeper always give me the fear of being short or wayward. Finally I’m pissed off at us always looking for a rough diamond and just wish we would sign someone who is already cut and just needs polished or reset

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