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  1. So let me get this right.We finish top half,no less than fifth,get into Europe and folk are still greeting people really need to get over this anti Alexander when it's clearly working.If it wasn't working then out the door but clearly it is. Bailed out the cup by the worst red card of the season,finished higher than a few clubs with bigger budgets aswell.Whats even worse on Twitter reading so called fans a few games ago hoping we got beat and Alexander got sacked beyond a shameful. Saved us last season from horrible mess Robinson left us in and get us in Europe top half finish following season and folk still crying. God help him if he hasn't spilt the old firm next season then eh?.
  2. I think he made the right call i would expect the very same if it was us or any other Scottish club in same situation.I think we will win as Rangers will be not going full pelt saving themselves for Europe.
  3. Ffs the crying on here makes some folk so entitled.The fact people are having a go at Alan Burrows for me one of the best in the game and everything he has done for the club yeah all the good stuff.Move a game of football and its burning torches outside Fir Park get over it and move on.
  4. Pretty sure at the start of the season the board would have said top 6 finish Graham and he delivered also if someone had you would finish above Aberdeen and Hibs i would have said good stuff! So we are now at the stage where we are top 6 club and folk are moaning ffs oh we dont play this way oh we dont play that way i couldnt give a flying funaki how we play aslong as we get top 6 and not relegated. Well done to staff and players stuck in job done now Europe please!
  5. Alright Mrs Lawless it's Mrs Polworth here want to join the see that Graham Alexander club?Lambrini and Doritos will be provided.
  6. The last year he was with us it was brutal won about 8 games or so in the league a couple in the cup he was lucky to be at a club with a decent board cause he would have been sacked! Left us in an utter mess in utter freefall and would have took us down if he stayed.
  7. I would like to add GA has made alot of players improve game with us Watt,Mugabi and Lamie even McGinlay has improved alot.Christ he might have even made a goalie out of Aaron Chapman wait sorry I took that to far even Fergie couldn't do that. I mind tons of folk on here saying we need to explore lower Scottish leagues we do so and folk are moaning.Worth a punt aye but sounds like the boy is already on a hiding to nothing and he hasn't even been offered a contract yet lol. Imagine having two players from lower leagues in Shields and Rudden fighting for places in our team that puts a smile on my face.
  8. I would let him go if we get a decent offer for him easy.Why would I want a player who knows he is moving on to another club in the same league who we are up against?Sorry I don't grudge any player a move good luck to them but I find the whole 24th December pre contract thing a total kick in the balls and pretty bizarre!Christ even his Ps5 pal wasnt as brazen as that when he stopped kicking a ball for us. I would take 40-50k and invest it elsewhere.
  9. Such a bizarre time to announce it if anything just a bit off. I think like someone said his agent might be looking to cut a deal with Motherwell so he is out the door come end of January. I really am not arsed he is leaving but I hope he does go as with Gallagher when he was clearly going he gave up the ghost and never kicked a ball for us for 6 months.
  10. Tons of Championship clubs after him btw..felt my nose grow a wee bit saying that.I not even that bothered shall be replaced I have faith in this new scouting set up we have. I really hope that Big Bev signs up with us for a few more years that's the one I am more concerned about
  11. And with the COVID restrictions you are going to see alot of transfers being done by teams within the UK to each probably alot more than normally.A few in and out for us me thinks. I can see us punting Watt and bringing in that guy from Ireland plays on the left and up front we have been linked to a few times Mark Doyle.
  12. Us winning when we are not playing the best is such a great feat we seem to have devolped under GA.Even when we go a goal down I still fancy out chances to get back in it. Think if we can get 31 points by end of the year then pretty good season so far. Onwards and upwards.
  13. Tony Watt would be utter mental leaving us for a couple of grand extra a week let's not kid ourselves on here,he will have pocketed a fair wedge on signing on fees alone with his career and I bet he isn't short of a Bob or two.I be willing bet he shall be back to square one a football nomad again when he leaves can see that happening.
  14. Never in doubt we have a manager that can sort things while the players are on the park tactical wise!Play good we win play crap we can always get something out the game.Slattery oh my what a find he was top class.
  15. We just look so physical up front and along the backline going to hussle and muscle alot of teams off the ball.This could turn out to be one of the best transfer windows in a long long while i really like what we are building here and with most of them on long term contracts its all clicking into place.

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