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  1. Just wondering should we play Summer football when everything is getting back to normal do you all think crowds would be up?I could honestly see better crowds all across the board as folks want just to be outside enjoying life again properly.But let's be honest it could be a roaring success and the powers of be would still stick head in sand and go nah cant have that,that be too much of a good thing.
  2. Not being funny but do clubs asking the fans for money think we have suddenly all became millionaires overnight?Alot of us are in the same boat not on 200,000 grand a year,most folk right now are struggling right now.
  3. Wee bit more game time this season,full pre season and hopefully he will be back to his beautiful best!So happy well done to everyone involved common sense.
  4. Sorry but a bit peeved at this first time in a long time we dont need to sell right away I dont think it's good business at all and for a team that's pretty weak up front if you dont spend yes spend some of the cash then not too impressed and I am not talking about extending Long on new contract that wont cut it.

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