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    Big Dec

    Christ folk are carrying on that we are loosing something that can't be replaced.He will and we shall move on,He was fantastic last season this season not so much let's be honest.
  2. Long is a no no for me think its time for us to part with him and to be honest down think he wouldn't want to sign with us again. We need some fresh faces in the team so as much as we can offload the better.
  3. Crawford,Mugabi and Cole have came on loads since Alexander came in his man management must be top drawer.When you look back to that utter pumping we got when Lasley was in charge team was an utter mess,confidence was at all time low and Chapman was in goals. Next season I will judge him when he has more input,shapes the team the way he wants for now more than happy heading in the right direction.
  4. Sorry but big Bevis is a totally different player under Alexander than was under Robinson.His game has came on a fair wee bit I think and will only get better. Crawford bring him on and will do a job type player no thrills. I do think think we should go balls deep and get Kelly on a perma deal if we can 3 year deal with an extension think we could recoup the investment easy.
  5. Considering the mess he came into this team was ready for the drop!I think he has worked wonders on confidence alone if someone was going to tell me Lamie was going to man of the match shifts and look solid at the back I would have laughed. I am actually glad the board went with Alexander than a Tommy Wright its forward thinking and I think this will show in seasons to come a good fit.
  6. I say one thing we are going in the right direction and the board took a massive risk with Alexander.I have been really impressed with the way he goes about things we were on our knees a team with the confidence booted out them and now heading upwards to safety. Alexander and our club seem to fit hand and hand least he will be at a club with a board that won't sack him for being in the top half of the table like his previous job. Onwards and upwards to official safety looking forward to next season when we do.
  7. I am pretty confident we will stay up and i will even stick my neck out and say we will be a top 6 club next season in the Premier division. No doom and gloom from me just balls of steel and a wee bit of faith!
  8. It helps aswell when the manager isn't constantly coming out slating the players after every game thinking its going have them playing fantastic in the next game. One thing i have learned since Robinson left when it was going well for him his man management was good when it wasn't he had no idea who to actually handle it and actually get the team playing again.
  9. I actually feel pretty confident looking at what others around us have done in the window that we will stay up and finish about 7th or 8th brought in a few bodies as cover more than anything the real work shall be in the summer when more than half shall leave happy a keeper was brought in that was a must. Onwards and upwards.
  10. Just such a bizarre signing.Anyway it's what we have so onwards and upwards hopefully.
  11. Sorry but if this was the signing of the day then I would seriously review the Scottish scouting we have in place.
  12. Duku maybe from Raith might be worth a punt or i would have dipped into the piggy bank National Conference see what I could get.
  13. I tell you what i am going to be signing is a ton of brown pairs of pants!Going to need for the rest of the season I think. I actually thought we would have got in a few today we have signed a player that won't kick a ball for us again in Dunne and a player that already plays for us in Crawford. Please just give me a player that I can say yes.
  14. Pretty happy with Foley coming in him and Lawless both seem to be good signings for us.
  15. Sorry but have you been watching the same Motherwell games since Alexander took over?We have something under Alexander that we haven't had for a while ie fight in them.That Ross County alone could prove to be biggest result of the season went behind came back to win. Be four losses under Robinson good chance sitting rock bottom if he had still been in charge.

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