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  1. Never in doubt we have a manager that can sort things while the players are on the park tactical wise!Play good we win play crap we can always get something out the game.Slattery oh my what a find he was top class.
  2. We just look so physical up front and along the backline going to hussle and muscle alot of teams off the ball.This could turn out to be one of the best transfer windows in a long long while i really like what we are building here and with most of them on long term contracts its all clicking into place.
  3. Never in doubt easy.Love the physical aspect of the team all over the pitch total units we looked pretty solid today.Onwards and upwards.
  4. 3 certs for tomorrow Get yer money on Gallagher picking up a yellow card,in the top four by ten to five and folk on here still pissing and moaning about how we didn't win by playing like Brazil 1970 world cup winning squad.
  5. It's great we are getting back to watch football but I don't like this basically holding a gun to the head if you don't get it then you are not allowed. We are getting to the stage where its going to be papers please!You don't have the jab well you sit in that stand with the rest of the unvaccinated. It's going down dangerous path.
  6. Dont know much about him but looks like a strong center back in the shape of Hartley hope it works out.Still think we are missing a passing midfielder and hope we can pick something even after window shuts.
  7. Gave team top of the league a run for money,Drew with St Johnstone away,beat Livi away the beat Dundee at home sitting top half of table and folk still not happy?It might not be pretty to watch but its getting results and results are what its all about. Starting think there is alot of hate for GA because he replaced Robinson who may i add left the us in such a mess i was expecting us to be in the championship right now. GA has a 46.7 win percent with us and all i see is doom and gloom.Airdrie and Dundee cup games justified 100 percent but top half and 2 league wins back to back sitting 5th take it everyday of the week.
  8. I think we are pretty lucky to have such a open CEO running our club like the way he goes about addressing things and wouldn't be shocked if he has actually turned down a few job offers to stay with the club he truly loves.
  9. This Sondre Solholm Johansen we are ment to be signing looks like he is built like a brick shit hoose!
  10. Sign a player piss an moan,Ceo talks about number of players siging piss and moan.Ffs folk on here really need to chill out.I am at the stage where we could go unbeaten in the league,thump the ugly sisters home and away and folk would be like the club need to sort the wee bit of grass behind the away end it looks to dried out by the sun. Great to see the club making moves and hope the other two players we get add something.
  11. Yep I think the club went well that's the ground getting done up with the money.Pretty sure if it would put us in any sort of danger Flow and Co wouldn't have went anywhere near it.
  12. Fantastic effort think when Ojala comes in will be more solid at the back.Need more up front from the bench to bring on.Donnelly doesn't look fit. The ref had a shocker if this is going to be the standard of refereeing then good god I dread when Bobby Madden is in charge of our games.
  13. Long for me had the feeling he just didn't want to be here at all.It blew my socks off the fact Robinson offered him terms but was more than happy for Long to sit about waiting on other offers to come in which they clearly didn't happen then sign him up again. That in itself should have been a no go it was a poor bit of business.
  14. Says something about Alexander and the club in a business where loyality one min out the door the next. Hope one day he gets a 2nd chance with us as manager but not when players are rock bottom.All the best to the Silver Fox
  15. I know its the cup but I see these games as just as a more physical friendly work out.Queens Park are actually a decent side very impressed by them and other teams would have struggled to break them down,get into a rhythm. It will all click when it comes to the league campaign but I do hope we have a more faces in by end of this month to give them a fair few days to get fitness up for opening game. Looking forward to hearing oh Kevin Van Veen song when he starts to bang them in!COYW.

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