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  1. I just feel that we are not progressing now any more under Robinson on the football side we look like we have no ideas at all where if we go down a goal thats it. Anything less than 6 plus points in October then we need be seriously thinking about replacing him.
  2. 100 percent we should be a top 6 club every year why not?however would we have finished 3rd if the league was finished early?I have my doubts but we did but when you look at our results since start of the year we have have been utterly terrible and this years recruitment has been poor,we are a carrying a fair few players that need to leave. If we don't go on a run between now and Christmas we are going to be in major bother as from January we tend to be terrible he does bang on about getting to cup finals and finishing 3rd in league but doesn't add didn't win any of them and cause the league was stopped early.
  3. For me i think we should be looking at adding a player of some sort with wise old head on his shoulders.We look like we don't have a natural leader to kick them up the erse give them a proper going over. Gallagher is having a howler of a season and for me doesn't look like a captain at all.
  4. I don't get why he is sending them out on loan no Robbo give them a bloody chance and see how they do can't be any worse than what we have been seeing at least they will give you a fight to try keep place in the team.Never a better time no crowds to get on case best time to play them. He gave them new contracts so must be good enough.
  5. Gallagher should be dropped he done it to Hartley so he needs to go out and get some competition for the CB.He is murder right now gets the ball hoofs it into space to end with nothing. The wingers are null and void clearly Seedorf isn't going to come onto anything so time to cut him free,Hylton looks done up here so me thinks we will be off.
  6. This is pure Relegation material aye playing Rangers make every excuse under the sun but we just didn't do anything no fight no balls. We need to add a few faces Lang not sold on him,Grimshaw needs to go can't take a throw in can't make a pass to a Well shirt utter terrible. If we had decent service i am pretty sure Watt would score for fun he is the only player apart from Campbell that actually busts his gut. To beat Aberdeen 3-0 and then serve us up this Sunday shit sandwich nah not having it.
  7. Tony Watt the boys busting a gut for us recently no service and no doesn't look like he will be getting any soon.
  8. Do we think its actually the manager that's the issue and not the players?Cause the levels from last season to this is mind blowing.This whole defenders to the half way line and hoof it forward more so diagonally its totally not working when we pass and move it works a treat. Makes no sense to go away to a team thats bread and butter is long ball soak it up and attack. The amount of times we just kicked it at them for them to run at us time and time again.Punting the ball at Seedorf for him to try and win it with his head is beyond pointless. We need something up front,something different we don't look like a team that's going to score much goals from the frontline.
  9. I would rather we played Grimmy in midfield than O Hara least you will get is a bit effort and someone that will stick foot in a bit.
  10. Its this long ball thing we have been playing its utter chronic and doesn't work.
  11. They need to get wee Alan C on better contract asap that boy is the only light in this team.
  12. Something isn't right and I think it comes down to the management just ran out of ideas.
  13. We need to dip into the old kitty and get something different up front.Seedorf should be given a free and O Hara has been shocking.
  14. And this long ball shite where the defenders take it to half way line and smack it up Jesus christ.
  15. Fucking disgrace what the team talk at half time was must have been a total hoot!Robinson should be made to walk back to Fir Park after that.

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