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  1. Fantastic effort think when Ojala comes in will be more solid at the back.Need more up front from the bench to bring on.Donnelly doesn't look fit. The ref had a shocker if this is going to be the standard of refereeing then good god I dread when Bobby Madden is in charge of our games.
  2. Long for me had the feeling he just didn't want to be here at all.It blew my socks off the fact Robinson offered him terms but was more than happy for Long to sit about waiting on other offers to come in which they clearly didn't happen then sign him up again. That in itself should have been a no go it was a poor bit of business.
  3. Says something about Alexander and the club in a business where loyality one min out the door the next. Hope one day he gets a 2nd chance with us as manager but not when players are rock bottom.All the best to the Silver Fox
  4. I know its the cup but I see these games as just as a more physical friendly work out.Queens Park are actually a decent side very impressed by them and other teams would have struggled to break them down,get into a rhythm. It will all click when it comes to the league campaign but I do hope we have a more faces in by end of this month to give them a fair few days to get fitness up for opening game. Looking forward to hearing oh Kevin Van Veen song when he starts to bang them in!COYW.
  5. First proper game not worried I shall be worried if its the end of September and we are sitting bottom of the league and playing like that. Still plenty time to change things before the window shuts so it will all be fine.
  6. Christ folk judging the season on the first game of the season lmao.The same folk when we went on a run win were pissing and moaning cause we were not playing attractive football. Behave!
  7. I feel like we are building something special here with GA at the helm a couple of defenders a midfielder and we are looking pretty decent.
  8. Get Kelly, a few defenders and a midfielder with a pass in him looks like we might have a decent squad for the forth coming season.Need a rock solid unit at the back someone like an Alfred. Forward line looks so good.
  9. Spit_It_Out

    Stevie O'D

    Turnbull 100 percent should have been given game time of some sort at this tournament.Get all the young guys playing with Roberston and such the more they play together in a system that works it will see us in good stead for years. We have lots of talent sadly we need a manager with the skills to work with it.Paterson should start aswell the World Cup qualifiers along with Turnbull,Gilmour and such.
  10. I really hope we address the Defence asap we need a a couple of centre backs at the very least right back and left back we are fine but central pretty weak in that position.
  11. Will never have a better chance of qualifying ever!Two games at home and one at Wembley hardly any travel hassle. Croatia were fantastic,passed so well and Modric different class had us in his back pocket all day long.Would have took Dykes off and put on Turnbull give a wee shot last 15 mins.
  12. Spit_It_Out

    Chris Long

    Will get you goals but alot of the time goes missing and body language looks bad but that's the way he is. Chris Porter and Chris Long defo goals in that combo.
  13. Part n part of football now if true more an more teams will have contract clauses like this in them but I wouldn't grudge any player a move away from Motherwell really he done a decent thing like Turnbull signed on knowing either way the club will get something out it if Euros were a success for him. Turnbull is the only player I grudged a move only because I wanted to see him in a Well for for a few more years but he is definitely heading for the Premiership in England soonier rather than later which I hope we have a sell on clause.
  14. Spit_It_Out

    Stevie O'D

    Too easy to read for me today.Lets just attack down the left flank time and time again a fair number of times O Donnell had got himself into good position only for everything to come through Roberston. If we had a Tierney today it might have made a wee bit of difference attacking down both flanks but the lack of getting into the Czech box was poor.
  15. Spit_It_Out

    Stevie O'D

    Don't think O'Donnell actually didn't do that bad to be fair if anything we were set up pretty badly,tactics were poor aswell.We looked so much better with 2 up front. I just can't see us scoring in this tournament.

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