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  1. Tony Watt never ever stops running and this has been all season.Up and down that pitch like a whippet .
  2. Considering what he is working with that was epic!Could be sitting on 6 points right now after that Madden penalty last week and a dodgy looking offside goal today but what we are seeing is a bit fight,more effort and someone that tactically looks decent!. My only wish is he came in soonier think we be out this mess but onwards and upwards COYW.
  3. I want to see a bit fight and bit getting stuck in and not folding like a pack of cards.We can only move up it will come good i truly believe this KIng Alexander will see us right.
  4. The balance will be looking a hell lot worse in the Championship if they dont invest in some quality.
  5. When you look at the squad we have the only asset we have to make money off that has be brought in is Gallagher the rest couldn't give them away and haven't pushed on.Best time more than ever to dangle a wee fee in front of teams to get a proven goal scorer from lower leagues sure a punt but a worthy punt.
  6. I think its about time we start use some of the cash we have got to invest in players.No reason whatsoever why we couldn't get a Nesbit and such I mean Sir Louis was an investment and look where that took us. Time to splash the cash a wee bit.
  7. Alexander can only work with what he is left with and its not til you step back have a look and see my god what a terrible transfer window we had in the summer but i am hoping we can get something out a few of them that for some reason just didn't work for Robinson but i suspect that his man management is not the best rubbed alot of player up wrong way.For every Tony Watt he was getting to work for him he had 2-3 players he didnt. I mean Chapman!Whoever suggested we sign him to play for us should never ever be near our club again totally honking from the off.
  8. I think he should be a good for for us seems like the kinda manger we would go for and happy he has brought his assistant with him aswell.Very happy the board went in this direction i honestly thought they would have went for Tommy Wright.Best of luck to the new management team and COYW!
  9. Lets be fair we have been pretty lucky and hit a few gems but we have also hit a number of utter duds!But who is to say that a new manager coming might not get something out a Seedorf?Might get a bit more out Grimshaw?This crop this season you couldnt give them away been really really poor. Thats the beauty of the new manager coming in its a clean slate they might see something others couldnt.By looking at things and needing we 100 percent need a really good man manager right now if anything confidence utterly destroyed so from the off belief needs to be reinstalled. Onwards and upwards!
  10. I am glad the club are moving quick i am pretty shocked tbh.Least the new manager will have nearly a full transfer window to work with.Said Alexander from the start would like him to be given a go but think it will be Wright and Lasley combo.
  11. I didnt even know he had a match trigger to get a year extension!This looks like agent informed the the papers to get the ball rolling.
  12. Honestly more i read these comments think we are just replacing like for like on the manager front with Wright still have half a season to get back up the table totally think it be worth giving someone with a totally different approach the job.
  13. Be curious to see how he handles the Goalkeeper situation cause after that shower on Saturday surely Morrison should get a shot in goals.That call in itself will see what he is made of.
  14. I see it totally different only one manager position at a club and tons of decent managers out of work will be looking at that and fancying it to get us out a hole,another string to the cv and bigger clubs will come sniffing.Its really not about the wage with alot of them its about what is Motherwell going to offer me to work with.I think we could get alot of names mentioned on here by folk but going how we do things thats why i said McCall might come back as McGee came back and Robinson came back clearly to take over from McGee.
  15. Exactly we need a new manager end of this week to have some sort of chance to get players he wants in.I have a feeling just a feeling we might see Stuart McCall turn up until end of the season.

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