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  1. Not a fan of this offering, as many have said before it’s a Livvie top apart from the badge, someone needs some re direction training after allowing this to got to manufacture
  2. Obviously a very large dark one haha
  3. One of my former Well favourites Cedric Kipre has signed for West Brom, great chance for the big man to shine n get his dream move back to Camp Neu Fir Park lol Good luck to Cedric!
  4. Great signing by the club! I said all along that Liam was a signing that would be a positive for the club, one TBH I never felt we could get on a perm deal Liam is a solid quality keeper aka Randolph, Ruddy n Trevor at his best I feel, we now need that quality experienced CB n Midfielder to give us that spine of experience n quality, dont think we will hold onto Liam for long though as if he performs as he did for us from January he’ll be away end of the season for £2m plus and potentially Scotland No1 before long!
  5. Have you believed everything, or should I say on a personal level anything that any government/Leitch have/has said? It would be wonderful if we could really believe that stadiums and life were going to get back to normal, but as has been shown before as soon as a big date gets close another “variant” appears as if by magic, I predict with my mystic Meg crystal ball, and I really hope I can be proved wrong but I predict that the castors that are fitted to the goals will move again at the end of September to end the “normality” just when the Well support have settled back into our seats.
  6. I refer to my previous post and Siebsbarmyarmy, man speak with forked tongue, goal posts on castors me thinks....
  7. All restrictions lifted by August, all for them to be reimposed by the end of September...yawn here we go again
  8. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere...
  9. Good luck to Allan, he’s been superb for Motherwell, I hope he goes on and does himself proud, DT n AC in Scotland midfield in a year maybe?....
  10. I thought SOD done okay in amongst some real underperforming English Premiership n the green ugly sister player, I thought McTominey was tosh, Christie invisible n Marshall’s positioning for the 2nd goal amateurish but however in his defence his other saves in the match saved us from a humbling, However just wait for the clamouring from the orange brigade n Glasgow media for boy wonder to start against the English, with the cry “he’s scored in Europe” in one of his 8 games. Clarke has to start with DT and Gilmour (and I realise he hasn’t had many games either but he’s in tbe Chelsea first team rather than orange boy wonder who’s in the Rangers squad..big difference IMO) alongside McGinn and I hope Tierney is fit, he could make a difference.
  11. Aye, Patterson will become an important player for Scotland, in time, but only if the young player knuckles down and continues his development, but as Grizzlyg said the ugly sisters media hyping the young guy who’s played 8 full games, I sincerely hope SOD can see off the young pup n keep his, and Well’s stock high during the euros!
  12. Who do you all think has been the best signing in the January window and most improved player/s under GA so far? For me the best signing by an absolute country mile has been Kelly, his assured goalkeeping and talking to his defence has definitely been the catalyst to our resurgence and recent good form, he is on a par with Trevor and has been excellent. I also think that Devante has been a revelation under GA, he has been played as an out and out Centre Forward and none of this Robbo pish across the front...somewhere and as a result has scored 9 goals and showing his true potential. I am probably going to get slaughtered for this I also think Lamie has improved a lot, he still has the ability to be a total bomb scare but under GA he’s not been as bad and has been a bit more reliable, he used to give opponents a goal of a start every time he played, not so much now but still lots of room for improvement. Thoughts?
  13. I realised that later doh! But up with the great Scottish internationalist Consadine he’ll look world beating, but then again how long until the strop?
  14. Well as far as I’ll say good riddance Dec. The grass might not be greener playing with sheep, previous Well players thought the same..Curtis Main n look where that got him after 18mths, then again playing beside the cart horse that is McKenna will make him look good, wonder how Glass will react when Decs toys come out the pram like they did here?

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