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  1. Aye it seems that Big Dec has well and truly fucked up, getting his rewards now as far as I’m concerned, if he had stopped playing funny buggers then he would have at least another 2 caps. Even the cart horse McKenna got on before him so that says everything. As Goggles n Flippers said time for a new agent haha Should GA pick him then he has to play his socks off for us again to try and get his trip in June, you fucked up Dec!
  2. Yes Super Coop was indeed super, some man and a great loss, glad I was able to watch him grace Fir Park
  3. The first order of the day in my opinion is to get enough points to be safe, then if we can get above St Midden just to prove a point after Covidgate n then if all my Christmas’s come at once the Accies to get relegated right after we have pumped them 5-0 at their shitheap....can but dream eh? Survival first n foremost!!!
  4. Well that’s my predictions shot to bits...
  5. Oh dear here we go again, this could get embarrassing, yet another shitfest, totally agree why are we still 3 in midfield, teams just steamroller out midfield, is GA taking texts from Robbo?
  6. If Kelly was to be out we would have nothing to lose by giving PJ his debut, he’s got more talent in his left glove than Chapman has, Chapman I’m afraid is a mare waiting to happen. Isnt it ironic that Lamie is the only recognised centre half left standing, how many times has he given sides a goal of a start this season? Scary proposition but I still think we could scrape a victory, don’t care how but just do it! Cmon Yeee Well!!!!!
  7. GA has definitely improved the Well since his arrival, however Saturdays absolute shitfest surely can’t happen again but I e been a Motherwell fan long enough to expect the worst but I’d expect a good few changes, GA alluded to it in his post match interview about choosing the wrong team, I think those that want away Campbell, Polworth, Long, SOD n Gallaghe (if fit) have to start performing to get their best move, I’m sure GA will tell them as much, I’d say we will get 10 pts out of 15 starting with a victory against Saints, draw against the Midden, close loss against Hibs, victory against Livvi who’s bubble has burst but their safe so no pressure, n a victory against Killie, never mind top 6 just get as far away from the bottom 2 n be safe for GA to rejig the squad for next season. CMYW!!!!!!
  8. I won’t be renewing at Fir Park as much as it hurts me and my love for Motherwell and sitting in the Cooper until I can attend without wearing a muzzle or being told when or how to enter or leave, when to cheer or when to stand up or sit down. Herd immunity is the only way we will ever get to sit our arses back in our seats as there is no exit strategy by our governing politicians. The government have in my opinion, and I know many on this forum will disagree but heh it’s my opinion and that’s democracy, have thrown clubs like Motherwell “under the bus”, ever changing and clouded decisions at best will put Motherwell and many other clubs our size in a precarious position, meanwhile clubs like the bigot brothers will continue to survive, I have supported Motherwell for over 50 years but unfortunately I do t think there will be the football league as we know it in 12 months, thanks to our wonderfully incompetent government/s

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