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  1. Agree with GazzyB, GA has to deploy KVV through the middle where he will do most damage, Watt just in behind him with Woolery out wide, O'Hara needs to be back in the starting 11 as for SOD I'd give one more chance to play like we know he can, could be that GA has to throw him a Scotland strip and tell him to play like he does for Scotland for us those surging runs down the wing for example, shots on target, tackles stopping breakaways, things that he doesn't/hasn't been doing for us for a change! Tough game as United going well, taking something from the game wouldn't be a bad thing but with my heart ruling my head I'll say 2-1 the mighty Well.
  2. My first game watching from the Middle East and Big Bevis by a mile, he was assured yesterday with some good tackles and passes.
  3. This could be a super game for us, we have the ability to beat the tic who at the moment are underwhelming and perhaps as good a chance for us to beat them of late, however as has been said if we play like we did against Hearts then we will be royally pumped. We need to close the door at the back, close them down by getting in their faces n not let DT spray passes about and be clinical up front with TW n KVV getting a double each! Will be watching from the Middle East on Well TV so hope to be witnessing a super Well victory! As for DT, the Well fans I’m sure will give him an ovation as he stood by Motherwell by signing that extension which effectively netted us £3MILLION plus, the guy was a credit to Motherwell and am glad he wont be at Tic much longer than the end of the season before moving on and netting us another tidy sum. 2-1 Well COYW!!!!
  4. Absolutely delighted that Liam Kelly n SOD are in the squad, would love Liam to get his first cap but what’s the bet if he does the Daily Ranger n other media parts label Him as “former Rangers goalkeeper”???
  5. Sad and disappointed to see Tony Watt didn’t make the Scotland squad after a month of super performances, goals and MOTM awards...meanwhile Clark reverts to type picking Nisbett who’s been anonymous with Hibs and Scotland, I may be biased but TW has more talent in his big toe than Nisbett will ever have. Upside is that Tony will be fit for our next game after the internationals against the Peados
  6. Perhaps he’s had his experimental plague booster jab?????
  7. If Tony who’s so full of talent and potential keeps performing as he has been with Motherwell I’m sure he will get that call up. I’’d agree agree with Middleastdave he’s as good as if not better than Nisbett, who I’ve always thought was over rated n was speechless when Hibs knocked back a £5m offer for him on the last day of the transfer window. Im not saying TW is £5m rated..yet, but if someone offered us £5m in January I’m sure Tony and Burrows would accept, Dykes however plays a different game to Tony and would possibly compliment each other in a Scotland team, who knows, let’s hope if Tony keeps up his hard work n performances he gets a reward of a Scotland cap. Well done Tony, keep it up!!! CMYW!!!
  8. Well we all know what to do with fanny teams like Rangers, Celtic, Hearts n whoever else either doesn’t give us an allocation of tickets for our supporters who want to go to away games..as I said before, up the prices in the south stand to as much as they fannies charge us...simples Too often Motherwell are seen as the decent club only for our supporters to be shafted by the biggit brothers, Hearts n whoever else rips the pish, time Burrows n the board woke up n smelt the coffee.
  9. Who cares, boycott their shite hole n increase the prices just for the South Stand when they visit Fir Park, give them nothing n take everything! Anyway at half time they are 0-1 down to Lyon so here’s hoping they get pumped in the 2nd half n destroy their confidence before the visit of the mighty Well on Sunday
  10. As previous posters have stated, who the feck gives a feck about these cunts saying no visiting fans, the best thing that could happen in front of the adoring biggits is if the mighty Well pump their arses n send their season into a tail spin! COYW!!! Pump these arses!
  11. For me let’s just stick to 4G, that mast will be a fecking eyesore
  12. I’d agree with Yodo we must expect to win our home games outwith the ugly sisters, and with Tony Watts good performance last week can but hope he triggers a positive reaction to get whoever is in front of goal to take the chances as they present themselves, a victory, don’t care how, but to score a few goals would be good. Will go 2-0 Well COYW!!!!
  13. Would that double jointed spine come with BBQ or Curry sauce?
  14. With Messi I think we may have credibly afforded his shoe lace of his right boot haha

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