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  1. Brilliant to see Deckie getting his big move to St Midden, how the mighty have fallen! Scotland international to Robbos boy haha
  2. Two games in a row he won’t be booked!
  3. And what’s wrong with that? The guy invested in Motherwell for years, made some mistakes yes but who hasn’t?
  4. 1-1 at half time with a pretty positive first half of letting Tavenier bomb at will towards our defence, but that again has been our or should I say Alexander’s tack all season, let teams run at our dodgy defence, bombard us with crosses, score multiple goals against us, par for the course…but as many have said before get Woolery on from the start of the 2nd half n run at they cunts take the game to them…we knew all along that the ref would want to even things up in some shape n he didn’t disappoint but oh my fuck we don’t do ourselves any favours do we? Ojala looked like a cart horse on Saturday, Bevis is never a right back, Carroll is never a left back, Cornelius just runs about like a headless chicken giving the ball away, Goss was anonymous, Efford trips over his own feet more times than anyone I know, we missed KVV but at least on a positive note it was a game he never got booked for dissent! A total re build needed Back to front, I’d keep Kelly, Bevis , Slattery Tierney, Woolery KVV the rest are utter cack it’s just as well the rest of the league except the ugly sisters n tarts are just as shite as us or we would be relegated Alexander has the first 8 games of the new season I reckon and if it’s still eye bleeding shite he’s gone, I’d personally have him away now but having got top 6 he’s “over achieved” fuck knows how! it’s hard to keep positive this season, Alexander isn’t the man to take us forward sideways or backwards…if that was possible, get him out now
  5. Personally I think it’s a sad day when we are even thinking about re signing Lamie, this is the guy who gave more goals to the opposition than our strikers scored, now that we have (unfortunately) GA next season whether that’s good or bad let him sign his new centre half’s n see what we get, all that will happen is Lamie will hold us to ransom n do we really want him? We need a clear out of the ones who don’t want to play at Motherwell n if Lamie wants to go n play championship footie then let him go! IMO
  6. I hope to feck that this ends Alexander’s tenure at Motherwell now, Burrows are you listening and watching, send him home now
  7. Not just Efford, there is no effort from the lot, running about like headless chickens here making a rank rotten Livvie side look good this is embarrassing shite
  8. Do we have a midfield playing? Every ball passes them at 60 feet above them.
  9. Alexander should go, this is mind numbing shite and has been for months
  10. Total and utter shite, hoofball yet again
  11. Or will he suffer from the usual GA drivel of “fitness” issues, get your raffle tickets boys n girls n wait see what GA trots out….
  12. My question about GA is what’s Burrows n the board doing, what games are they watching that we aren’t? We ARE the worst team in the league since January, our performances are dire, the team doesn’t appear to be gelling, players who were our best before Christmas get splinters in their arses now sitting on the bench, why? Its now almost April with 0 victories in 11, pre Jan top 4 looked possible, now bottom 3 is likely, time Burrows came out from that solar eclipse darkness and acted in the best interests of OUR club, GA’s time is up, he’s out of ideas, time to go im afraid…
  13. Gotta be Bevis, fully committed for the whole of his match! We watched a crock of shit…again
  14. “Worst form in the league” Typical Motherwell then eh? Crap runs followed by a solid set of games. Lets get the Sevco game out of the way and maybe just maybe get something out of them on Sunday. Then we focus on our last 5 games before the split where if we get 10 out of 15 points we can definitely have a chance at 4th! Cmon Yee Well!!
  15. Went for Kevin as he returned to his best form in that he bullied and harassed Gallagher and the Dons defence, got his goal and could have had a hat trick on another day, Ohara was a breath of fresh air in midfield, that bit of pace we have lacked and Donnelly after the first 15 minutes when he seemed to waken up and take part in the game. Efford’s runs were good, he has a touch and could be good foil for KVV given some game time. All in all a good performance by the Well with the score line not reflecting our superiority of the game, much better performance and hope GA keeps the same 11 for next weeks game! Lets hope for a draw against the mucky midden and get a chance of a semi berth against one of the ugly sisters!
  16. Yeah no posts since County shambles been busy at work, yeah we are going to struggle if we come out anywhere near as crap as the second half in Dingwall! I hope GA Instills in the players that we need to close them down challenge for 2nd n 3rd balls otherwise arsewipe Imrie will get bragging rights and we need to avoid that! 1-0 Well for me
  17. Okay a total shit fest after we were up against the 10 world beating players of County, yes in total control in first half and bossing the game got our equaliser but then it went pear shaped after the sending off. GA rightly mad after the game but what did he actually do if, as he says he witnessed, as we all saw what was happening, standing off the opponents, not giving a fuck about going in to win the game thinking it was our right for the 3pts, what did he do from the touchline to stop the malaise continuing during the game??? GA is the manager, so why was he not pushing his players from the touchline, buck stops with GA in one of the worst 25minutes under his so far really successful management
  18. Do we have a supply of coke under the stand?
  19. I’ll be watching from my usual afar tonight but think we will win tonight, a 2-0 I’ll say but 3pts needed pretty or otherwise to keep the positivity going. County will try n kill the game by flooding the midfield n rely on breakaway or set piece to score, with Goss in Midfield we should have enough creativity to get over the line, KVV to score again and probably get booked for dissent, both to keep his recent form going. Shields deserves a start beside KVV n let’s see how the work together. Tierney for his debut and a goal maybe? Cmon the Well!!!!!
  20. I think like other posters have said it all depends on how we come back after the break, hopefully we will come back positively and blow County away in midweek, if that happens then I’d foresee a good victory against Morton who under fanny Inrie will I’m sure set up to stifle the game n play on the break, I’ll wait til after the county game n give a prediction
  21. Another £390k to hit his bank account..sorted
  22. Exactly, is that not what our hospitals usually receive, their receiving profile hasn’t changed to a massive number of virus based patients plus their usual receiving profile, with the small number of virus based patients only taking up minimal beds and every thanks to staff who work there and doing their chosen jobs. Hospitals are receiving the standard numbers of people requiring care as expected in any standard December/January and February when hospitals ‘ are every year known to before the virus be very busy. In my own very humble opinion, and it is only that, a personal opinion which is presently still permitted in this country, there is no need for the restrictions we are seeing right now. Lets get back to normal as soon as possible!
  23. But what with? Cancer? Heart disease? Old age? Diabetes? Road traffic accident?
  24. Couldn’t agree more, great points made by Al B, the bullshit of Covid deaths, and every death is a disaster to families involved but when deaths FROM Covid NOT WITH using Governments (ONS) own figures was the the 24th lowest cause of death, that’s below the numbers killed on the UK roads, or the number killed by FLU was used as a cloak to destroy industry, take away rights from the ordinary person is now clearly visible, only question for me is will the media who have been a government mouthpiece since early 2020 now turn around and actually report the truth, warts and all, if they do and people stop believing the rhetoric being served up to maintain this charade then we can all get back to our “normal” lives including watching the mighty Well as soon as possible, otherwise we will be in this cycle of crap forever.

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