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  1. You boys are certainly putting him on a perch
  2. Null vote! Struggle to pick from 5 or 6 plus no crowd option
  3. Hutch pulled back at the goal, Anderson hand ball then it goes in! What goes around comes around! Now waiting for the gaffer to fall off a car!
  4. Press conference 'to formally parade McManus to the media' according to official twitter feed.
  5. Got my copy the day! Evenings reading sorted and an excellent service. Cheers fatcalf!
  6. Don't want to blow the theory up, but I'm up in Montrose and got the call yesterday
  7. Just looked out my cup final bucket hat. Was lucky enough to meet the team that summer in Schweinfurt and get some signatures on it. Cooper, O'Donnel, Kirk and Arnott are the ones I can make out. Dont think I'll risk wearing it to this final though.
  8. 3-0 Brilliant but why did Murphy no go his self? Tenner on him to score a double Still F**king delighted right enough.
  9. Met a lot of the 91 team in Schweinfurt during a tour in august 91. Still got my cup final hat with a lot of signatures on it including some that are no longer with us. Gentlmen to a man who had a lot of time to chat to a group of youth exchange kids from the Motherwell area.
  10. A sportsman should have character not be a character. Could have been written for Clarkson. He has been through some real tough times and comes out head held high. All the best Clarky, thanks for the memories
  11. Only 4 votes behind the now there! Keep voting folks
  12. Official site reports we are looking at 2 trialist, Simon Elliot and Byron Webster. Don't know how to link but its at the bottom of the page with info on new keeper.
  13. What a crock o shite! I was looking for the 'established players' to stand up and be counted tonight and what do I get? A young boy on his first big outing showing them the way. Thought Klimpl looked ok and may be worth holding on to but the rest need a severe kick in the jacksie! We Can't score and can't defend! 3 must win games over Christmas now

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