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  1. As a person I have no problem as a defender, Yes!!
  2. Dunne is not a good partner, yes he has speed, apparently as he is always injured, but he cannot defend which first and foremost is the job of a defender. We were going knowewhere at the start of the season with him playing and thank god he got injured. I can't for the life of me why the gaffer would even contemplate an new contract in the present situation for him considering his injury record. I hear the captain is leaving and I thank him for his service, but please replace him with someone of the same ilk, somebody who can tackle and not afraid to ge hurt unlike Dunne who has lived of his rapport with fans since he signed. Time to go.
  3. As previously stated, I've bought mine and the kids, I don't pay into Well society so this is my way to support my club. Personal choice, so if you want to do, if not don't, simples.
  4. Second picture is Robbs tearoom which was on Merry Street across from Burton in the picture
  5. Jumbomuir

    Season Tickets

    I think you'll find once the season is declared finally over then the club will furlough. As for buying them personally I would rather buy a season ticket for the Mighty than stick anything into a tinpot junior club that's been going downhill for years.
  6. Jumbomuir

    Season Tickets

    I think you did by asking them to go to a gofund me page for Bellshill Athletic. If you raised that subject for support then tell me what will the people who gave to that cause get, hee haw. To put it bluntly you gave to them willingly but can't give to us. So basically you don't want to support Motherwell!!!!
  7. Jumbomuir

    Season Tickets

    Get them paid, you where quick enough to ask for money for yir junior tea3
  8. Jumbomuir

    Season Tickets

    Get it out and get them paid!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Jumbomuir

    Season Tickets

    4 bought, 1 adult and 3 children, renew everybody renew
  10. I don't see it as discussion, my opinion is constant criticism, so there is my point. We are 3rd in the league and player's are still getting panned, as I said you couldn't write it, oooops you do. All player's make mistakes whether on a grand a week or 500 grand, just enjoy the positives and you'll look back and say, you know what they player's did us a good turn this season.
  11. Posters yes, players No, Support the team, honestly 3rd and grief, you couldn't write it, oops forgot youse do
  12. Most of it, you appear to post negative 99% of the time, listing faults you seem to find, Support your team!!
  13. Thank god we have a manager, if he does go in the future no doubt you'll be in for the job with some of the nonsense you post. The team is 3rd not 12th,give the players a break and support them.
  14. Please read earlier posts suspended!!!!!
  15. Please engage brain before opening mouth, well documented Donnely is banned

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