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  1. Jumbomuir

    Big Dec

    The reason I started this thread was when Dec didn't get a sniff. The big question is if Mckenna and Tierney were available would he have played??
  2. Jumbomuir

    Big Dec

    Tough game tonight with opposition a step up from previous games. Possession stats show that Scotland didn't have a lot of the ball, but the 2 Well lads stood up to the pressure. Just bring that to Paisley on Saturday and hopefully we win.
  3. Not rested, suspended.
  4. Jumbomuir

    Big Dec

    Solid 8 from Dec tonight but the proof will be what happens for the Serbia game. O'Donnell say about a 6,but it's a hard shift playing wingback for Scotland.
  5. Jumbomuir

    Big Dec

    If he doesn't get a start tonight I think it's fair to say he's not quoted, if he does hope he plays well and comes back to us more confident for the season ahead.
  6. 31 replies is great to this topic, especially mentions to Big Jim Muir, centre half/forward extrondinair. Still my opinion is Bobby Graham deserves a hall of fame entry, just mentally one step in front.
  7. At last somebody who gets it, but still think Bobby was the glue that brought the forward line together, just had a brilliant football brain as was and still is a nice guy.
  8. Cheers Wullie, some fantastic goals and assists by Bobby Graham in the clip!!!!
  9. Started watching him at Dalziel Hs and have been a friend of his for nearly 50 years, he knows my opinion.
  10. Would have been a nobody if it hadn't been for Bobby Graham, how he never got nominated I'll never known.
  11. Wee Jose not happy with Newcastle getting a pen for handball, should come up here, we give them without VAR or monitors.
  12. Think it could be about 7,defence is pish, no organisation, no fight, nothing
  13. For chirsts sake Dec kick the ball oot the box, oh another pen
  14. Well done Bevis and you're supposed to be good!!!!

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