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  1. Thanks, but I think the players did that, just think if my December predictions were all wrong and we actually won a game, whit a doing I would have got
  2. Sorry to see you go Stephen, but unfortunately time was up. Having been unable to get a settled side or set up has no doubt counted towards your downfall. Only you can say why you brought Hastie back but didn't play him?. Thanks for the memories.
  3. Can anyone say that the players are playing for him, people have lambasted me for starting the thread, but as you can see, think I was correct in doing so. There appears to be no confidence in the play, no recognised set up, no end product. Thank god December is over, but will January be better, are there players to come in???, christ there better be. Anyway I'll now go and let the happy Clappers on to defend the absolute piss we've been for months. Goggles as I said waken up, we are shite.
  4. Only hat trick he'll score is mibee wae his wife, wait probably not.
  5. And it's 2 down, Remember Remember we are shite in December
  6. Think you'll find it was the player's he had.
  7. Need some width and pace, Lammie hitting 40 yard passes, cmon, there no use to anyone.

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