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  1. Mugabe is a bombs scare, Gallagher not up to speed playing with him, don't shoot Grimmy the manager plays him in preference to others especially last season although think he really needs to concentrate on defending rather than going on mazy runs
  2. Just a thought, where is all this money coming from for all these new signings, plus as earlier giving contracts to players who are crocked??
  3. Can't wait till you go to the big school, maybe your replies will improve
  4. Welcome to Motherwell Stephen, hopefully you can shake off the perceived opinion of your ability.
  5. Oh Big Peter 5,where are you, people say you had lost a bit of pace but by god you would have kicked a few arses in the last 3 games and got it organised. It's plain to see that Declan isn't the same without his big pal beside him, if we have to keep Bevis in the defense then I really worry, 2 Yr contract why!!. Money was spent early, but this habit we have of keeping on injured players needs to stop, sorry but we're in a pandemic shit happens can't give you a contract.
  6. Wouldn't say Tait is doing anything today to say I'm missing him.
  7. That's as good a comeback as our start to the season
  8. Turnbull given Man of the match
  9. I can hear the same story coming up"we've got minutes into legs etc" when it should be were pish
  10. Mugabi is a joke, signed for 2yrs that's why he's still here
  11. Terrible defending, bring back Pete

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