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  1. Seedorf played well the other night but not sure that would make him a certain starter, have you forgotten last season ?
  2. Think I would like to see Hastie on the left and going past wthe defender then crossing into middle for Long ,Watt or White to get oportunities. An example of that was late in game when McGinley but in a great ball and White just failed to connect at back post. I certainly would try 2 up top as we have the players to do it .
  3. Hi Blue3, the game is live on sky sports tonight so maybe you can catch it there.
  4. I haven’t got a clue who is going to play actually and the manager will be chopping and changing his mind too I would imagine for Monday night lineup. With five subs available I think this will help us to rotate the squad as and when needed. As others have said seems to be a strong squad on paper.
  5. Agree with you we have plenty of players capable of scoring. Our Forwards and their career appearances and goals below. White 395 Apps 117 Goals Watt 246 Apps 54 Goals Long 163 Apps 31 Goals Lang 106 Apps 29 Goals Hylton 169 Apps 25 Goals Hastie 98 Apps 17 Goals MacIver 38 Apps 7 Goals Seedorf 64 Apps 6 Goals Robinson 4 Apps 0 Goals So let’s hope they add to their totals in the upcoming season.
  6. nae sense of humour I see lol
  7. Hahaha away tae yer bed, its pre season get a grip.
  8. I agree with this and if Turnbull shows some good form then Celtic could place an offer in October. The downside is a few of our players could attract interest if we get off to a flyer during August and September.
  9. Think the young guy Lang could well be a good addition for us, however we have good experienced players in Watt and White with the latter having the best scoring record of all 3. Maybe White will be the dark horse out the strikers, who knows but if Lang comes in the competition is good for a crucial spot in the team.
  10. The big downside of bringing any loan player into the squad can be the demands of the parent club. so we have to be careful to bring in the correct players as penalties for not playing them can come into force. This means that even if said player isnt performing it could cost us financially to drop him. I certainly prefer to play youth players rather than go down the loan route as it can come back to bite you if you sign the wrong one.
  11. Jack


    100% agree with you. Im at a loss to why an experienced pro like Tait would have done this. Bizarre to say the least especially when it appears we had indicated that there could be a longer term future in the position of coaching with us. Strange situation.
  12. I really hope not as he is an excellent manager imo. We have had a very good season last year and the last thing we would want is disruption on the managerial front. However whatever happens we will adapt I'm sure.

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