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  1. To be fair to the manger he did say about us gifting them goals at the weekend, as it was mistake for the first and terrible marking for the second.
  2. Think we need midfielders who can create chances for the strikers to score goals. So maybe not a bad move in reality .However at least Polworth will hopefully get his place back and he does create a good total of assists.
  3. Havent won a game that he has featured in since his return though. So Im not so sure it will be as worrying as you may presume.
  4. From pie and bovril Maybe could be considered because at least we have a player at the top of the diamond likely to create some chances for the the forwards.
  5. But the manager thinks we are creating loads. We reached the dizzy heights of third last year with Turnbull out and Polworth in This season Polworth out Turnbull in and no wins in five games just saying
  6. Sportscene will show loads nah didnt What a useless bunch missing all these gilt edged chances
  7. Agree I have to wonder where all the chances the manager thinks we are creating are? Sportscene missed them too.
  8. Did we actually create any clear cut chances, its so easy to blame the forwards but lets face it Tunrbull was shooting on sight but still didnt score, he didnt pass a through ball from what I could see from highlights. We are leaving a player on the bench in Polworth who had the most assits in our team last year. Sad state of affairs. The buck stops with Robinson and comments in the past week or so and tonight leads me to believe he will lose the dressing room very soon if not already.
  9. We all have our opinions but the ref didnt give it. Cracking volley tho as Andy Walker said.
  10. Rregarding the line of vision , you can clearly see the keepers face in the screenshot and he dived to his right, the deflection took it away from the keeper by his own defender so the goal should have stood. Seedorf is jumping out of the way of the ball They got it wrong.
  11. spot on Alpha 8, and you are so right about the uglies , we would be hearing about it all this week on the radio. Cant understand other posters on here that are so quick to agree with terrible decision. Look at the keeper after ball in the net , he hangs his head, if he thought he had been impeded then he would have been complainining to the ref. The linesman thought Seedorf had touched it and all this nonsense about line of vision is cover up for them getting it wrong.
  12. Anyone who thinks it shouldnt have stood needs to know the laws of the game
  13. Seedorf played well the other night but not sure that would make him a certain starter, have you forgotten last season ?

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