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  1. Well we have had a guy on the bench for most of the season who has over 100 goals to his name and not been given many starts here. Same guy has been top scorer and 3 different clubs for 6 seasons. He also scored 2 goals for us but they were disallowed , even Robbo said he will come good for us and had been unlucky. No reason he cant do it here if given the opportunity imo. So if I was the new manager and looking over the players he definitely would be in my starting line up because "If you keep on doing the same thing expecting different results ,that is the definition of insanity. So I would expect some changes in todays lineup to previous weeks because we havent won a game in the last 10 games.
  2. We dont have a reserve team as far as I am aware of.
  3. Be some laugh at your reaction when he starts lol
  4. You have never liked White so I will take your comment with a pinch of salt . In fact dont really know if you like any of the players lol
  5. Yes agree about Polworth and the criticism of White when the lad has only had 3 starts this season. Polworth and White played together at Inverness so surely its worth trying them both in same team.
  6. Micky Melon was the same and he is doing not too bad a job at Dundee Utd.
  7. Agree with you ,so in reality if Big Dec has an opportunity to make a move that could benefit him and his family financially, then for the club to stand in his way if offers come in, is a lose lose situation. We have an unhappy player on a longer contract ,who we are no doubt paying more in salary for.
  8. Article says he is 6 games away but I think he has played 20 league games so only 5 from new contract, but it appears he dosent want it.
  9. To be fair to the manger he did say about us gifting them goals at the weekend, as it was mistake for the first and terrible marking for the second.
  10. Think we need midfielders who can create chances for the strikers to score goals. So maybe not a bad move in reality .However at least Polworth will hopefully get his place back and he does create a good total of assists.
  11. Havent won a game that he has featured in since his return though. So Im not so sure it will be as worrying as you may presume.
  12. From pie and bovril Maybe could be considered because at least we have a player at the top of the diamond likely to create some chances for the the forwards.

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